family of four

Sisters at Schoen Place: Pittsford NY Family Portraits

It was 85 degrees in mid September, and it was only 10:00 am. They were a little sleepy from the night before. But Mom and Dad promised them ice cream from Pittsford Dairy Farms if they were good for their family pictures at Schoen Place.

Not only were they good, they hammed it up for me as often as possible. They shared their latest ballet moves, hugged and played along the canal like professionals.

I’d say that they most certainly earned their ice cream before lunch. :)

~ Erin

Black Creek Park: Churchville Family Session

Mom's description of a perfect Saturday sounds great - "wake up and snuggle in bed for awhile, play in the park, cook dinner together and relax at night by reading."

How often do we actually get to have that perfect day? Our busy schedules often keep us going non stop, don't they?

Well, we did our best to give them part of that day as we visited Black Creek Park for their family portrait session. It was a touch humid, but we did our best to stay cool and make cute portraits. The kiddos definitely kept me on my toes the entire time!

What's your perfect Saturday look like? Let's go play!

~ Erin

Membership Spotlight: Rochester NY Photographers

Our portrait membership program is growing steadily. We're meeting new faces and experiencing new things together with our members. We're cultivating friendships and connecting families in a way you don't expect from a photography business. 

It's exciting to see something you've helped create grow, but more than that it's been amazing to give families a chance to spend time together as a family.

Today we want to spotlight one of our awesome families. Tara and Jamie have been with us for what feels like forever. From their Highland Park engagement session to their wedding. Now, we regularly photograph their two adorable kiddos as well.

So we asked them a few questions and here's what they said about being part of our membership program.

What is one of your favorite things to do as a family?
Anything outdoors. We love nightly walks when the temperature is 60 and above, and we love looking for animals on our walks. We always see the obvious dogs and cats, but often we also see bunnies and then the horses that live behind us. We also love just sitting around together and reading or doing puzzles. We don't get a lot of time together as the four of us because Daddy works so much. So when he is home it means a lot.

In what ways is your family unique?
The only thing that would make us unique is being a law enforcement family. Other than that we are likely no different than any other loving family of four!

What has been your favorite event so far? Why?
The Halloween one (at Wickham Farms). Having small kids it's hard to find something to do with them that's age appropriate, at a decent time and we got to dress up.

What is your favorite perk of membership?
Really all of it - the year end photos, and socializing are high on the list.

Thank you Tara, Jamie and kids for joining us on this adventure. We're so lucky to know you and have you as part of our Lori and Erin family!

Hamburg Family: Victor NY Family Portraits

This little family is so cute. They're the next family in the Cobblestone Living series. It made so me happy to capture their portraits, even if their littlest, Alex was a little tired as we did.

One of my favorite moments was when we captured big sister, Audrey, reading prayers to her little brother on her bed. Little siblings together are so sweet and adorable.

Here's a few portraits from our session together - just look at these cuties and their parents too!

New Years Family Portraits: Rochester NY Photographers

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE seeing our wedding couples with their families? I mean seriously, so. much. fun.

I can't get over how much bigger these kids are from a year ago. They've grown into non-stop full on toddlers, and they made sure to let us know it at their session.

We followed them around letting them be themselves, occasionally trying to capture them as one big family. Slowing the kids down didn't appear to be an option, so we made some cute portraits for their New Years cards while they played.

Can't wait to see how cute they get as the next year goes by!
~ Erin

At home family portraits | Victor NY

Where's your happy place? Is it the park near your house? The beach? Or your own backyard? Close your eyes and picture that space, and how it makes you feel.

Now, if that's where you're most comfortable, and most you - why not create your family photos in your happy place?

If that's your backyard, let's do it! Much like this family enjoys hanging out by the pool and relaxing at home. If you look out your window and it makes you smile, then it's a perfect spot for your portrait session.

Besides that - we love shooting in unique spaces like these, and since every home is different, they're all unique! We also love to be able to tell the story of who you are at home, just like this family! 

Oh and by the way - check out these amazing arrangements designed by the talented Stacy K Floral! They're so pretty, love them!

~ Lori