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2018 Family Portrait Membership Recap

From sledding to the beach, looking for Easter eggs to apples, or just generally playing and enjoying life. We capture it all with our Family Portrait Membership program!

If you've ever found yourself wondering: “What the heck are they talking about with this membership program?” you are not alone. It’s pretty unique, as in, we invented it and as far as we know, it’s the only thing like it out there. (If you know someone else offering this, please let us know in the comments!)

This post is shows off the best part of the membership program – our (almost) monthly events. We planned 10 get togethers this year covering a variety of real life activities for you to do with your kids. Then we’re there to document them so you can be present and enjoy!

At the end of the year, each family receives a custom designed book with their photos from throughout the year, at the events as well as their personal family session. How’s that for something to go under your tree?

Thank you for everyone that came out this year, and to everyone who has supported this project. We love seeing you every month. While we are busy planning out 2019’s schedule, here is a look back at some favorite moments of 2018’s events!


PS: Want to get in on this? Contact us today to become a member!

Active and fun two year old portraits: Webster NY Photographer

Alaina and her family have been part of our membership program since Alaina was born. It's been amazing to watch her turn into this bubbly little girl. Witnessing and capturing growth, not only in Alaina's size but as a family is a beautiful experience. 

Picking flowers, climbing benches, playing peek a boo - really, is there a better way to spend a morning with a two year old? I think not.

Her eyes light up with happiness when she's playing. And that laugh, I swear you can almost hear it in these photographs. 

Check them out, you'll see what I mean!

~ Erin

Adrian's First Birthday!

Turning one is so much fun! I got to play with this little guy and his family on birthday number one. Adrian enjoyed his new tricycle, balloons, and of course, trying cake!

We had a great time playing in his backyard! All in all, it was a great session - which we knew was session was over when he crawled through the cake. 😂

Is he cute or what? See you next time!

Mud, Bubbles & Outdoor Fun: Family Portraits

It didn't take long for these kiddos to get dirty... but what do you expect when you are at one of their favorite parks?

From chalk to bubbles, and just enjoying the stream that runs through Corbetts Glen, this session was non-stop from start to finish. We were celebrating Chris and Melissa's 10th Anniversary while the kids ran around and played. 

A little love, a little laughter, and maybe at the end... well, sometimes three year olds don't do what you ask. Did you know that?  :)

But the photos tell a great story, 10 years of marriage and two kids later, congrats Melissa and Chris!


Chloe is 6 months old!

This little girl is such a light. She's got two parents, two dogs and a cat that love her (not to mention everyone she meets!).

We've had the pleasure of knowing her family for a few years now, and we get to see her pretty regularly with the membership program. This visit was special, as it marked her 1/2 way point to a year old. I absolutely loved how she was blowing bubbles by the end of her session!

When her hands aren't in her mouth, they are folded in her lap like a little lady. Or up dad's nose... that's fun too! (See the blooper at the bottom!)

We just love watching you grow Chloe, see you soon!

A Family Yearbook: Our Membership Book

Megan has been a part of the Lori and Erin family for a few years now. It's been a joy to not only photograph her wedding day, but her family as well, which includes their spunky little two year old Mikaela.

They were one of the first to join our Portrait Membership Program. I love that they took advantage of every opportunity to capture their family together (more than to just update Christmas card photo.)

We could always count on seeing them at our events. It gave us more chances to watch Mikaela grow and play, and to give Megan and Jeff the chance to play with her without a cell phone in hand to take pictures.

Then there's this book. In a nutshell, it's like a family yearbook. Every year, for as long as they stay members, they're going to receive a book like the one below. It's FULL of pictures from each event they attended, and from each session they had throughout the last year.

What better gift is there to receive at Christmastime? It's not a disc of images, that will fail to work in 10 years, but rather treasured memories, in print. Tangible and real.

And for the moment, these memories are still fresh in their minds. But when Mikaela grows up, and looks back at these yearly books, she'll see how much she's loved. To me, that's priceless.

~ Erin

PS - if you're interested in learning more about the program - Check it out here!

3 Month Old, Family Portraits

A sleepy baby is the best. Except for when you actually were hoping she'd stay away for her three month old portrait session. But as always we work with whatever our littles give us!

This little miss only wanted to cuddle into her Mommy or Daddy's shoulder. But we did get a few cute shots in her Captain America Halloween costume and then outside before she finally gave in to sleep.

Babies, toddler, kids in general - they're all unpredictable. But along with the tougher parts, comes some of the most amazing times of life. And we're here for all of that, for you!

~ Erin

Day-in-the-Life at the Family Cottage

Did you know, that there is an island in Lake Ontario, near Sodus? I didn't.

It's called Eagle Island, and is home to many summer cottages. Obviously, you need a boat to get there, so I got a lift to this day-in-the-life portrait session.

I started capturing the day before I even stepped onto the dock. It was my privilege to accompany this extended family on a summer day at their cottage. 

This day in the life session included both sun and rain (which we haven't had much of this year). Also, I can't call it a typical session, as most of my sessions don't take place on a boat. Though I think could get used to the idea...

I believe this documentary style of photography is overlooked in the family portrait realm. Life is a wild and crazy adventure, and perfect outfits in front of a wrinkle free background doesn't do it justice.

Andrea said this session was, "A perfect representation of what our summer weekends are like."  That makes me happy. Wouldn't you like a time machine to the best days of your life? 

So rather than tell you what we did, I want to show you. 

I think every family should have something like this, no boat or island cottage required. If you believe in the power of photography, and want to have a record of your wild, crazy, fun life, call us today! I can't wait to be a part of your adventure.


Disclaimer: We spent about 20 minutes of this five hour session making portraits, so it was roughly 95% documentary. Because this was an extended family gathering, everyone doesn't get together very often. So it made sense to get a couple of group shots that wouldn't naturally happen on their own. I'm okay with that if you are.

Tim: Penfield Wrestling & Football High School Senior

If you are looking for Tim, you'll either find him on the wrestling mat, the football field, or hanging out by the bridge with his friends.

As it turns out, the bridge in Ellison Park where he spends his time is also an awesome spot for senior portraits! Between that and the Penfield High School Stadium, we had 2 perfect backdrops. Tim's older sisters were in town, so they joined in the fun too.

This session was everything I hope for in a senior portrait session, great people, fun times and awesome results. See for yourself, and call for your session before it's too late!

Lollypop Farm and Playground Fun: Photography Membership Fairport NY

Goats, horses, pigs AND a playground? What a fun combo!

Our membership events are in full swing (no pun intended, just a nice coincidence). And this month we visited Lollypop Farms in Fairport with the littles in our membership program.

One of the truly beautiful aspects of this program is that there's no pressure. Letting the kids be kids is exactly what this is all about. Exploring, playing, climbing, swinging, laughing, being goofy with goats, slides and with you.

It's so much fun for us to capture. With no pressure to get "the perfect shot", we can get some amazing smiles in photographs - some that you'd never expect to get anywhere else.

And all by just letting the kids be themselves.

~ Erin