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Portrait Membership Program: Earth Day at the Zoo

Well from what I’ve gathered, the earth doesn’t much care if the weather is cold on Earth Day. Thankfully, a few of our members weren’t worried too much about it either.

The perk of a chilly day for our Zoo event though? The zoo wasn’t all that crowded. :)

As a mom, it’s one of the places we regularly visit throughout the year. It only made sense that one day our membership program would wind up there too! It just seems right that one of the places you enjoy time together as a family would be the zoo.

So we had our fill of the elephants and the giraffes at the Seneca Park Zoo. Because it was the Zoo’s Earth Day event we also had the opportunity to have a tree to plant or some wildflower seeds to start a butterfly garden.

So even though the weather didn’t want to be sunshine and rainbows, we made the best of a gray day.

Join us next month for a return of one of our favorite events - a planting party at Lucas Greenhouses!

Apple Picking at The Apple Farm: Portrait Membership Program

Wow - what a night we just had for our Apple Picking membership event. The craziness of chasing families through the apple orchards was so much fun! When I say chasing, I mean some of the kids were literally racing through the rows of trees. And yes, mine was one of them.

This is our second year of this particular event and it was also our most attended ever. The Apple Farm in Victor is a great stop for apples and pumpkins, and we took advantage of a great Sunday afternoon with each one.

At one point I heard my husband say “wow, this is actually kind of surreal.” and I asked him to explain. He went on to talk about how we’ve watched not only our own child grow and change from year to year - but each of the other kids and other families as well.

We know more than their names. We know their favorite stuffed animal’s names, we know which ones love to run and which ones love to snuggle and be shy. We know how to get some of them laughing, and we’ve watched each one come out of their shell a little more each month.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of so many families lives. We’ve watched them let their guard down and share real, unposed moments in front of us. It’s a privilege that comes with time and a growing relationship because of our membership program.

Thank you to our families for coming out, and enjoying time with each other, and letting us be part of the fun too.

~ Erin

PS - if you want to see what this program is all about, join us at our next event on October 28th at Wickham Farms!

Brighton Family Portraits at Home

A family with three kids under 8 is always on the move. Running, playing, and goofing around were all a part of their family portrait session at their home in Brighton.

We pulled out all the stops to get everyone in one location at the right time. There was silliness and a lot of gummies to go around. 

Their perfect Saturday sounds pretty amazing. They like to have a big family breakfast in the morning, then take an adventure together. At the end of the day they come home for a family movie night.

Where do we sign up? Because we want in on all of it.

~ Erin

Outdoor Spring Portraits: Victor, NY

Tammy and her family just moved into the Cobblestone area of Victor, NY. I'm so pleased to be able to create these photos for them at their new home. They have a nice fire pit to hang near in the backyard, and I just fell in love with the floor to ceiling windows (aka gorgeous light for portraits) in their living room.

With Bre in college and RJ heading into high school this Fall, they are certainly a busy bunch. Thanks so much for making time for some family portraits guys! Enjoy!


The O'Connor Family: An Extended Family Portrait Session

Grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews - all in one place, at one time. For some families that's a near miracle.

We've photographed Rosanne and her family before, but this time was different. Because it's a rare occurrence for them all to be together, and for this family it was a privilege to photograph for them.

So they gathered at The Century Club in downtown Rochester, and we captured the whole family together. They're so kind and fun, and one of the easiest large group portraits we've ever had the opportunity to photograph.

Here's a few of the images that we were happy to capture of this great family. Enjoy!

~ Erin

3 Month Old, Family Portraits

A sleepy baby is the best. Except for when you actually were hoping she'd stay away for her three month old portrait session. But as always we work with whatever our littles give us!

This little miss only wanted to cuddle into her Mommy or Daddy's shoulder. But we did get a few cute shots in her Captain America Halloween costume and then outside before she finally gave in to sleep.

Babies, toddler, kids in general - they're all unpredictable. But along with the tougher parts, comes some of the most amazing times of life. And we're here for all of that, for you!

~ Erin

Flynn & Clara: Lollypop Farm Portraits

These kids... they are something else.

Flynn doesn't sit still for a second. At 18 months that's really no surprise. And Clara? Well she is a sweetheart with an attitude. I had the pleasure of sharing one of my favorite places with them, Lollypop Farm.

We checked out the animals and hit up the playground next door for a non-stop morning of fun.

Does anything beat the smile of a toddler? Not in my opinion, especially not this toddler. Love you both more than words can say!

Aunt Lori

Maternity Session at Genesee Valley Park

It's been a little warm lately. Which for a soon to be momma, can be hard to handle. But not Megan!

When we set out at Genesee Valley Park to photograph their maternity session, she was a champ. But more than that, she's absolutely beautiful!

And with her husband, Ian, along side her it made the night even more lovely. Whenever they looked at each other, or that beautiful baby bump you could see the smiles in their eyes.

You could also see excitement, nervousness and love all wrapped up together in what the future has in store for the two of them as parents. It's a journey to be sure, but they have each other - and I know they're going to make amazing parents! Enjoy this little glimpse!

~ Erin

Ashley & Family | SUNY Geneseo Graduation Portraits

From the first time I spoke with Ashley, I knew this was going to be a fun session. It absolutely lived up to expectation. It was everything you could ask for in a photo session: awesome people on a gorgeous night in a meaningful location.

After four years of studying Psychology at SUNY Geneseo, Ashley wanted to celebrate by creating photos around campus to remind her of the happy memories. Her boyfriend of two years and parents joined in too! 

Check out the images below and you'll get an idea of how much fun we had. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, give us a call! We love celebrating life with you!

Ashley, I hope you have an amazing time in Europe, and I can't wait to see what you do when get back!


Reagan and Family | Victor NY Family Photography

This little cutie entered the world three months early, but she is so full of energy and joy, you'd never know it. Reagan loves to read and play; mom and dad love to travel. I enjoyed hearing about their travels to Iceland, as it is on my "places-to-go list" (which just so happens to be a mile long). I just adore the ABC artwork they have in her room – from Agra to Zurich! I want that on my wall too!

I just love being a family photographer. It's all about meeting wonderful people and telling their story in pictures that makes me happy! Enjoy!

If you love this lifestyle look, we'd love to photograph your family! Contact us today!

Membership Event at The Sandbox: Fairport NY Photographers

Another day, another fun event! Sometimes, I can't believe this is what we get to do for a living. We spent a few hours hanging out at The Sandbox Indoor Playground while the kids got to roam and play. How much fun is that, right?

The families in our membership program get to enjoy time with their littles, we take care of the photography, and we get to have fun chasing cute kids around with our camera. Everybody wins! 

My, how our Friday nights can change as we become families and parents. And if you ask these parents, they wouldn't have it any other way!

Many thanks to Diane at the Sandbox for helping with this event! If you are looking for a fun spot for your child's next birthday party, check them out!

Hope to see you at our next event! If you have requests or suggestions let us know!

~Lori and Erin