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Family Portraits in the Eastman Museum Gardens

This amazing family is part of our portrait membership program. Seeing them grow each year and watching the kids grow into their fun (and adorable) personalities is a major perk of the job of a Family Photographer in Rochester.

They played hide and seek, peekaboo, and they laughed and hugged. Their family pictures at the Eastman House went swimmingly. It was a great day for a beautiful family.

Rochester NY Family Portrait Membership: Picnic at the Playground

Going to the playground with Lucas is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an everyday moment and a simple joy. But how often in these moments are we as parents thinking of everything else going on in our lives? Or maybe we’re so busy chasing one child around with our phone camera, that we didn’t see the other climbed the rock wall on his own for the first time? How often do you notice their giant candid smiles as they run or slide down the slide?

These moments, they’re what’s real. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to capture these moments for our portrait members every single month. The family pictures they receive don’t have you chasing your kids with your camera. They show you on the slide with them.

Someday friends, these candid family pictures will be more priceless than you can imagine today. This single thought is what keeps us motivated to capture your family pictures in Rochester NY.

I look at the pictures below and I actually feel every smile. And I smile back. I hope you do as well.

~ Erin

PS - if you’re interested in finding out more about our portrait membership and our events, check this out:

Garden Party with the In Between Portrait Membership, Fairport NY

At Lucas Greenhouses, soil is not considered dirt until it falls to the ground. Well, with ten families in attendance at our planting party there was no shortfall of dirt. There was also no shortfall of fun and real life moments with family - my own included.

My own arrived in full super hero attire…to plant flowers. You guys, this is my real life. When your four year old insists on wearing a cape in public, you let him. And we captured it, because someday that tiny, every day moment will mean everything to me.

This is what our membership does. If this moment resonates with you at all, then please come talk more with us - your family is worth it. Your memories are worth it.

~ Erin

AJ's first days: Family Pictures Rochester, NY

This little guy is such a sweetheart! He was alert, calm and watchful at only a week old. We think he got used to the sound of 4 dogs while in the belly - so noise definitely didn’t bother him. And his fur siblings are very protective of the new little one in the house!

I couldn’t be happier for this family, some of the nicest people I have met. Do they look familiar? Well, you’ll be seeing more of them, and so will we! We can’t wait to watch little AJ grow up!

Say hello to our newest portrait membership family: AJ with mom and dad, Laura and TJ!


Pittsford NY Family Portraits: Pittsford Dairy Farms

It’s the dead of winter, the time of year when it starts to get harder to see the grey skies every single day. Personally, winter isn’t my thing. I prefer spring time and summer to this bundling up.

But then I photograph an awesome family like this and I think “ok, yes, maybe winter can be bright and happy.”

I mean, they were the perfect amount of giggles and hugs and fun with a hot chocolate break in the middle. A little goofy fun mixed with a whole lot of love. They made photographing a winter family portrait session look easy.

And when the snow fell lightly at the right moment, adding just a touch of season to the images - perfection all around.

See for yourself!


Two Dogs and their Humans: Family Portraits in Penfield, NY

They bought the house last year, and I’m not sure who enjoys it more: the humans or the pets! Murphy and Maizey are two lucky dogs, they have a large fenced yard, and trails beyond that for exploring the woods and swamp.

I’ve known Rebecca and Cam for a while now, and it was fun to finally get them in front of my camera. The session started with the pretty leaves in front of the house and ended with some dirty dogs playing in the puddles out back. What better way to spend a Saturday morning?

Since these photos are part of a Christmas present, I’ve been waiting to share them so as not to ruin the surprise. But now I finally can, so say hi to some awesome people and their adorable pups!

Danielle & Ziva the Therapy Dog: Keuka Lake Family Portraits

When you’ve got a dog that’s sweet and adorable, why not train her to be a therapy dog? I certainly wanted to take her home in my pocket, that’s for sure!

Say hello to Danielle and Ziva! Danielle is renovating a home on Keuka Lake with just a stunning view. We went down to capture her and Ziva in their happy place this Fall; it was so beautiful that I didn’t want to leave.

Thanks so much for inviting me to create portraits on Keuka Lake with you! I hope to see you again soon!


Outdoor Fall Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

There is a lot to celebrate in the next year for this crew. Josh is graduating high school and Rachael is getting married! Mom and Dad wanted to celebrate their little family before it starts growing and changing, so they donned their favorite plaids and we enjoyed the autumn weather together.

The Thomas Creek Boardwalk, is one of my favorite “hidden” areas in Fairport. It gets a lot less traffic than the nearby canal path, but contains just as much beauty. Getting to share it with fun families like this one makes it that much better! 

Here are just a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Family Portraits at Highland Park: Rochester NY Photographer

Last time we saw this family it was much colder and one tiny human smaller. It was a snowy winter day but also at Highland Park. What a difference a season (and a few years) makes. :)

Chasing the littlest became the name of the game at this spring family session. It's tough work to catch the right moment with a two year old. Sometimes you have to play some silly games, make funny faces and basically just let them do what they want to in order to get those super cute smiles.

But when you get them, they're worth every ounce of work. I mean, look at how adorable they are. Until next time!

~ Erin