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Pumpkins, Tractors & Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

What says Fall in Fairport better than pumpkin picking at Powers Farm Market?  

It was a brisk morning, but these guys didn’t seem to mind. Charlie and Barrett enjoyed the pumpkins, tractors and the animals too. Besides the fun, doesn’t this family have an amazing fashion sense? I’m a little jealous.

I just love this family and the stylish photos we made together. And I love Fall portrait sessions in upstate NY!  Cheers to another beautiful autumn season, and say hi to the Drumms!



LucasP: Year 4

Yesterday I noticed that his feet are almost to the edge of his toddler bed.

Today, his beloved Star Wars light up shoes no longer fit him. Funny thing about that though - I only bought them two months ago. So in just the last two months, he's grown a full shoe size right before our eyes. 

The threenager stage of life is no joke. Terrible twos look like a beach vacation compared to three. The seemingly endless task of potty training, the wanting independence vs "You do it Mommy". The constant time outs and counting to three. It's exhausting for sure.

But we're proof that you do come out of the other side, and scattered among the time outs, are some pretty incredible moments.

Watching him overcome fears, and try the things he hasn't been able to do until now is amazing. His love for all things Super Hero / Star Wars has only grown as his understanding of them does also.

I've learned that he can be both shy and outgoing at the same time. I think he gets that from me. But when he makes a friend, he instantly says they are his "favorite friend." 

He loves going on "adventures" with Daddy - tent camping, hiking and s'mores. He's even created his own campfire dance, forever known to family as "the Sticky Icky Dance."

There were a lot of firsts within the past year that aren't shown in the photographs below. Some are from our portrait membership program, others are still sitting on my computer waiting to be edited. If I tried to include them all, this post would be 10x longer.

Since his last birthday, so many things have changed. I won't say they've all been great changes, but we're focusing on the good as often as possible. And here's hoping we will always be able to.

Happy 4th Birthday LucasP!

Love you too the moon and back, and beyond the stars,

Spring One Year Family Session: Rochester NY Photographer

This little man was one of the most peaceful one year olds I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. He had no trouble wearing his cute little bow tie and suspenders. And for the most part, he stayed just about anywhere we put him.

He was content to sit and watch the world go by while his parents did their silliest dances to make his adorable little smiles happen.

He kissed Mommy with big open mouth kisses. He walked barefoot through the grass (a feeling most one year olds can't stand!). And when he was done, he cuddled into them both so naturally perfect.

Being able to photograph one of our former wedding couples - well that was just icing on the birthday cake.

Happy First Birthday little man!

April Member Event: Pajama Dance Party

On any given night, it's possible you'll find me in my pajama pants by 7:00 pm. I like to be comfortable - as most parents of kids with early bedtimes do. But on sooooo many occasions, between 5 and 7 pm is when three year old is at his CRAZIEST. So to give his energy an outlet, we turn on the radio and dance.

When we planned last weekend's membership event, it had my name ALL over it. Working together with Spotlight Theatre Arts, in Fairport NY, we created an event for our members that allowed us to both wear our PJ's and play.

And it was so much fun! We played games, we danced and we did it all with our family.

We create these events for you to get involved with your children. We hope you will allow yourself to be silly, and let us capture it for you. If you're interested in learning more about our membership - join us at our next event on May 16th at Abraham Lincoln Park, or get in touch!

~ Erin

PS - Give a BIG thank you to John and Spotlight Theatre Arts when you see them next!!

2017 Portrait Membership Year in Review: Rochester NY

January is the month of planning. But while we are busy figuring out this year's membership events, we also like to take a minute to look back. Look back on all the moments we experienced together, all the memories we made, and all the smiles we've captured for eternity. 

So much happens in 365 days. Physical and emotional growth is fun to witness, and you can see it on some of the faces here. Life is messy and chaotic, but that doesn't mean it's not worth remembering.

There is such innocence in a child playing in a puddle, or dirt, or the pool. Our membership program allows us to capture these "outside the studio box" experiences. Check out some of the awesome family moments we caught this year!

We got dirty

We played in the cold and wet, willingly!


We made music and crafts

We played, and played, and played.


We got really into some books


We found fairies, apples and pumpkins and made new friends along the way


We wore costumes, smiles and laughs


To all our members: Thank you for doing your thing, and letting us preserve these simple, but beautiful childhood memories for you. 


If you aren't a member... what the heck are you waiting for? There is no time to waste, jump in and join the fun. You won't regret joining, you'll only be sad you didn't join sooner!

See you soon,
Lori and Erin

Small Business Saturday 2017: Mini Session Offer!

You asked, so we answered. We very rarely offer mini sessions, but we know the holidays are super busy for everyone, and fitting in that full portrait session can be a tough thing to do.

Here's some deets. Sign up for your mini session between now and Small Business Saturday (November 25th) to get this limited time offer!

We will contact you to schedule your time and location. You can use your mini session anytime between now and December 31st, in Fairport or within the city of Rochester.

Reasons you want to take advantage of our holiday mini sessions.

1) We rarely offer them, especially at this special rate!
2) Those holiday cards you're going to send will look better with a professional portrait.
3) You desperately need to update your family portrait. And this is fast, 30 minute way to do it!
4) They make great gifts for the people you treasure.

So check out the offer here and sign up today! 

Canandaigua Lake Family Portrait Session

Four generations, one lake house, 7 days.

It doesn't get more perfect. After taking a beautiful morning drive to Canandaigua Lake, following a switchback driveway through the woods, I arrived at a beautiful home overlooking the lake. I was met by an amazing, laid back family, gathered together to enjoy a week in the Finger Lakes and each other's company. Making memories together as a family.

They came from several states to spend this time together. And I was there to make the rare photo of the whole gang together.

Thanks for having me and being awesome. I hope you all enjoyed the Finger Lakes!


Lucas P turns 3: Family Moments Rochester NY

In his second year, I watched as he went from baby to suddenly being a kid - personality and all. Looking back, it's amazing how many little "big" moments made up the year. From his first real understanding of Halloween, to toddler beds, camping, and even the beginning of potty training.  It was a year for a great many new things and (as he likes to call them) "abentures." 

Believe it or not, despite the inevitable tantrums of a "threenager," I actually love this age. I love watching him explore and learn.

For the most part he's outgoing, playful and silly. He isn't afraid to wear one stormtrooper sock and one Thomas the train sock at the same time. He wears superhero capes on hikes, much to the delight of every single person walking past us. I love that he's not afraid to be himself.

Until him, I had little interest in my husband's nerd life. Sure, it's entertaining, but it wasn't part of my own life, let alone my wardrobe. Now I find myself buying my own Star Wars/Wonder Woman t-shirts. Heck, last week, I very nearly bought my own set of Star Wars socks.

Why? Because I want to be like him. I want to be part of his world, while he'll still let me.

So for now, you bet I'll I wear a superhero cape when he wants to play. I'll gladly wield a light saber when under attack from the Empire, or the Joker, or sometimes even a shark.

I'll also take every hug, kiss, cuddle and "I love you" that I can get.

Because just as the last year did, his next year will go as fast, if not faster. And these beautiful little moments will someday become the past.

Happy 3rd birthday to my smart, silly, sweet, and often stubborn little super hero, Lucas P!

Mommy (aka Princess Leia)

Photo Hike at Tinker Park: Portrait Membership Events

The first time my husband and I took Lucas to Tinker Park, I knew it would be a great place for one of our Portrait Membership events. There are so many opportunities for cute portraits and play everywhere. There's the fairy houses, and an educational nature trail, and even a playground.

We set up these events, not only so that we can create portraits for our families, but also so that they'll have time to be together.

I know that I want to be on the trail with my child encountering frogs and deer. (We saw both!) I want to knock on the fairy house doors to see if they're home. I want to watch them run down the trail, their little legs going as fast as they can exploring and adventuring.

At the end of the day, we hope that you feel there's so much more to our Portrait Membership than just the pictures.

Living life and being together. Because isn't that where the memories are really made?

Thanks to the few families who joined us on this fun little adventure! We hope you'll join us for our next member event in September - apple picking!

~ Erin

Adrian's First Birthday!

Turning one is so much fun! I got to play with this little guy and his family on birthday number one. Adrian enjoyed his new tricycle, balloons, and of course, trying cake!

We had a great time playing in his backyard! All in all, it was a great session - which we knew was session was over when he crawled through the cake. 😂

Is he cute or what? See you next time!

Story Time and Ice Cream: Fairport NY Portrait Membership

Our latest member event combined two of my favorite things - books and ice cream. And on a warm summer day, there's really no better way to play.

So we packed up and went to the Fairport Library for their story hour with some of our great members and their family. We enjoyed books, songs, and games together before heading over to Moonlight Creamery for a few scoops.

Some of our littlest were there, and watching them try ice cream for the first time was downright adorable.

We hope you'll join us for our next event -  August 10th at Tinker Park.  See you there!

~ Erin & Lori

Black Creek Park: Churchville Family Session

Mom's description of a perfect Saturday sounds great - "wake up and snuggle in bed for awhile, play in the park, cook dinner together and relax at night by reading."

How often do we actually get to have that perfect day? Our busy schedules often keep us going non stop, don't they?

Well, we did our best to give them part of that day as we visited Black Creek Park for their family portrait session. It was a touch humid, but we did our best to stay cool and make cute portraits. The kiddos definitely kept me on my toes the entire time!

What's your perfect Saturday look like? Let's go play!

~ Erin