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Portrait Membership Program: Earth Day at the Zoo

Well from what I’ve gathered, the earth doesn’t much care if the weather is cold on Earth Day. Thankfully, a few of our members weren’t worried too much about it either.

The perk of a chilly day for our Zoo event though? The zoo wasn’t all that crowded. :)

As a mom, it’s one of the places we regularly visit throughout the year. It only made sense that one day our membership program would wind up there too! It just seems right that one of the places you enjoy time together as a family would be the zoo.

So we had our fill of the elephants and the giraffes at the Seneca Park Zoo. Because it was the Zoo’s Earth Day event we also had the opportunity to have a tree to plant or some wildflower seeds to start a butterfly garden.

So even though the weather didn’t want to be sunshine and rainbows, we made the best of a gray day.

Join us next month for a return of one of our favorite events - a planting party at Lucas Greenhouses!

Halloween Portraits at Wickham Farms: Fairport NY Photographers

For three years in a row now, we’ve descended upon Wickham Farms on the last Sunday of October. And in all three years, it has been raining. I’d say it’s depressing - but after all the rain we’ve had lately, I think we’re getting used to it.

Regardless of the weather we go, and we dress up in our Halloween costumes for fun and photographs. What better way is there really to capture your family’s Daniel Tiger, dragon, or Star Wars costumes than with us? Needless to say, we were thrilled to see so many of our cute faces in their costumes!

We did our best to not let the rain stop of us from playing in the pumpkins or on the tractor. There was even some mini golf and ice cream…yes, ice cream. Because kids don’t care if it’s 36 degrees outside when it come to ice cream.

These are the real life photographs we will remember someday - when your kids no longer want you to dress in costume with them. Because try as hard as we might, they keep growing up.

Thank you to our portrait membership families for a great afternoon!

~ Lori and Erin

Family Portrait Membership Goes Egg Hunting

Three minutes of egg searching craziness. That's how long an egg hunt takes a child.

It takes at least two of those minutes to find and set your phone, then another minute to catch up to your child and attempt to snap a photo of them trying to carry eight eggs in two hands. By that time, you might have missed the moment.

Being present is something we all struggle with, right? You want to enjoy, but you also don't want to forget their smiling faces in this moment. I am that mom, every day.

This is the reason we created this membership. So you can be there, enjoying "right now." Because we're taking care of the rest.

Catch up with us and the fun of the egg hunt event below! Then join us on April 6th to find out how you can start enjoying "right now" with us.

~ Erin

Erie Canal Family Portraits: Pittsford, NY

After three years photographing this little lady, (another one of our awesome portrait members) it's possible she's finally warming up to the idea of me being around with my camera. Or maybe it was the ducks on the canal. Ok fine, it was probably the ducks.

Whatever the reason, I had a fun evening with her, and her mom and dad, on the Erie Canal. They fed the ducks and the pigeons, played hide and seek and ran around barefoot (my kind of girl).

Laid back and relaxed, it's always better to let the three year old be a three year old at a portrait session, isn't it? 

What's better than watching your daughter's face light up as she feeds the ducks? Or running around minus her shoes? What more can you do but enjoy it? Because this is who she is, and I love it.

~ Erin

Family Session at the Butterfly Trail in Macedon, NY

We are having such a beautiful Autumn, and this morning was gorgeous. It was my pleasure to walk the butterfly trail with this awesome family of four.

It's hard for us to believe that Mom and Dad are celebrating their 5th anniversary this year. We've been photographing weddings for that long? 

And their two beautiful kids keep them on their toes!

As challenging as toddlers can be, I hope you remember how they only wanted mom to hold them. These memories of throwing rocks in the water (endless entertainment for toddlers) are small, but beautiful. How sweet and loving those kids are, and how dirty they ended up at the end there. :-D

Happy anniversary you two, and thanks for letting us witness your love and share in your joy all of these years later.

New Little Brothers: Family Portraits Fairport NY

Little brothers are the best. For this particular big brother, they make the perfect roadway for a hot wheels car, and also for some occasional adorable kisses.

Going from one child to two is kind of a big deal. There's all sorts of ups and downs involved that change your whole world in an instant. Welcoming this little man into the family means longer days, and definitely longer nights. But they're doing it together, with lots of going with the flow and lots of laughter.

Packers fans through and through (much to Lori's delight) they sported their jerseys with Cheesehead pride. And when big brother didn't want to be part of the pictures, he played - karate chopping bubbles and swinging in Daddy's arms. And as always, they went with it. Because what else can you do?

In the end when laying in bed with both of your babies in your arms is what you need to do - you go with it. Even if you are exhausted, enjoy every second of it. Because all too soon, this time of your lives shall also pass - with or without nap time.

When it does, we hope these photos will happily remind you of these early days as a family of four (plus dog).

~ Erin

And Baby Girl Makes 5: Family portraits in Hilton NY

There's one thing I know - this little girl will be fiercely protected. Nothing's getting past two big brothers, and her Daddy as she grows up. But if I know anything else, I know that this little girl will blend right in. She won't be afraid to get her hands full of mud.

I visited with them twice to capture her cuteness. Once at home with just her Mommy and "little" big brother. Then again with the rest of the family.

She's the perfect addition to one of my favorite families in the whole world. Welcome sweet girl, we can't wait to watch you grow...but if it's all the same to you, please, take your time.


Puddles & Playdough: Home Family Session with two young boys

Any session that ends in a hug is a great session.

Three year old Cruz wasn't sure about me when I first walked in, but after playing in the puddles and running down the sidewalk, he was ready to be my photo assistant. 

He and brother Julian are all you'd expect out of 1 and 3 year old boys. They don't sit still (for any length of time) and love to play! Making play dough in the kitchen and cutting out shapes was a great family activity. It was also the easiest way to slow them down, if only temporarily. This authenticity is what I love about family photos - real, every day fun.

At the end, as I packed up and headed out to leave this Rochester, NY portrait session, Cruz came running across the house with a hug for me. The feeling is mutual little friend!

Hope to see you again soon!