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Finger Lakes Wedding Photography: Melanie and Chris

I've never met someone quite like Melanie - she's sweet and playful with her own brand of confidence. When she was told they had to use the rain plan on their wedding day, she was downright happy about it.

That's what it's all about - even when she could have been disappointed, she smiled and danced and still felt all the feels on their wedding day. Because at the end of the day, she had exactly what she planned for - she was married to Chris.

But here's the thing... it didn't really rain. Not during their emotional first look at White Springs Manor. Not through their family and bridal party pictures. And it barely sprinkled during their ceremony and reception at Ventosa Vineyards.

Whenever they looked at each other, it was with love - usually followed by laughter.

As Finger Lakes NY wedding photographers, we're so lucky to know and work with the best couples. They roll with the circumstances and always with love and grace. Melanie and Chris are no exception.

As they celebrate their Italian honeymoon, we're happy to share the story of their day with you. Congratulations Melanie and Chris!

~ Erin

Vendor Love
Hair & Makeup: Bombshell Salon
Wedding Dress: Allure / Xenas Bridal
Accommodations: White Springs Manor
Wedding Venue: Ventosa Vineyards
Florist/Decor: In Bloom Florals
Officiant: Judge Frank Geraci
Bakery: Bagels and Cakes
DJ: Paradise Entertainment

Travel Theme Wedding Details: Finger Lakes Wedding Photography

Last year we photographed some pretty awesome weddings. After going through some of our favorites, I noticed something pretty interesting. Many of our couples have a love for travel.

Coincidentally, so do we. Swapping travel stories is actually one of Lori's favorite things to do. So our conversations with our couples roll pretty easily about all of the different places we've been to or want to visit in the future.

Even better though has been all of the ways our brides and grooms incorporated their wanderlust into their wedding.

We've seen world maps and globes used as guest books. We've seen favorite Finger Lakes vacation spots used elegantly as table numbers. Vintage vacation photos adorned dining tables. We've even photographed a garter complete with a compass decoration.

I think the moral of the story is - if you want to go places with your wedding day there are so many ways you can do it!

Safe Travels!

~ Erin

Wedding Details: Dresses and Shoes

There's a wedding dress for every body. I wish I had known that when I got married ten years ago.

I get that so much more now that I'm out there all year long photographing other wedding dresses. And I love the variety of styles we see every year - from simple beauty to intricate detail. 

Shoes too - gone are the days of the classic white wedding heels. In it's place wedding shoes are a way to express your individuality. Whether colorful, flats, beaded, laced or even a silver converse sneaker. I love how our brides let their feet represent. 

Taking photographs of your dress at the beginning of the day is a natural scene setter in your wedding album. It sets the tone and begins the story of the day. Our goal as always, is to infuse your you and your setting into these detail images wherever possible.

Because a wedding dress on the hanger is lovely, but on you it becomes real. Your dress comes to life the minute you put it on, because you shine it it.

Enjoy some dress and shoe love, we hope it gives you some wedding inspiration.

~ Erin


The Magic of Magic Hour: Wedding Photography Rochester NY

You know those perfect sunset pictures you see everywhere as you're planning your wedding day? You know the ones I'm talking about - they're warm, beautiful and give you all the romantic feels?

More often than not those were taken during what is known to photographers as Magic Hour or Golden Hour. And yes, it's every bit as beautiful as you imagine it to be. If you plan for it.

Now, there's not a whole lot we can do about the lighting if it's a cloudy evening. But if that sun is setting just right, we love the opportunity to make you look like you just stepped into a fairy tale.

All it takes is a few minutes to snuggle up to your new spouse, while we capture the magic. So, chances are, we'll have to step away from the party for a few minutes. But it's oh so worth it.

See what I mean?

~ Erin

How to plan a non-traditional Honeymoon

While I love hearing about your wedding plans, I have to admit... I may actually like hearing about your honeymoon plans more! While there is nothing wrong with a resort honeymoon, I have some tips if you are looking to do something a little outside the box.




Step 1: Decide what type of trip you want. Do you want an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to think for a week? If this is the case, find a travel agent and boom your done. Or do you want to travel lightly and slowly meeting lots of people along the way?  If so, read on.

Step 2: Choose a destination! Stuck? Pick your destination based on the time of year, or pick your time to travel based on the destination. Consider the weather, (local) holidays, and whether or not it will be "tourist season". 

This website is very helpful:



Step 3: Consider staying at AirBNBs for an easy way to meet locals. We traveled all through New Zealand using AirBNB and loved it! Our hosts were friendly as well as knowledgable about things to do in the area and local history. Imagine learning about the Christchurch earthquake from someone who lived through it! (Check.)

Step 4: Enjoy the ride! Allow yourself to feel like a little kid and soak it all in. Every second is precious. (This is true every day, but just feels heightened on vacation.)

Step 5: Record the best parts. Whether you are a writer, or GoPro fanatic, your honeymoon is special. Find a way to remember what you are feeling. Take photos that document your experience, or journal about the sweet things that make you love your spouse.  Then you can relive it all when you are back home on a rainy day.

For extra points: Turn off notifications on your phone. You may be tempted to update your social media platforms, but other than letting your mom know you are alive, it's not necessary. Go have an experience, make out with your spouse in a train station, stare at the clouds/trees/animals in another state or country. By not telling everyone your play by play in the moment, you'll have stories to share when you get home!

For extra EXTRA points: Consider a volunteer trip. There are many companies that offer itineraries abroad which include some volunteering as well as vacationing. If you are interested, check out: Earthwatch, V2 Volunteers, or Discover Corps.

So since I daydream of moonlighting as a travel planner, here is where I have been. If you are traveling to any of these places, ask me questions! I am an open book.

New Zealand

New Zealand

-New Zealand: my favorite place on Earth. Tropical beaches, glaciers, fjords, adventure sports, and more, and that's just the South Island. 

-Croatia: I spent 3 months here for my study abroad. I am very familiar with Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Go in May, before the crowds arrive. 

-Ireland: The place to go for an epic road trip. Ask Erin :) 

-USA: We have a lot to explore right here inside our borders. I'm happy to discuss a cross-country road trip, Alaska, or even Hawaii when I get back.

So, where are you going or where have you been? Are you an expert on any destinations? Let me know in the comments-- I may call on you for advice about our next trip!

Safe travels!



Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa and Vince's wedding album: they embraced everything about their wedding day, even the wet rainy ceremony at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva, NY.