four kids

Home Based Family Portraits in Fairport, NY

The youngest just turned one, not that you need an excuse to celebrate your family! These guys invited me over, and we played inside while it snowed like crazy outside. Each of the kids showed me their favorite toy, they read me a book and played a little piano too.

I may not have kids of my own, but I sure feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with them anyway. Kids have this ability to take the mundane and make it magic. I hope they, and all of us adults too, hold on to that forever.

Say hello to some of my Fairport neighbors! Thanks for inviting us into your lives. We really do love it!


Holiday Family Portraits: George Eastman Museum

When I showed up to this session wearing a cream sweater, Seana joked that I could be a part of their family photo. It may have been in jest, but this crew certainly knows how to make you feel like part of the family.

The kids were probably all a foot shorter the first time we met, and I last saw Jack when he was a senior at McQuaid. Perhaps the best part of this session was catching up and seeing what everyone is up to these days.

Or perhaps it was encouraging the parents to sneak a kiss in the library while the kids looked on. (Seana was a librarian when she met Brett.)

Or perhaps it was the snowball fight in the gardens at the Eastman Museum.

Or perhaps it was grabbing a hot chocolate in the cafe after the session.

Oh well, I can't decide. But I do know that it is always a pleasure and honor to capture your family story! Thank you for being the amazing people you are.


Four Kids : Holiday Mini Portrait Session

four kids

Jack, Evan, Emma Kate and Owen are so much fun to work with. Last year, we photographed a full session with them, and so this year we just needed a couple images for the Christmas card. Owen was still his funny little self and showed me his favorite stuffed animal (a turkey). With a mini session, we had just enough time to get a few shots of all the kids, and then each of them individually. Here's a few favorites – formal and informal

the oldest boysThe youngest 2 kids


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