Extended family fun with child and grandparents

There is a special bond between child and grandparent. I saw that when Teddy stopped running long enough to sit still on grandma's lap and take part in "If you're happy and you know it." He beamed, he clapped, and he asked for more. And grandma loved every second of it, never tiring to oblige when he asked.

He was happy to read books with grandpa, play puzzles with his cousin, and push his toy car down the sidewalk, squealing with happiness. My favorite moment is in those sweet eskimo kisses!

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek into Teddy's time with his family.

Until next time,

Portrait of a Grandmother: Rochester NY Photographers

So many things about who I am have been cultivated by the women in my life. I'm ridiculously lucky to have had the chance to grow up knowing and loving them all. From my own mother to aunts and all the way to my great grandmother, who passed some years ago.

I'd like to think I follow in their footsteps, collecting each of their similar traits. We're all worriers and maybe a little neurotic. None of us have a green thumb or a penchant for cooking dinner. But we are also loving, hard working, independent and strong when we need to be.

So many of these traits are learned, taught and handed down. I've been so lucky to have grown up with not only a wonderful mother as an example, but my grandmother's example of love as well.

While she's now a great grandmother and grandmother - she's also still a mother. She has the same wishes for her own children that every mother everywhere has. She's still there as a mother to my parents, even when it's hard. Just like my mom is for me.

Because from what I've gathered, you don't stop being a mom when your kids have kids.

Recently my family celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday, so naturally my camera was at the ready. I took a few minutes to just capture a portrait of her alone. Looking at it now, I see more than just her likeness. I see the matriarch of the family, supportive and strong for us all. I see love, warmth, happiness, family, history.

I see all the other moms of the family in her.

I see me.

Hugs, love, and a Happy (Belated) Mother's Day to you all (especially to my own Momma),


Toni and Ken: Portraits of Grandparents

Toni and Ken are a lovely couple living in Victor. They enjoy spending time with their seven grand children, traveling and personalizing their beautiful home.

Ken has done much of the work himself, including designing a custom bookshelf (which cleverly hides the TV), and adding the deck with gazebo all by himself. Toni enjoys arranging and decorating the home, and I have to say, she has an amazing eye for it!

I think that I could have spent all afternoon swapping travel stories with these lovely folks! If you meet them, give them a friendly hello for me.

Here's a sneak peek of a few favorites!

New Years Family Portraits: Rochester NY Photographers

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE seeing our wedding couples with their families? I mean seriously, so. much. fun.

I can't get over how much bigger these kids are from a year ago. They've grown into non-stop full on toddlers, and they made sure to let us know it at their session.

We followed them around letting them be themselves, occasionally trying to capture them as one big family. Slowing the kids down didn't appear to be an option, so we made some cute portraits for their New Years cards while they played.

Can't wait to see how cute they get as the next year goes by!
~ Erin

The O'Connor Family: An Extended Family Portrait Session

Grandparents, parents, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews - all in one place, at one time. For some families that's a near miracle.

We've photographed Rosanne and her family before, but this time was different. Because it's a rare occurrence for them all to be together, and for this family it was a privilege to photograph for them.

So they gathered at The Century Club in downtown Rochester, and we captured the whole family together. They're so kind and fun, and one of the easiest large group portraits we've ever had the opportunity to photograph.

Here's a few of the images that we were happy to capture of this great family. Enjoy!

~ Erin

Three Generations, Extended Family Session

And one year old, Theo makes FOUR. Grandsons that is! Grandma and Grandpa are so lucky! There's all boys on this side of the family. Thankfully, the women married in. :) 

I loved spending time with this crew a few weeks ago. The sun was still warm in the sky, leaves still on the trees. The boys showed me their scooters and loved playing with their littlest cousin. It won't be long until they will be teaching him how to scooter all by himself. He just started walking, so it's not a big jump from feet to scooter, right?

I don't think that dog gets any love, do you? ;)

Til next time,

Lori's 3 Generations Portrait Session

We used to have a tradition in our family called the Mother's Day wine tour. It is exactly what it sounds like. Both my and my husband's families would come together to tour and sample in the Finger Lakes. I think we were on about 6 years straight maybe?  Well this year both our mom's were traveling on Mother's Day, so that didn't work out. Instead, I came up with two different photo gifts for each of them.

For my mom and grandma, I planned a girls only photo session. We all had significant birthdays this year, and it was something I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to celebrate the women in my life with a special portrait, and hired my good friend Linda of Hayes Photography to help. She created a variety of images of us in a short period of time. They have that homey feeling and love... What more could you ask for?

For my mother-in-law, I created an interactive book with photos of all her grandchildren. I then sent it to the 3 siblings with kids and they each answered questions about grandma. What is grandma's favorite thing to do? Make dinner, according to two year old Dempsey. 7 year old Audrey would buy her a plane as a gift, and Elise would give a globe. The final product is the perfect blend of adorable and personal.

Coming up with unique gifts can be tricky, but I'm really proud of these ones and know they will both be treasures.  

To my family reading this, I love you! 

To Linda, thank you for making the drive and making the session special! 

To everyone else, I hope I have given you some ideas to use in the future. Just let me know if I can help. 

Cheers! -Lori

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Family Portraits at the Fairport Fire Station

For a family full of volunteer fire fighters converging in Fairport for the holidays, what better place for a portrait session than the Fire Station? Fairport is home to a beautifully well kept antique fire truck, and we were able to pull some strings to use it as the backdrop for this amazing family. And we had so much fun doing it! Andrea arranged this whole session from Georgia, and it was great to see it all come together.big family with fire truck two little girls

couples by the fire truck

grandparents with fire truck

grandparents smilingfamily groupingsfire station detailsgirl driving fire truck

We had so much fun with this group! What a great family, a great location and a fun day. Special thanks also to Victoria from Mary Kay who did the ladies' makeup.

My Three Grandmothers

This is a personal post, dedicated to my three grandmothers, Nina, Peg and Mary. I love you!

A Little Background

I was lucky enough to grow up with both sets of grandparents close by. I didn't realize how unique this was, until a recent chat with my husband. He only ever knew one set of grandparents, and it was a 6 hour drive to go visit them. My family was close, and losing my grandfathers were two of the hardest days of my life. I still remember them very clearly. Grandpa Pete left us when I was in high school, and Grandpa Dupe when I was in college. When John and I got married, I inherited his set of grandparents, and was excited to have a grandpa again. I now have three grandmothers and one grandfather, all of whom are wonderful beyond words.

My Three Grandmothers

Between the three of them, you could say they've "got it all." Cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, knee conditions, lung conditions, vision impairment, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more. But more importantly, they have hope, love, faith, family, humor and strength beyond measure. I have learned much and am continually inspired by their lives, courage and outpouring of love.

A few weeks ago, Grandma Dupe decided to have a party. She wanted to see her favorite people again and tell them how much she loved them. It was a chance for us to eat together, laugh together, and make more memories. Coincidentally, Grandma Mary decided to do the same thing in Connecticut. The whole family got together "just because" we wanted to celebrate life. We spent back to back weekends celebrating the lives of these great women. Of course, I had my camera along and enjoyed seeing the joy and happiness on everyone's faces.

family group photo

grandma and grandpa c

family and friends group

a toast to grandma

two grandmas

me and gram d

Celebrate Life

The message I want you to take away from today's blog post is this: Celebrate Life. In regards to photography, this is one of the driving forces behind my art. When we talk about photography as an "investment," this is why. Your photographs will steadily go up in value to you over time. Why are albums the things people reach for in a fire or flood? They are memories that only exist in tangible form because of photography. My point is: take the picture. Make the memory. NOW. Celebrate the good times, and be sure to record and cherish them, as I cherish these memories with my grandmas.

Cheers, Lori