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Kurt : Fun, Emotive Personal Branding Shots in Fairport, NY

Like son, like father, that's what they say, right? If Kurt looks familiar, it may be because his son was just featured on our blog a few weeks ago.

Also a voice actor, Kurt was due to update his look. He brought a different microphone to play with (a Fentone, vintage RCA look alike) and several outfits from casual to semi-formal. We played off of those options to create a variety of looks - from fun and silly to a more "traditional" head shot. However...

What's really neat about being in business these days, is that no longer is "boring-headshot-in-front-of-boring-background" the norm. Today's customers want to know the person behind the product (our voice in this case) so we really get to showcase our clients' personalities.

Kurt very easily switched from selling cars and mattresses to telling stand up jokes against the classic brick wall. He's a great guy, so if you're in the market for some voiceover work, you should check out his team at The Write Creative.


Paul’s Fun, Creative Professional Head Shots


Meet Paul: The Creative Person. He’s an app developer, podcaster, entrepreneur- extraordinaire! He’s also a coffee fanatic with a super adorable puppy. We met several years ago as students at RIT and had a blast reconnecting and creating these portraits for his growing business! When Paul approached me looking for “Fun, Happy Portrait Photos” I couldn’t resist. We don’t do lame, sad portraits here!

Paul has an office in Venture Creations at RIT. We started there to photograph him surrounded by his “tech”. The fancy microphone, Mac Pro with dual monitors & of course his iPhone, etc. I stood on a desk to create some fun angles for these environmental portraits. Then we went exploring and got creative in the lobby and outdoors as well. It was a fun afternoon!

The coolest part of it all though, is seeing it all in use! Check out Paul’s website here: http://paulsolt.com/

and The Creative Person Podcast http://creativepersonpodcast.com/

Keep it up Paul!


rochester ny head shot portraits
rochester ny head shot portraits