Wintergarden by Monroes: Rochester NY Heirloom Album

Joann and Steve's wedding at the Wintergarden by Monroes was nothing short of amazing.

Since then, I've been patiently waiting to design their heirloom wedding album. Finally, my chance arrived! And it came together perfectly.

Their wedding story, from the first look to end of the night dancing looks amazing as you turn the pages in this 12x9 lustre album.

There's something about this album that pulls our couples in. The design, the size and the story - it all works together to create something beautiful. Every single time.

Enjoy a peek at this wedding day story, told in the pages of Joann and Steve's heirloom album.

~ Erin


Colgate Divinity School: Heirloom Album

Before they'd even seen their wedding photographs, Ryan and Stephanie knew they wanted to remember their Rochester NY Wedding for generations to come. Even more importantly, they realized they would need a way to do that; one that held a greater value than a drive of digital files.

Cue their signature heirloom album. They will be able to feel the feelings of their wedding day over and over again within the pages of this album. Not just now, but years from now when they're sharing their experience with their theoretical children.

There is something special about physically holding your memories in your hands. It's an experience, and a feeling you cannot recreate with a thumb drive.

This classic slate grey album will be what they turn to on their tenth anniversary.

The story inside is uniquely theirs, and we are so grateful to be able to tell it the way it deserves to be shared.

~ Erin


New York City Heirloom Album

What do you do with all of the iphone photographs you have stored away? Have you ever done anything with them? What would you do with them if they were photographs of your wedding day, in Central Park, in New York City?

Those big and little moments captured with your favorite people are most often captured on your phone. After all, it's your go to camera, right? We are professionals, but we believe that all photos deserve to be printed.

Thankfully, Andy and Elizabeth did too. So they came to us with their own photographs (taken by both phone and DSLR) from their wedding day in New York City and asked us to design them an heirloom.

So we helped them curate their story and design an album from our Artisan album series. The resulting book is both beautiful and stylish, a perfect match Andy and Elizabeth's personalities.

Do you have a story of your relationships that only lives on your phone or on social media? Just ask - we can help bring it to life.

~ Erin

Product Spotlight: Engagement Guest Book

Engagement sessions (in any season) are my favorite type of session. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that fact before. I love their peacefulness or playfulness and always their love - without the timeline of a wedding day.

We've photographed engagements anywhere from Letchworth State Park to downtown Rochester NY, and even in local coffee shops like Starry Nites Cafe or Joe Bean on University Avenue. Each one is unique and personalized to our couple.

But the one question we always get asked is - what should we do with these images? Answer: let's make a book!

But this isn't just any old Shutterfly book. Yes, it's a story of you, and who you are as a couple - but you can do more with it. One of our most popular ideas, is to incorporate the book at your wedding as a guest book.

These days, thanks to Pinterest, there are thousands of ways to display a guest book concept. Crafty people love coming up with new, never seen before ways to mark the occasion. But we love this book because it allows your guests to leave you notes, and answers to questions about love and marriage. Bonus point - there's no glue gun or mason jars involved, because we do all of the hard work for you.

It's an interactive guest book for your wedding. After the wedding, it's a cherished heirloom that you can safely keep alongside your wedding album. (And you don't have to find wall space to fit it into your home decor!) 

It shows not only who you are as a couple, but also how much you're loved by those who joined in your wedding day. So - what would you like to do with your engagement session photographs?

~ Erin

Genesee Valley Club: Rochester Wedding Album

When you first get your wedding photos, it's exciting. To get to scroll through them on your computer, one at a time recalling each detail and moment one by one. Then you look at the gallery of hundreds of photos and realize...you don't know what to do with them. You've shared them, gushed over them and put a little heart to signify you love them under the gallery - right?

But then what? You close the computer, you move on, you forget about them eventually. Your life goes on, you maybe have kids, and life gets crazy busy. And your wedding pictures still sit on your computer.

Your kids grow up, you do with them, and then all of a sudden, it's been 10 years or 20 years. And let me ask you - do you know where those wedding pictures went? Do you have anything at all to give your children of that day that started your family?

You would if you had an album. From the moment you open the pages of your album, it's tangible and real again. There's emotions attached to an album, that you just won't get with an online gallery of pictures. And you will (we hope) always, have that book to show the story.

Ok, end rant. I want to show your our last album to be delivered from 2016. It's one of our favorites from Courtney and Scott's beautiful Genesee Valley Club wedding in Downtown Rochester. Every piece of the day was elegant and beautiful - right down to their champagne album and beautiful design.

It's the perfect way to preserve their beautiful day and all of their loved ones who were there to celebrate with them.

Moral of the story - print your pictures, get an heirloom. It's worth it.

~ Erin

Chris & Nicole: Spencerport Wedding Album

It's perfect timing. Just as our wedding season is getting underway for the year, we're delivering last year's wedding albums to our couples.

Like this album from Chris and Nicole's summer Plantation Party House wedding.

The matte photo cover and horizontal layout has been immensely popular this year. And as usual, the story inside tells of love - between the Bride and Goom, and for their whole family, some of which have sadly passed since their day.

I hope it will bring them joy to them to open these pages and relive their beautiful wedding day as their first anniversary approaches.

Thank you Chris and Nicole for letting us tell your wedding day story!

~ Erin


Welcome Mini Albums! Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this new album. We're calling it our "Mini" Album. Even though it might be a smaller size, (at just 10x7) it's uniqueness and beautiful design makes it grand.

It's new to our Art Catalog for 2017 and just makes the perfect wedding keepsake for the parents who supported your big day. It's a step up from our everyday storybooks, while not being an overwhelming. It's just the right size to include all of their favorite images from the day.

My favorite thing about this album? It's more unique than those boring old traditional parent albums. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.


Bill & Stacy: Heirloom Wedding Albums

Sharing this wedding album with you is sort of like reading a good book. It's a book that takes me back to a warm spring day, filled with good friends and a love based on mutual respect and admiration.

Looking through the pages of Bill and Stacy's wedding album, I can't help but smile as I recall all of the happy faces surrounding them that day. They'd come to Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA from all over the country to share in this weekend of fun and celebrate with them and each other.

The pewter cover choice blended perfectly with the cover image from the plantation grounds. The story told inside is timeless yet unique to Stacy and Bill. And it's one I'm so proud to be part of, as both photographer and friend.

Enjoy the story along with me!

~ Erin

Kate and Bert's Heirloom Album

Ok, this is it. I thiinnnnkkkk this is the last wedding album to be delivered to our 2015 wedding couples.

It couldn't be more beautiful. I love how the cover image depicts who Kate and Bert are perfectly. Fun, loving, and a little silly.

The story told within its pages is about a rainy day, a bride and groom who laughed instead of cried about it, and embraced every single moment of their day with their beautiful family and their amazing friends.

I'm so honored to have been a part of it all with them, and can't wait to watch their family grow!

If you want to read more about their day, check out their blog post: Hyatt Wedding Rochester NY

A Classically Beautiful Album for a Nerdtastic Wedding

A Classically Beautiful Album for a Nerdtastic Wedding

And oh em gee, it did not disappoint. This 12x12 heirloom tells their nerdtastic love story perfectly from start to finish. Everything was planned so well, that it made our goal of photographing their beautiful moments a piece of cake, as well as a whole lot of fun.

A Photo Library | Wedding Albums and Books

Some people question the value of an album. Lisa & Shelly are not those people. These two amazing ladies and their wedding day can now be relived in many different ways.

Their 10x10 heirloom album tells the full story, and is built to be cherished for generations. But it's not practical to bring to the office. Enter: the brag book. A smaller book, perfectly sized to fit in a purse and take everywhere! 

So we created parent albums which are personalized to each parent, and a brag book of their Photo Booth images. Finally, there is a brag book, the perfect size for a purse, to keep on hand for easy sharing with friends, family and coworkers.

The album is such a special heirloom that they can pass down to their children, while the brag books are perfect for everyday enjoyment. If you love photos, you'll appreciate these books and albums too. 

Thank you Lisa and Shelly for letting us tell your story, and enjoy the books! 

-Lori and Erin

Brand New Album Options, a Sale, and You!

We are always on the lookout for amazing products to offer our clients, and we are very excited to show you the newest in our album lineup! New sizes, new cover options, same exceptional image quality. We are so in love with our new samples.

Seriously, I haven't been this excited about an album since I made my own wedding album 5 years ago. In fact, this makes me want to make a new one, even though I don't need it. They're so pretty!

To launch these albums properly, we're offering them to you with a 20% off discount for this month only. (Offer is for new album orders only)

It's not every day a discounted album comes along. Whether your wedding was last month, or five years ago, now's the time to get that album! There's no good reason not to print your wedding pictures! Don't let them hide on your thumb drive or worse, outdated CD.

Get them into one of these beautiful albums. Trust me, we'll both be so glad you did! ~ Erin

Pictured: All NEW 12x9 Lustre Album. Stop in to see it in person, or check it out at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva!