This is why we shoot RAW... always.

Some photographers shoot RAW. Some shoot JPG. Some hop back and forth depending on the day/job/requirements.

If this is gibberish to you, I'm going to show you the difference right now. But first, let me explain the situation. 

My husband and I were on a remote hiking trail in Hawaii. 4,000+ miles by plane, an hour of driving, and then 6 hours of strenuous backpacking to get to this spot. The trail was narrow, muddy and shaded by trees. At the head of the valley was the Hanakoa Falls that I had been dreaming about for days... weeks maybe. It was my goal to swim at that waterfall, come hell or high water.

We made it there, and into the icy water I went. My husband was on shore to take the photo, but as he grabbed the camera it started to rain, which quickly turned into a downpour. He pressed the shutter without a chance to glance at the settings, which I had set before the clouds came over us. The resulting image on the left is what we got... and as you see, it is incredibly underexposed.

We scrambled to get the camera and our towels under cover, but the rain didn't pass. It continued on for the rest of the night. 

This moment -- me swimming at the base of a 440 foot waterfall... by myself... in the rain... 4,000+ miles from home-- almost didn't turn out. This is one of the only photos we have from what is honestly the highlight of the entire trip!  A once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment, if you will.

But when I got home, I used Lightroom plus that RAW file, and was able to bump it up 3.15 stops to get the image on the right. 

Swimming in Hanakoa Falls

Swimming in Hanakoa Falls

This right here is why I will always shoot RAW. Because there are moments too important to lose to a bad camera setting, and this memory is priceless.

If this image had been shot JPG, it would have been basically useless and ruined. 

In our line of work, we find ourselves quite often capturing once-in-a-lifetime-moments. So rest assured, we will protect your memories.


The Photographer's Family Portraits

When a photographer asks you to make their family portraits, it's nothing short of an honor. This session with them felt more like a hike in the woods than a portrait session, and it just reminded me how awesome this family is.

Seriously - kudos to Linda and Todd for raising three amazing people! I enjoyed catching up with Brian, Emma and Sarah, and hearing about their current adventures and future plans. They were all so easy going, and even though I know they get their photos taken a lot (it happens when your mom is a photographer!) there were no complaints.

Also, I can never get enough of these gorgeous fall evenings. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Linda's work at http://www.lindahayesphotography.com/


Colorado : A Midsummers Workation

It's incredibly rare for us wedding photographers to take a vacation in the summer, but this had been a long time in planning! The purpose of the trip was to attend and photograph the nuptials of Jeremy and Jen, but we added a few days before and after to explore the area and spend some quality time with family.

With a group of 20+ people, we took over the Denver Zoo, hiked the Rocky Mountains, explored Fort Collins by single speed bicycles, and sampled many of the delicious, local craft brews. We stayed in Longmont, just a few blocks from all of the wedding activities, at an AirBNB carriage house complete with chickens in our backyard! 

It was a unique trip, sort of like a family vacation where we adopted Erin, Matt and Lucas. :)

We hope you enjoy a few of our favorite images from the week!


Fall Photo Hike 2014: Corbett's Glen, Rochester NY Photography


We're so lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of the world in the fall season. Gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges all around us on every tree branch. We love to photograph our family sessions every fall, but we also love to just get out there and enjoy it as well. A hike was the perfect way to take it all in. It's such a great location in all seasons for hiking. This Fall, our photo hike took us back to Corbett's Glen. We had a small but great group along with us, and we all took away something different from the hike. Stronger friendships, a little photography knowledge and the beauty around us made for a great morning.

It's always so interesting to see what each individual eye sees, especially when we're all in the same setting. And so as usual, we've compiled everyone's photographs into one slideshow to share! Enjoy what we saw in this slideshow, and next time come along!

Nikki : Outdoor Holiday Mini Session

This was another Christmas gift session! Nikki's boyfriend is in the service and she thought a portrait of her would be the perfect gift for Christmas this year.  The final product had to be something small that he could take with him, so we ended up making an accordion mini book for him. They are both outdoorsy, enjoying hunting and hiking. (Hard to picture Nikki with a gun!) We photographed Nikki at Corbett's Glen Park in the late fall. It was definitely chilly, but we braved the cold, and had a great time! red jacket in woodswaterfall girl portraitred coat at corbetts glengirl by water red coat

Don't you just love that red coat?

Fall Photo Hike 2013: Durand Eastman Park, Rochester NY Photographers

Our Fall Photo Hike brought some good friends, photographers, and puppies to our hiking fun. We hiked around a trail at Durand Eastman Park, and finished up our night watching the sunset on the beach nearby. We didn't have a large group this time around (but we still had lots of fun!). However, even if no one came along, we were hiking anyway. Because, well I'll be honest... we seriously needed a break from the computer. The fall is quickly passing us by.  Lori and I have been so busy (yay!), we've hardly had a chance to look outside, let alone go for a hike! But with the beauty that nature gives us every Autumn, how could you not get out and enjoy it?

So we did, and you should too. While you're at it - bring a camera! Here are a few of our captures from the day.

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Durand Eastman Park Photography, Photo HikeDurand Eastman Park Photography, Photo Hike

Special thanks to all that joined us! Care to join us next time? Keep an eye out for information on our next hike by signing up for our newsletter, or following us on Facebook!

favorite things: Lori's turn

If you read Erin's post, you know that we like to get to know our clients. This post is so that you can get to know us a little better. So here are a few of my favorite things, and I'll skip the ones Erin already mentioned that we share. (I mean, how can you go wrong with flip flops & lilacs?)

These are a few of my favorite things...

Guacamole. I was only introduced to this delicious and healthy snack within the last few years, but we have quickly become best friends. (Kind of like me and Erin! haha) My husband makes the best guacamole, but my soon-to-be sister-in-law makes a mean one as well. The difference is tomatoes, and I like it both with and without. Chipotle makes a good guac, and we love the Holy Mole at Maria's in Webster. Really, it's hard to find a guacamole I DON'T like, other than Wegmans. They do a lot of things right, just not the guacamole. Which leads me to favorite thing #2...

Wegmans! We love Wegmans so much in this house, that my husband has literally told me we can move anywhere... as long as there is a Wegmans close by. So friends, good news: we're never leaving the north east! But really, if I'm not home, there is a good chance I'm up the road at Weggies. Specific favorites: vanilla crumb muffins, garlic tuscan bread, the cheese department, the customer service... it's just all good at Wegmans.

Before you think all I do is eat....

Hiking. I'm so proud to live in Trail Town USA. We love it here in Perinton, and so do our dogs! We have tons of options for great paths, climbs and parks within walking distance, or just a short drive away. From the canal trail to Indian Hill, the Crescent Trail or Fellows Road Park, those are where we love to spend our time off.

Biking. I'm always torn between hiking and biking. Hiking is family time, but biking is Lori time. I love squeezing in a ride with friends or the rec group or even making up my own routes. I tried spin class for the first time this winter, and though it was a great workout, I prefer the wind-in-my-hair feeling of a road ride.

hiking at letchwork

One of my favorite hikes last year was at Letchworth, even Molley enjoyed the view!

letchworth park scenes

Letchworth Park is beautiful in BW and Color! Thats HDR on the right

motion blur from my bike

A slow shutter speed image taken while riding

shots of and from bicycle

A few captures from rides around the city and canal

So that's it for this installment of favorite things. What do you think – want to meet up for a hike or ride? Give me a shout out and let's set something up! :)

spring photo hike: a recap

photo hike

Group Photo on Bridge

Beautiful evening? Check.

Camera? Check.

Hiking trail? Check.

Group of fun people, looking to enjoy and capture the beauty of nature? Check!

Our first photo hike of 2013 was a great success! Old friends, family, and some new friends all came out to share a hike through Ellison Park together. A big thank you to the Rochester Young Professionals for joining the event with us! It was great to meet some new faces, and we hope you'll join us again for our next one.

As wedding and portrait photographers, Lori and I don't always get the chance to just photograph nature.  So as we walked, we got to put a different skill set to good use. We also challenged others with us to think outside the box too. After the event, we gathered a few photographs from those who wanted to contribute, and put together a slideshow of all of our photographs.

Thank you to those who joined us! If you missed this one, keep an eye out for a hike with us in the fall. Until next time, enjoy!