10 Year Anniversary Session: An Italian Portrait Session

I told him we had to get up at 5:30 am for our session...on our vacation. He winced and said "ok." I know that after 10 years of marriage, there were more words he'd have liked to add to that. But he didn't and I love him for that.

"It feels like our wedding was just yesterday" isn't a true statement for me. It feels as though it was rightfully ten years ago, but not in a bad way. In a lot of ways, we're not the same people we were then.

And we're definitely not a perfect couple. Honestly, I don't know that such a thing exists. We procrastinate. We leave laundry in the basket for weeks. We have our bad habits that drive each other nuts. 

But we also have 10 (plus) years of history. He's my saving grace in times when I just can't. He lets me vent, cry and sometimes yell. He brings me flowers when I've got the flu. He's a terrific daddy to our son. He takes care of us, and loves us in his own quiet, daily ways.

To me, it feels like 10 years of building something, together - a home, a life, a family.

The quiet, practically empty square at Piazza San Marco greeted us, and all at once we knew it was worth it. There were no tourists, no vendors, no crowds - just us, and Siza (our photographer, who was amazing!!) and the beauty that is Venice in the morning.

It was instantly easy to let the romance of this moment wash over me. Was it Venice? Maybe, but more likely it was because of the realization of a dream we had shared for all 10 years of our marriage.

These photographs top any souvenir or bottle of wine we brought home from Italy. They'll live on long after the case of wine will. And they were worth every step of the last ten years.

Here's to the rest of our story,

~ Erin

PS - For you Matt, save this dance for me.

Take the Trip: Italy Destination Photography

Ten years ago, on our honeymoon we made a decision. On our 10 year anniversary, we would take a second honeymoon to Italy. We were younger, child free and had substantially less responsibilities. It was easy to say we'd do it at the time.

Fast forward nine years. Life had changed a lot. As much as we wanted to still take the trip, for various reasons we questioned whether or not we should.

Ultimately, we decided to do it. And now that we're back, readjusting to normal life without a daily gelato, it was worth every penny we saved and every one of the over 100,000 steps we walked on the trip.

As a husband and wife, we needed this time together. We also desired to fulfill the goals we'd set for ourselves.

It would have been easy to cancel the whole idea; we had a three year old after all and we'd had a harder year. But something inside me couldn't accept all of that.

I read a sign in one of our B&B's that said "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." I couldn't agree more.

If there's anything I hope to pass on, it's that idea. Your bank account is not a measure of your richness. Take the trip, live the moments and be rich in those moments, not things.