lake ontario

Teddy: Adventures in Family Portraits on Lake Ontario

This is my favorite way to capture a family portrait session: a few smiling portraits with the family, then play time! 

Teddy enjoys staying at his grandparents house where he can play on the shore of Lake Ontario. It’s made even better when his cousins are in town!

Whether it was throwing the ball for Orzo, the Goldendoodle, jumping in the water or having splashing contests, it wasn’t hard to capture natural smiles on this kiddo.

Teddy loves life, and I love documenting his enthusiasm for the world. It helps that he has a pretty great family as well!  

Long live summer fun, 

Home for the Holidays: Family Portraits Rochester, NY


When a family comes together, it's always a special time. This big family was home for an early Thanksgiving gathering. We spent a few hours with them capturing everything from toddlers running around everywhere, to cute family moments. It was a bit crazy to keep the kids still for this big family photograph, but we got one before they scattered! What a fun challenge! We love catching all of these moments and times together at the holidays. Have a peek at the fun and a little bit of crazy that we enjoyed with this family! ~ Erin


Kendall - Pittsford NY Senior Portraits

Looking at Kendall's senior portrait session makes me long for summer again... We hit up the beach for this gorgeous girl's senior portraits. Kendall is the Yearbook Editor for Pittsford Sutherland High School, so she has seen a few senior photos in her time! She brought some great outfits, and was up for anything... even if it meant getting in the not-so-clean water of Lake Ontario. Mom accompanied us on the session and encouraged Kendall to try whatever! It all came together so beautifully. Charlotte Beach has a lot to offer, and I'm really excited about the variety we got from this session. Thanks Kendall! Good luck with those yearbook deadlines!

-Lori blog_0216.jpg blog_0217.jpg blog_0218.jpg blog_0214.jpg blog_0215.jpg

Renny, Reese & Louise | Yacht Club Portraits

I met Renny and Reese and their little dog, Louise, at the Brockport Yacht Club for a relaxed photo session. It was a nice night, with only a few people around packing up their boats. The sun came in and out of the clouds, providing us with a variety of lighting conditions. We wandered around the boat house, using the docks and beach as our backgrounds. It was a perfect fit for them, and I was so glad to be the one capturing them on this day! Thanks Renny and Reese for inviting me into your world, I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I will. -Lori