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Favorite Wedding Moments: A Dance Floor "Trash the Dress" Session

Does anyone (except us photographers) remember the "Trash the Dress" sessions that were popular not too long ago? It's a trend where a Bride get's all dressed up again, post-wedding and goes on a mission to play in the mud, or a swimming pool or have an adventure in that one dress they know they'll never wear again.

Got the picture? Ok, now - imagine that actually happening while the wedding is still going. Yep, that's one we'd never seen before, and it's a moment that stands out as a favorite in my mind.

There wasn't much about Bill and Stacy's, Lancaster PA wedding that we didn't love. It was what we dream every wedding could be like - relaxed and fun, full of family, love everywhere and beautiful to top it off.

But among all of the moments that proved to me just how carefree Stacy is, was when she decided her dress was too long on the dance floor. Out of nowhere came a pair of scissors, and her dress was cut on the spot.

I mean, wow, talk about living in the moment, right? This was a moment that instantly became a favorite of ours, and one I'm sure we won't forget any time soon.


Bill & Stacy: Heirloom Wedding Albums

Sharing this wedding album with you is sort of like reading a good book. It's a book that takes me back to a warm spring day, filled with good friends and a love based on mutual respect and admiration.

Looking through the pages of Bill and Stacy's wedding album, I can't help but smile as I recall all of the happy faces surrounding them that day. They'd come to Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA from all over the country to share in this weekend of fun and celebrate with them and each other.

The pewter cover choice blended perfectly with the cover image from the plantation grounds. The story told inside is timeless yet unique to Stacy and Bill. And it's one I'm so proud to be part of, as both photographer and friend.

Enjoy the story along with me!

~ Erin

Bill and Stacy: Rockford Plantation Wedding Photographers

At their rehearsal dinner, Bill's Mom said it best - "If Heaven is where all of our favorite people are together in one place, then this must be a little slice of Heaven right here on Earth."

And when we asked them both what they were looking forward to most - they repeated that same sentiment. We seriously could not ask for better human beings as clients. Bill and Stacy welcomed not only us, but family and friends from literally all over the country to Lancaster, PA with open arms.

I truly believe they enjoyed the heck out of their wedding weekend. From lawn games to ultimate frisbee matches, a beautiful ceremony and farm to table feeling at their wedding reception to the very last second, of the last dance at the end of the night.

Bill and Stacy - You are adventurous, giving, kind and loving, there's not a more perfect match than you two together. It was our honor to be there, not only as your photographers, but as your friends as well.

Thank you for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us.

~ Erin

A huge "Thank You" to the vendors who helped make this day come together!
Wedding Planners: PostScripted Studios
Hair & Makeup: Alisa Padon, friend
Flowers: Kortney Cooper Dowell
Officiant: Brian Lo, friend
Ceremony Musician: Jack Kaulfus, cousin
Caterer: Rettews Catering
DJ: Scratch Weddings
Bakery: Baker's Jar Philly
Rentals: Rental World Lancaster