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5 Tips for great wedding photography : rochester ny photographers

We've been the Bride, we've been the bridesmaids, and we've also been the wedding planners. On top of that...we're in the market to make great wedding photographs for you. It's our goal to give you a great experience and awesome images. That being said, there are a few things you can do to get some great images from your big day. We've compiled a few tips that might give you some things to think about as you plan your day, from our humble perspectives.

1) Consider doing a first look on the day of your wedding. We talk a lot about them. Get all of those important photographs done in advance, while you look your best! And have a special moment to yourselves before the guests arrive. 

2) Do an engagement session. It's a great chance to practice being in front of the camera! You'll get comfortable in front of the camera, on your own terms, doing something fun together with your fiancee! Knowing how your photographers will work with you will make your actual wedding day so much smoother, and your photographs will reflect that. Besides that, it's a lot of fun!

3) Work together. We make it a point to go over the timeline of your day with you. We want to make sure there's enough time for all of the important details. We'll tell you if you have enough time planned for photography because it's important that you and your photographers are on the same page all day! From working with you on your list of family photographs, to planning driving time in between locations. There's so many things that a Bride and Groom can overlook in timeline planning.

By planning ahead with us, we'll make sure that your day is as stress free as possible because we already know what to expect! That way you'll be able to enjoy that time in front of the camera so much more!

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4) Don't rely on a pinterest "shot list." We love Pinterest for gathering ideas. It's a great place to share and learn, and to design your flowers and wedding color scheme. But when it comes to specific photographs you want taken, don't rely on it completely! It's perfectly ok to share your ideas, but it's less ok to expect that exact same photograph you found on Pinterest. You are hiring photographers based on their style, and their unique vision for your day. And while I'm on that note, be sure you know what your photographer's style is!

5) Request an unplugged wedding At the VERY least, unplug your ceremony. It makes us sad when a camera sticks out in that perfect moment of you seeing your fiance, or looking over at your dad. Let your guests have their hashtag fun at the reception, but ask them to stay in the moment with you when it counts. Your photographer is there to get the shot. We have a variety of ways over on Pinterest to help you get your point across.


Bonus Tip - Most importantly, trust us.  If your photographers come to you with what you think is a crazy idea - trust them! Sometimes the craziest ideas create amazing artwork for your walls. Again, you hired them for a reason...let go, trust them, and just have fun with the whole experience!

Victor NY Family Portraits

These kids are growing up in front of my camera, and way too darn fast. I have so many amazing memories over the years of watching them grow. 

But I only get to update their family portrait once a year. So we visited a park near their home - where we watched turtles in the pond and pretended to be Batman.

I'm enjoying each and every chance I get to be around them. Because they're silly, smart, caring, and so much fun. I'm lucky that they're my family, so I get to see them more than once a year. 

I look at them now and see how much they've grown over the years. It's amazing to see that in their portraits and realize that this adventure started seven years ago. I love spending time with them and being a part of their lives in this important way.

~ Erin

Melissa and Mark: Victor NY Engagement Session

They've known each other since high school. Along the way, life took them on it's twists and turns. And then through the all powerful magic of Facebook, they found their way back to each other. 

They enjoy the outdoors - camping, hiking and traveling together. So it was great to spend an hour with them outside, on a gorgeous summer night at Victor Municipal Park, a little hidden gem of a location in Victor.

We had the right light, the right natural setting and exactly the right couple, right where they're supposed to be all this time later - together.

Mark and Melissa, we can't wait to celebrate your marriage with you!


King Family: Rochester NY Photographers

It's pretty cool to be a part of someone's entire life. Before Sarah was born, we photographed her parent's wedding. We celebrated when she arrived and again a few months later.

Now, there are lots of changes going on for Natalie and Dan. A new house, a new bun in the oven, and little Sarah turned two. It was my pleasure to be one of the first to see the new house, and watch as Sarah got to explore her backyard for the first time. This little cutie is a bundle of energy. 

Dan, Natalie, it's always a pleasure. Thank you for being amazing human beings. 


Winter Family Session : Victor NY

I love being a part of making beautiful portraits for families. I love it even more when the family I'm photographing was a former wedding couple of ours. Being there when the family grows is so exciting and really means the world to us. 

This cutie was a little shy at first, but by the end of our time we were having a tea party together. I never mind a good cup of tea prepared by a toddler with a Fisher Price tea kettle. That's an opportunity you just don't pass up.

I can't wait to watch her grow - and now that they've joined our fun, new membership program we get to be there as she does! Here's a peek at our first of many fun sessions together.

~ Erin

Friday Favorite: real moments in wedding photography

Some of my favorite wedding moments are not the most "over the top, wow" images. We take hundreds of photographs on any given wedding day. Of those, only about 100 of them will go in the couple's album. While we always strive for amazing photos, sometimes they're just a record of what's happening at that moment. These are the "in between" moments; they're all still important and worth remembering.

For example, the littlest flower girl at Kim & Matt's wedding had a little bit of stage fright before her walk down the aisle. She was nervous, understandably so.

Rather than stop shooting during this time, so as not to photograph a possible negative moment, we kept going. And with that decision, these shots of her being comforted by her favorite stuffed animal as she headed down the aisle were captured.

Was it ideal that Dumbo made the trek down the aisle? No, most likely not. It wasn't "picture perfect."

But it was real, and it was part of the story of the day. And that means everything. ~ Erin


Katie & Matt: Rochester NY Elopement


Nearly three years ago, Matt and Katie met at a Halloween party and started dating, officially a month later on Thanksgiving. Matt proposed exactly two years later on the anniversary of that official date. They make each other laugh all the time, and are very playful together.

This made their elopement at the Edward Harris House Inn a lot of fun for me to photograph. It was just them, which made the ceremony intimate and emotional for both of them. There really is something super sweet and beautiful about elopements. It's an awesome reminder of what a wedding should be about. The Bride, the Groom - and the love they share for each other. What else do you really need?

Katie and Matt, congratulations! - You are a wonderful couple, and I wish you nothing but the best in your new married lives.



Sneak Peek... at us! Rochester NY Photographers

We've been working hard lately on some exciting new things for Lori & Erin Photography. This project has been on our minds for over a year, and this month we finally stepped up and made it happen.

This is just a peek at one of the pieces of a larger puzzle that we're going to reveal very soon! For now... enjoy this little video, produced by the incomparable Duprey Video Productions.  We'd like to give a big thank you to them for their hard work!

We'd love to hear what you think! Enjoy! ~ Erin

Including Hobbies & Friends in Senior Portraits | Rochester NY Senior Photographers


Including hobbies in a senior portrait session is a lot of fun! It provides not just props, but actions. We had students with wide ranges of interest this year, including cars (both fixing and driving), guitars, reading, writing, sewing, biking and more. We also got to include some friends and family members along the way. Here are a few examples of some unique senior photos we created this year.

Morgan: Year 1 Book | Baby's First Year in Photos


It's so exciting to see the culmination of a year's worth of work! I had the pleasure of watching Morgan grow in her first year over the course of several sessions - from one month to one year. If you've been following the blog, then she should look familiar! We put together the perfect 10x10 storybook featuring many of their favorites from each of the five sessions along the way. Here is a little peek into what we created for Morgan and her family. Such an awesome memento for them to look back on! Enjoy!


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Paul’s Fun, Creative Professional Head Shots


Meet Paul: The Creative Person. He’s an app developer, podcaster, entrepreneur- extraordinaire! He’s also a coffee fanatic with a super adorable puppy. We met several years ago as students at RIT and had a blast reconnecting and creating these portraits for his growing business! When Paul approached me looking for “Fun, Happy Portrait Photos” I couldn’t resist. We don’t do lame, sad portraits here!

Paul has an office in Venture Creations at RIT. We started there to photograph him surrounded by his “tech”. The fancy microphone, Mac Pro with dual monitors & of course his iPhone, etc. I stood on a desk to create some fun angles for these environmental portraits. Then we went exploring and got creative in the lobby and outdoors as well. It was a fun afternoon!

The coolest part of it all though, is seeing it all in use! Check out Paul’s website here: http://paulsolt.com/

and The Creative Person Podcast http://creativepersonpodcast.com/

Keep it up Paul!


rochester ny head shot portraits
rochester ny head shot portraits

Cinderella and family: Victor NY Family Portraits


When I walked in the house, Dad jokingly asked me if I knew about his illustrious modeling career with L.L. Bean. I knew right then that this family was going to be a lot of fun. Parents, grandparents, 3 great kids, and 2 dogs kept me laughing the entire session.

Lucy, the youngest in the family was the star of this show in her Cinderella dress - and why not? She fit the color palette perfectly, and got to show off her own personality at the same time!

What a fun session! I can’t wait to visit them again this summer for more great portraits! ~ Erin