LucasP: Year 4

Yesterday I noticed that his feet are almost to the edge of his toddler bed.

Today, his beloved Star Wars light up shoes no longer fit him. Funny thing about that though - I only bought them two months ago. So in just the last two months, he's grown a full shoe size right before our eyes. 

The threenager stage of life is no joke. Terrible twos look like a beach vacation compared to three. The seemingly endless task of potty training, the wanting independence vs "You do it Mommy". The constant time outs and counting to three. It's exhausting for sure.

But we're proof that you do come out of the other side, and scattered among the time outs, are some pretty incredible moments.

Watching him overcome fears, and try the things he hasn't been able to do until now is amazing. His love for all things Super Hero / Star Wars has only grown as his understanding of them does also.

I've learned that he can be both shy and outgoing at the same time. I think he gets that from me. But when he makes a friend, he instantly says they are his "favorite friend." 

He loves going on "adventures" with Daddy - tent camping, hiking and s'mores. He's even created his own campfire dance, forever known to family as "the Sticky Icky Dance."

There were a lot of firsts within the past year that aren't shown in the photographs below. Some are from our portrait membership program, others are still sitting on my computer waiting to be edited. If I tried to include them all, this post would be 10x longer.

Since his last birthday, so many things have changed. I won't say they've all been great changes, but we're focusing on the good as often as possible. And here's hoping we will always be able to.

Happy 4th Birthday LucasP!

Love you too the moon and back, and beyond the stars,

Lucas P turns 3: Family Moments Rochester NY

In his second year, I watched as he went from baby to suddenly being a kid - personality and all. Looking back, it's amazing how many little "big" moments made up the year. From his first real understanding of Halloween, to toddler beds, camping, and even the beginning of potty training.  It was a year for a great many new things and (as he likes to call them) "abentures." 

Believe it or not, despite the inevitable tantrums of a "threenager," I actually love this age. I love watching him explore and learn.

For the most part he's outgoing, playful and silly. He isn't afraid to wear one stormtrooper sock and one Thomas the train sock at the same time. He wears superhero capes on hikes, much to the delight of every single person walking past us. I love that he's not afraid to be himself.

Until him, I had little interest in my husband's nerd life. Sure, it's entertaining, but it wasn't part of my own life, let alone my wardrobe. Now I find myself buying my own Star Wars/Wonder Woman t-shirts. Heck, last week, I very nearly bought my own set of Star Wars socks.

Why? Because I want to be like him. I want to be part of his world, while he'll still let me.

So for now, you bet I'll I wear a superhero cape when he wants to play. I'll gladly wield a light saber when under attack from the Empire, or the Joker, or sometimes even a shark.

I'll also take every hug, kiss, cuddle and "I love you" that I can get.

Because just as the last year did, his next year will go as fast, if not faster. And these beautiful little moments will someday become the past.

Happy 3rd birthday to my smart, silly, sweet, and often stubborn little super hero, Lucas P!

Mommy (aka Princess Leia)