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The Wedding Highlight Reel 2018: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

What an amazing year 2018 was for our wedding couples. Normally our wedding season begins in the spring, but not last year. In 2018 we actually had our wedding season start in January with a windy 50 degree day for Ryan and Stephanie. So you can imagine how many amazing moments we were able to capture.

The thing you’ll notice most about them, is that they’re full of emotion, love, family and friends and fun. Nothing makes us happier than capturing these real moments for you.

The emotions shared are real - tears of joy, laughter and excitement. The moments are real - they won at the casino, they danced and played air guitar with broomsticks, the flower girl chased the flower petals that blew away. The bridal parties were always fun and supportive.

It was truly an amazing year, filled with wedding couples that we believe we were meant to meet and share their day with. It’s always an honor to be asked to photograph these moments that truly cannot be replaced.

So if you were one of our 2018 couples - thank you for your trust and for being amazing human beings. We’re honored and grateful for you every single day.

~ Lori and Erin

Neighborhood of the Arts Engagement Session: Lyla and Daniel

When they told me that they'd gotten engaged during a "Harry Potter Festival," I knew we'd fit together well. And we did.

We met up at Starry Nites Cafe on University Ave for some cuddles and coffee (them, not us). Then we headed towards the Memorial Art Gallery for a few snow scenes and even a little "snow juggling."

Though, if I'm honest, planning their dead-of-winter engagement session to include coffee BEFORE we went outside to play was not one of my finer decisions. Despite that faux pas, I think they still like us. Because even with frozen fingers we had so much fun.

I was looking forward to their October wedding before. But now, I can't wait!

~ Erin

Michelle and Chris: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

The decision to get married was easy, as they've been together now for 13 years. By now, they consider each other their best friend.

What more do you need for a wedding day? So they invited their closest friends and family, and made it official at the beautiful Edward Harris House Inn, in downtown Rochester.

Even after having been together for so long, there were still tears of joy from their family as they said their vows in the gardens of the Inn. Toasts were heartfelt and lighthearted, and cake was shared. 

The warm sunset light was the perfect way to end our evening together. So we ventured down the road for a few more photographs at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Chris and Michelle - here's to many more years together, congratulations!
~ Erin

Lisa & Shelly at Starry Nites: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Have you ever heard of a "day-after" session? It's a relaxed session, one where you get to get back into your wedding attire, glammed up and gorgeous all over again. Then we do all of the things you didn't have time to do on your actual wedding day!

For example - Lisa and Shelly went on their first date in the Neighborhood of the Arts. They grew closer as they talked over drinks. Then they continued their date as they walked down to the Memorial Art Gallery together. It was a beautiful and romantic night. And they spent time together in Lisa's fun ride.

On their wedding day, we knew we wouldn't have time to go into the city to relive that date night. So we planned a day where we could.

And here are the results of our fun afternoon together! ~ Erin