mendon ponds park

Winter Family Pictures: Mendon Ponds, Birdsong Trail with the Portrait Membership Program

Snowmaggedon nearly threatened to cancel this member event on us. But with quick thinking and moving the date up we just beat it out. We’re so glad we did.

I loved watching and capturing our families (of all ages) playing in the snow and whenever possible feeding the birds from their hands. What a joy it was to see the looks on their happy faces as a bird snatched food from it.

And to know that we’re giving these memories back to them - that’s everything. If you’re still wondering what this program is about, it’s about letting you be you, and enjoy life. And we do our part by giving it back to you.

~ Erin

November Family Portrait: Mendon Ponds Park

Let's throwback a little bit. First all the way back to the day we met Natalie and Dan. They were quiet but peaceful and perfect together. And so sweet and so kind.

Then, shortly after their wedding, we met Sarah, their spunky but a little shy firstborn. We've been there as they watch her grow, into a smart, curious and independent toddler.

And now, meet Amelia. Their littlest perfect addition to the family. She's only two months new and already lighting up the world with her sweet little smile. 

All of these beautiful moments couldn't make me happier to know Natalie and Dan if they tried. I love, that in the midst of the craziness of adjusting to two littles - they always take the time to ask about us, about our families and how we are doing with genuine care and concern.

What I love about them most, is how much they love and care about everyone in their lives. Thank you, Natalie and Dan for being you, and for creating your little piece of beautiful for the world to love with you.

Here's a little bit from our time together at Mendon Ponds. Enjoy!

~ Erin

Jimmy: Rush Henrietta High School Senior Portrait

It's always a special honor to photograph siblings. It's also a fun challenge. We photographed Rebecca's senior portraits two years ago, so it was great to hear about what she is up to now.

But on to her younger brother Jimmy, who is now a senior. Both Rebecca and Jimmy are runners, so of course we wanted to make sure their two sessions were a little different.

Jimmy's favorite place to run is Mendon Ponds, so we spent a nice Fall afternoon there. He has such a natural, easy going smile. I also really love that red hair!

Enjoy, and good luck in your next race Jimmy!


Wild Wings, Mendon Ponds Family Portraits

I've known Mikaela all of her life (hehe), and I've known her parents longer. It's been an honor to have them as members in our Portrait Membership program, and get watch them all grow together as a family.

I also have a two year old who never sits still. So I'm no stranger to chasing a two year old around at a family portrait session. 

Which is exactly what I did with Mikaela. She's a peanut, but she's a fast peanut. She ran around the trail at Mendon Ponds like she owned the place. And she stopped only long enough to watch a few birds land in their hands at the Wild Wings Nature Center. (If you've never been there, it's a fun place and an easy hike for toddlers!)

By the end - Mom, Dad, and Grandma might have had tired legs, but Mikaela could have kept going all day. What an adventurous and adorable little lady!

I can't wait to see where the adventures take them next!

~ Erin

Lindsey: Lima Christian Senior Pictures, Cobbs Hill, Mendon Ponds

I knew there was something special about Lindsey. She just oozed a very welcoming personality. Her goal for the session? To make ME smile. Can you believe that? Well, she succeeded, because her gorgeous attitude was indeed infectious. 

Lindsey is currently attending Lima Christian School, and plans to attend the Bible Institute next year before going to college. She brought her bible and some favorite books to her session before getting serious in her soccer jersey. And that dog? Do they get any cuter? We always love to include pets, and Jake was no exception.

Well, before I rattle on all day, check out a few of our favorites from Cobbs Hill Reservoir and Mendon Ponds Park. 


Family of 3 boys and dog at the Park

We caught up with Carter, Cameron and Cole at Mendon Ponds Park last week for a fun, playful, outdoor session. They even brought along Daisy, the family dog, to play! These boys were full of energy and spunk. I love the RGB color scheme and the liveliness it brings to the images. We even got mom and dad in there for a couple family portraits. Enjoy this little glimpse! portrait of three boys portrait of three boys portrait of three boys portrait of three boys portrait of three boys

Thanks for hanging out with us! Until next time, Lori