outdoor winter portraits

Rebecca & Orion: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Orion and Rebecca moved here from Alabama together for school, they love being outside (even in the snow) and trying new cuisine together. I heard their Southern accent and just knew they'd be the sweetest couple. I wasn't wrong. They're meant to be husband and wife. 

Their engagement session brought us to downtown Rochester NY, first to The Old Toad. I have a fondness for that pub, as it's where my own first date with my husband was. Ah, memories. I digress... 

The way Rebecca's eyes sparkled when she smiled at Orion - so crazy beautiful. We also hit up Cobbs Hill Park for a little fun in the snow. Whether cozied up in a pub or dancing in the snow, they fit perfectly together.

See what I mean?

~ Erin

Bill & Stacy: Winter Engagement Session

The whole month of December was unusually warm... except for the one day that Bill and Stacy were in town for their engagement session.

We wandered around High Falls, looking for warmth and great light for photographs. We found at least one of the two easily. With stop in La Luna for a warm up, we all persevered despite frozen fingers, toes and cameras. We even had a little bit of fun too.

I'd like to be cute and say their love kept them warm, but I think it was actually the random jumping jacks and then the beer at the Genesee Brew House.

So excited for their warm, May wedding! Emphasis on "warm"! Check out some of our favorites, and leave Bill and Stacy some love and well wishes too! 
~ Erin

katie, one year old winter portraits: family session rochester ny

This session was the last of her first year series. We danced along to Jack Johnson, read a story, and did a little snowboarding. Yes, you read that right, snowboarding. When she was born, her Daddy wanted a few newborn photos to include his snowboard. So a year later, when we found ourselves with actual snow on the ground - we got the board out again! Getting to capture her growth throughout her first year has been an honor. Each time we visited, we saw her personality emerge a little bit more. And wow, her smiles light up the room. So much fun to be had - we would have played all day... but we need nap time sometimes too.  :)

rochester ny winter portraits, family session, one year old

rochester ny winter portraits, family sessionrochester ny winter portraits, family session, one year oldrochester ny winter portraits, family session, one year old

rochester ny winter portraits, family session, one year old

Meet the Family

Amy & Steve | Married 2 1/2 years | Love the classic dinner and movie on a Saturday night. Pretty rare these days though... Katie | 1 year | Loves  feeding Winnie puffs.  Wow...this is a hard one because there is so much she likes to do and it changes all the time! Favorite way to celebrate life together: Spending time with our friends and family. We especially love taking Winnie and Katie on hikes. What makes a good portrait: Photos that are candid and natural. Anything else: We look forward to Lori and Erin capturing many more beautiful photos of our family in years to come.