Molley & Allie: A Dog Day in the Spotlight

If you know us at all, you know our dogs hold a very dear place in our hearts. They're our four legged babies. They keep us company, snuggle with us and remind us when it's time to get out from behind our computers to take a walk.

Not too long ago, two of the three (Molley and Allie) of our pups were invited to be portrait models for a recent Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting. Strange model choices, right?

Not if the meeting was being taught by Kelly Schulze of Mountain Dog Photography, an award-winning Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer who specializes in studio and environmental animal portraiture. She showed us some awesome tips on how to work with our clients pets based on her understanding of animal behaviors.

We're always trying to learn new techniques to make our clients experience better. And if our four legged friends happen to help out? Even better!

Here's a few of the images Kelly took. Thank you so much Kelly for everything you taught us, and for capturing Allie and Molley together!

~ Erin

Lucas at 7 months old: rochester ny photographers


Most people have their infants photographed two, maybe three times in the first year of their lives. Not me. Thanks to my 365 project, and just generally being me, I have had more "sessions" with Lucas than I can count on both hands. The images I take of Lucas are beautiful to me, and I love taking them. However, I'm always the one behind the camera, and it was time to be a part of the action with my family. I cannot even begin to tell you how important it is to me to have photographs of not just Lucas - but Lucas with me and his daddy.

Enter, Lori. I'm so lucky to not only be able to work with her, but have her there to capture my family and our relationships as well. And because she knows me so well, she knew exactly what I was looking for with our last family session. She knew how I wanted to look, and how best to accomplish the task.

So here's my PSA for today:  Moms, be in the pictures. I don't care if you think you look fat, and I don't care if you think you have bags under your eyes.  These photographs are SO important. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and knows what you want photographed. Don't stand behind the camera. Your kids will thank you someday. Please, just do it for them.

End PSA. Now back to your regularly scheduled cuteness.

It's no secret that I have one of the cutest babies on the planet... biased much? Yes, yes I am. Here's a glimpse into our session! Thank you, Lori, for being awesome!


365 project in March : Rochester NY Photographer


I love compiling my images from each month for these posts. I get to see just how many things happened each month and how many great people are a part of my life. I also get to see just how much Lucas changes in just a few weeks. That alone makes me so glad I decided to take on a 365 project this year. I can't imagine not having these images to remember all of his milestones. Family, friends and fun was what March was all about. With Spring creeping in at a snail's pace, we were lucky to get outside a few times. We are also starting to see more sessions pop up on the calendar with our favorite clients. We even got away for a conference in Buffalo, where we got to learn new things to incorporate into the business and our shooting style.

So far so good, I'm still going strong. With our busiest months of the year yet to come, I'm looking forward to more friends and more fun images to share as a part of this project. 3 months down, 9 to go! ~ Erin


February in Pictures: Erin's 365


2 months down! Yes! I've been at my 365 project now for 2 months. It's obvious, that I've taken on a theme, a very "close to my heart" theme. My son is the inspiration for this project. I want to capture as much of this first year of his life as I can! He'll change so much this year - heck, he already has, and astonishes me.

So, naturally many of my pictures revolve around him and will continue to do so. This month, Lucas hit the "half" year mark. I'm trying to capture what he's learning, the funny and sometimes frustrating moments, and the relationships he's building with the world and people in his life. I want to remember all of these little daily milestones that are forming him into the person he's becoming.

Also this month, Nigel the Gnome returned! After Lori left on her trip, I started to feel lonely - so Nigel kept me company during my days. I'm looking forward to seeing where he ends up during my 365 project.

Valentine's Day was a part of this month's images and as we all know, the deep freeze of a winter we're having continued to tortured us.  So that had to be included somehow too!

Enjoy my recap in photos!

~ Erin













Seniors and their Pets | Rochester NY Senior Photographs


Senior year is a pivotal time in life, and we try to capture the personality of our seniors in this moment. What are they into, and what do they love? For many, it's a no brainer to include their furry family in these portraits. You never forget your first pet. Or your second, or third, or any of them. Our pets are our family, and we love them like family. As a dog lover myself, I love incorporating pets into sessions whenever possible. Here are a few students from the Class of 2015 who did just that!


Looking forward to capturing more fun seniors and their pets this year! -Lori

Family Portraits with the Dog | Perinton NY

It was a nice Summer day when I met Tristan, Tiara, Trisha and parents at Perinton Park. We gathered to celebrate Tristan's graduation and get a family portrait before he headed off to college in Texas. We took a couple of formal shots with him in his tux, then went casual and included the family dog to make the photos complete. Trisha enjoyed modeling for the camera most of all. Thanks for working with us guys, and we hope to see you again soon!


2014-08-18_0034.jpg 2014-08-18_0033.jpg 2014-08-18_0035.jpg 2014-08-18_0036.jpg

the "why" behind engagement portraits : engagement sessions rochester ny

You've shared the news with your family and friends and started the wedding planning; getting engaged is such an exciting time. We're really enjoying getting to know so many great, newly engaged, couples so far this winter. However, with each couple we meet, a popular question keeps arising - "Is an engagement session really necessary? I mean, we're just going to have the wedding photographs soon after, right?" Well, since it's been a hot topic for us lately, here's our two cents on why we feel engagement sessions are important. First and foremost, it allows you as a couple, an opportunity to feel more comfortable. Not only in front of the camera, but with us. We know that no one starts out feeling comfortable with a camera aimed at them. Getting a chance to work with us before your wedding will definitely help you feel better about the camera on your wedding day. Consider it a practice round. The more we get to know each other, the better your photographs will be. You'll be more willing to open up to us and be yourselves, which is so important.

Beyond that, an engagement session is a great way to really show off your personality in a more casual way. We encourage our couples to pick the location for their session based on who they are, and what they love to do together. Maybe it's where you first met, or first kissed. It could be at home in front of your fireplace, or on a hike with your dog. It could even be in your favorite downtown Rochester location. Or if you're having a fall wedding, but LOVE spring flowers, we can set your session up during the spring, to show you as a couple in multiple seasons. If you have a puppy you want to include, but can't bring to the wedding, your engagement session is that opportunity! The options are truly never ending.

Even some of our most bashful grooms have walked away from their engagement session saying, "Wow, that was more fun than I thought it would be."  We take that as a huge compliment!

Ultimately, it's a chance to be you, while creating some fun, memorable image for wall portraits, your guest book, and save the date cards. If you choose to, these images can also add another dimension to your wedding album - telling your story from fiancees to husband and wife. What we love is getting to know the real you, before the nerves of the wedding day set in.

If you're still on the fence about an engagement session, have a peek at some of these images...

Keuka Lake Engagement Session, Keuka College

Even winter engagement sessions are fun!

Will we travel for an engagement session? You bet...Skaneateles and Alexandria Bay are just two places we've been.

A Park Avenue engagement session, fun and a unique location to the couple!


making you comfortable and having fun are our engagement session goals!

Questions? Let us know! -Erin

a growing family: rochester ny portrait session

When she asked me if we had time for a portrait session, I knew. Something in the way she worded things gave her away. So when she pulled her "prop" out of the closet, the "I knew it!" could have been heard down the street. Now that I finally have her permission to share this news with my world, I'm so excited to share the photographs she used to tell her family the big announcement. My long time BFF, (am I still young enough to use that term?) is expecting a new addition to their already beautiful family. What more is there to say really? I'm thrilled, excited and even nervous for them as they write the next chapter in their story.

Writing this, and seeing the joy on their faces in these pictures brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to snuggle him or her, and watch them grow. Mike, Sarah and Chris - I love you always, and one more time congratulations!

Rochester NY Family Portraits

Rochester NY Family Portraits

Rochester NY Family Portraits


Fall engagement session, Mendon Ponds Park, Cobblestone House

When we met them, they were yet to be engaged to – yet we had begun planning for their engagement session. She knew it was coming, and she knew she'd say yes! Born in different countries, they've found each other and now live here together with their cute little Papillon pup.

We had the perfect late October afternoon for their session at Mendon Ponds Park. It was just us and the deer, who were surrounding us as we worked. Congratulations you two! Thank you for a great day to play in the leaves!Mendon Ponds Park Engagement Session, Fall Engagement SessionMendon Ponds Park Engagement Session, Fall Engagement Session

Mendon Ponds Park Engagement Session, Fall Engagement SessionMendon Ponds Park Engagement Session, Fall Engagement SessionMendon Ponds Park Engagement Session, Fall Engagement SessionEngaged? We'd love to hear about it!

Declan at 5 weeks : Family Portrait, Rochester NY

Declan is a lovely little man born into a home full of love. He has two furry friends to watch over him, and a big brother shining on him from Heaven. He was a real treat to photograph and slept a good portion of my time with him. He woke up for a bit when we got him into his Rangers outfit, and again when we braved the outdoors for a few bundled photos. Can't wait to see how he grows! boy with dogs

little familysleeping boy smilebaby handsbaby rangers fansleeping in moms armskiss from dadbaby and dog

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! Now let us know what you think! :) Have a lovely day!

Virginia Wine Country, and DC on shutdown

So, what do you do in in Washington DC for two days when it's done nothing but rain all week and the government is on hiatus? Well, first you sleep in... as it's the day after a wedding. Then if you're like Lori and I, you head out for a day in Virginia's wine country.  (I'm sorry, was that not obvious?)

We ventured to a few recommended wineries in the area, and had a great time along the way. The patrons at each winery were relaxed, most had a band playing nearby and some of them even seemed to accommodate dogs. And despite the gray skies, they all had beautiful views to enjoy.

On our last day of the trip, we drove into Washington D.C.  Between the weather and the government shutdown it was like a ghost town. It had affected every aspect of this city. And because all of the Smithsonian's, monuments and parks were closed – it definitely put a small damper on the day.

We did find one or two open museums, as they were privately funded. So after a shrimp roll, salad and a cupcake, we headed to the Newseum. There we had the chance to experience centuries of news history from every angle. And while the news is often reported with words, photographs play a huge role as well. We viewed contact sheets from the film days of JFK, and some amazing Pulitzer Prize winning photographs as well. Sometimes somber, sometimes triumphant - always powerful.

Virginia Wine Photography, Rochester NY Destination PhotographersVirginia Wine Photography, Rochester NY Destination PhotographersVirginia Wine Photography, Rochester NY Destination PhotographersVirginia Wine Photography, Rochester NY Destination Photographers

Washington DC photographers, capitol building

Washington DC photographers, capitol building

Washington DC photographers, newseum

By all means, the trip wasn't perfect. It could have been sunny and warm, and the state of the capitol could have not been in chaos. But we definitely made the best of it, and came away from it with some great memories together.  :)