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Business Branding Photography in Rochester NY With 585 Dentist

Meet the friendly women of 585 Dentist! We wanted to show how welcoming their office is, and make clients feel at home. So rather than the usual, formal headshots, we created environmental portraits in their own space. No boring, fake backdrops necessary. We even got outside to take advantage of the fall foliage!

If you need a brand image refresh for your business, give us a call and let’s make something to feature your business here next!

Brighton Family Portraits at Home

A family with three kids under 8 is always on the move. Running, playing, and goofing around were all a part of their family portrait session at their home in Brighton.

We pulled out all the stops to get everyone in one location at the right time. There was silliness and a lot of gummies to go around. 

Their perfect Saturday sounds pretty amazing. They like to have a big family breakfast in the morning, then take an adventure together. At the end of the day they come home for a family movie night.

Where do we sign up? Because we want in on all of it.

~ Erin

2017 with LucasP: rochester photography

All honesty - 2017 wasn't my favorite year. I'm in a place right now, where I'd prefer to move forward, even though it's hard. Despite all of it's hardships, 2017 had some beautiful moments in the life of Lucas P and our journey as a family.

Lucas grew taller, his words come faster (and louder), his true personality emerging stronger every day. For weeks he wouldn't leave the house without a super hero cape or stormtrooper mask on. He still loves his trains, but now mixes his imaginary worlds together. Batman saves Thomas the Train, and Stormtroopers chase dinosaurs. Holding onto this boy's childhood moments have been a saving grace in the chaos.

Those who know me know that we experienced loss, but also immense love this year. Seriously it was intense and an other-worldly kind of love. It's the kind that leaves you dumbfounded and awestruck. I'd always known it was there, but never fully experienced and felt until this year.

If there's anything I can leave you with from this year, (other than some cute family photos) - it's this.

Don't hesitate to take the pictures. The moment might not be perfect, or the lighting not ideal, or your make up is not on. Some of the photos from this year of my life are literally the last of their kind. I'll never be able to recreate these photos. Take the picture - because someone who loves you, might need to hold onto that photo tomorrow.

These photos bring me smiles, laughs and sometimes tears. But they're reminders of a life that's full, and lived and loved. They're something else to hold on to - keeping me tethered in the storm and giving me a reminder to keep showing up, even if it's pouring.

Because when the rain finally stops, I know I'll see the rainbow.

With love, and hope for a brighter year,


Special thank You to NorthGlow Photography for our family session this year!

Small Business Saturday 2017: Mini Session Offer!

You asked, so we answered. We very rarely offer mini sessions, but we know the holidays are super busy for everyone, and fitting in that full portrait session can be a tough thing to do.

Here's some deets. Sign up for your mini session between now and Small Business Saturday (November 25th) to get this limited time offer!

We will contact you to schedule your time and location. You can use your mini session anytime between now and December 31st, in Fairport or within the city of Rochester.

Reasons you want to take advantage of our holiday mini sessions.

1) We rarely offer them, especially at this special rate!
2) Those holiday cards you're going to send will look better with a professional portrait.
3) You desperately need to update your family portrait. And this is fast, 30 minute way to do it!
4) They make great gifts for the people you treasure.

So check out the offer here and sign up today! 

Chloe: First Birthday Party, Fairport NY

Chloe wasn't sure about her first bites of birthday cake, but she sure loved the toys at her 1st birthday party! Mom and Dad planned her an awesome "Under the Sea" themed party which lots of family and friends came out to enjoy. Chloe flashed her smile all day long and enjoyed opening her gifts. Can you believe her mom made that cake? How cute! 

It has been my pleasure watching this little family grow, and I felt like part of the family while photographing this milestone for them. Looking forward to the next one, she'll be walking in no time!


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