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Neighborhood of the Arts Engagement Session: Lyla and Daniel

When they told me that they'd gotten engaged during a "Harry Potter Festival," I knew we'd fit together well. And we did.

We met up at Starry Nites Cafe on University Ave for some cuddles and coffee (them, not us). Then we headed towards the Memorial Art Gallery for a few snow scenes and even a little "snow juggling."

Though, if I'm honest, planning their dead-of-winter engagement session to include coffee BEFORE we went outside to play was not one of my finer decisions. Despite that faux pas, I think they still like us. Because even with frozen fingers we had so much fun.

I was looking forward to their October wedding before. But now, I can't wait!

~ Erin

Ashley and Chris: Elopements in Rochester NY

Their smiles were the best when they were looking at each other. It's such a wonderful feeling being a photographer for such beautiful little weddings here in Rochester.

Chris and Ashley met on trivia night. They're happy together watching Game of Thrones and having Chipotle - basically, being together. They love to try new things, but they don't need that in their lives constantly to be happy together. They accept each other, and are comfortable together.

Ashley was excited to see the snow falling lightly outside the window of the B&B where they married. I even snuck them outside for the fastest five minute portrait session ever. The snow was pretty, but the temperatures were frigid. But they held each other close, and we came away with beautiful images.

Congratulations Ashley and Chris - I wish you many happy years of Chipotle, trivia nights, and karaoke nights together!

~ Erin

Genesee Valley Club: Rochester Wedding Album

When you first get your wedding photos, it's exciting. To get to scroll through them on your computer, one at a time recalling each detail and moment one by one. Then you look at the gallery of hundreds of photos and don't know what to do with them. You've shared them, gushed over them and put a little heart to signify you love them under the gallery - right?

But then what? You close the computer, you move on, you forget about them eventually. Your life goes on, you maybe have kids, and life gets crazy busy. And your wedding pictures still sit on your computer.

Your kids grow up, you do with them, and then all of a sudden, it's been 10 years or 20 years. And let me ask you - do you know where those wedding pictures went? Do you have anything at all to give your children of that day that started your family?

You would if you had an album. From the moment you open the pages of your album, it's tangible and real again. There's emotions attached to an album, that you just won't get with an online gallery of pictures. And you will (we hope) always, have that book to show the story.

Ok, end rant. I want to show your our last album to be delivered from 2016. It's one of our favorites from Courtney and Scott's beautiful Genesee Valley Club wedding in Downtown Rochester. Every piece of the day was elegant and beautiful - right down to their champagne album and beautiful design.

It's the perfect way to preserve their beautiful day and all of their loved ones who were there to celebrate with them.

Moral of the story - print your pictures, get an heirloom. It's worth it.

~ Erin

Spotlight on Wood Prints: Rochester NY Photographers

If you don't know it by now, we wholeheartedly believe in printing your pictures. We believe that prints outlast digital files, and become priceless heirlooms to future our generations.

We love adding new items to our ever growing catalog to display your memories. We have canvas, framed prints, metal for the modern artist and now we also offer wood prints.

They are for someone who prefers a natural look, as the image is printed directly on real maple wood. The grain from the wood comes through on the lighter areas which will give it a warm feel.

No two wood prints will ever be the same because of the nature of the maple wood printing process. So it's great for someone looking for something unique!

Tangible printed photographs, whether on your wall or in a book create a different feeling of happiness than of those left in a digital world. If you need help deciding what to do with your photographs, call us. We're always here to provide you with ideas, and give you the perfect piece to smile about.

~ Erin



Membership Spotlight: Gail, Greg & Chloe

Our goal as a business is to document relationships to help you treasure them, and we are proud to being doing just that. We first started documenting Gail and Greg's story with their engagement session, then their wedding, and now with their first child. Now that they are a part of our membership program, we get to see them nearly every month. 

Building relationships is important to us. I love when a family crosses the line from clients to friends, and that is what our membership program has become. A circle of friends who gather each month to get together and make memories.

This month, we are shining the spotlight on this wonderful little Fairport family.  We love watching baby Chloe learn and grow! Check out a bit of our photographic history together, and say hello to them at our next event!

Q & A with Gail and Greg

What has been your favorite event so far? Why?

Probably a tie between the halloween party and the pool party. It was so fun to do our first family halloween costume (Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, & Hedwig the owl)! And we love apple cider! But we also loved going swimming at the rec center for the first time!

What is your favorite perk of membership?

It is so great to have some good family photos without having to bother everyone to take a picture all the time- (and then usually have them try to take it again and again because it is blurry etc).

What is one of your favorite things to do as a family?

We like to go for walks around Fairport village and on the canal path. We also like playing video games (Chloe knows how to use an xbox controller - no joke), going to coffee shops, visiting Schutts Apple Mill, reading books, and going on mini road trips.

In what ways is your family unique?

We have, over the past few months, discovered a number of songs on Youtube that instantly make Chloe happy, no matter what she is upset about. We now have a "Make Chloe stop crying" playlist. It currently includes the theme song to the original Mickey Mouse club, "The Cat and the Moon" from the theatrical version of the Lord of the Rings, and the opening theme to the Big Bang Theory. We have no explanation for why this works, but it works.

Thanks guys, we love you!
Lori and Erin

Families in Victor NY: Portrait Sessions at Home

Susan and Brian are very peaceful people. They have a meditation area set up in their spacious backyard, a vegetable garden and a very mellow golden retriever who likes to lay by the piano. I really enjoyed my time with them, creating images for Cobblestone Living magazine. I especially loved when Roxy joined Susan for some quiet mediation. So cute! Check them out, and say hi if you see Susan and Brian out and about!


Mindy & Ryan plus 1! Rochester NY Family Photos

I have to admit, I was very excited to work with Mindy and Ryan. Lindsey, one of our Class of 2016 Seniors, gifted them a session. And they choose to use as a beautiful maternity session.

While working with them, I discovered that Lindsey also introduced this couple: her brother, and her teacher. Two years ago they were wed, last year they bought a house, and this year they will bring a baby home! 

Mindy and Ryan are very excited to bring a new Broncos fan to the world, and doesn't she look amazing in that dress? Check out a few favorites, and leave them some well wishes in the comments! Many congratulations to two wonderful people, I can't wait to meet the little man!


Courtney and Scott: Rochester NY Engagement Session at Amore

I'll admit it, I wasn't sure what to expect when Courtney mentioned they'd like to do their engagement session at Amore. I mean, it's in a Wegmans after all. I knew that technically it's set apart from the grocery store, but there was something odd about pulling into the grocery store parking lot to photograph something so romantic.

But Scott and Courtney spend a lot of time at the bar at Amore, so it really fit them perfectly. And the bar setting gave us sooooo many intimate and beautiful options! You seriously can't even tell there's a bustle of activity happening just steps away.

After a glass of wine, we ended our evening at Cobbs Hill with a little greener setting. It was so fun to watch them go from romantic to a more playful side as our time together concluded.

We're so thrilled to be able to witness and capture their upcoming wedding day. We've known Courtney for awhile, and have already been to one of their family's weddings - so I know this wedding will be just as amazing!