5 Years and Counting: Happy Anniversary Us!

So often we get caught up in the daily tasks of running a business that we forget to step back and look at all we've actually accomplished.

But not today. Today we're celebrating a milestone anniversary of us. Five years ago today, we made "Lori & Erin" official in the eyes of New York State - and we haven't looked back. In this industry, so many of us are independent and prefer to go it alone. So, finding a photography partnership can be a little like finding a unicorn. It's something rare.

For those that don't know our story, you can check out the recap in this post from earlier this week. Whether it was the Almighty, Buddha, or Yoda using The Force, I believe that finding each other and creating this business was meant to happen.

We've set goals and faced challenges. We've grown together, as well as individually into who we are and why we do it. We aren't the same people who started this journey. We're stronger and smarter and maybe a little bit crazier (in a good way). And all because we had an idea of a partnership over five years ago.

And it's also because of you. Looking back on all of these sessions has been wonderful. We're so grateful for each of your smiles. You have helped us grow. Thank you for putting your trust in us, year after year to help you treasure your relationships forever.

Here's to another five years!

Lori & Erin

PS - Here's a video recap of ALL five years, are you in it? 



Molley and Mouse's Maine Adventure!

Hi all, Lori here! 
If you know me at all, you know I love to travel basically any chance I get! I am always in search of pretty things. For me that usually means nature and water. My husband loves to climb things, so he prefers mountains. Well, this trip to Maine was a win for both of us!

And it was a unique one, as we brought the dogs. It was our first time leaving the state with them, and I have to say – they did amazing. I can see it happening again. Also, Maine is an incredibly dog friendly state, Acadia National Park in particular.

I won't bore you with the details, I know you are just here to see pretty pictures! But here are the highlights of the trip:

-Climbing some rocky trails in Acadia National Park
-Enjoying the amazing views from said trails
-Eating popovers, fresh seafood, and drinking local beers
-Foggy boat ride out of Bar Harbor
-Seeing friends in both MA and ME
-All of the friendly people we met on the trails!
-Having the dogs with us and experiencing all the love they got from basically everyone we saw
-Allagash Brewery Tour in Portland

This trip crossed off state #32 for me, and brought Molley and Mouse up to 4! Well, Mouse is from Georgia, so I guess she technically has more, but they weren't with us... so I'm not counting them. :)

I highly recommend Acadia and would definitely go back! Hope you enjoy a few views from our travels!


Including Hobbies & Friends in Senior Portraits | Rochester NY Senior Photographers


Including hobbies in a senior portrait session is a lot of fun! It provides not just props, but actions. We had students with wide ranges of interest this year, including cars (both fixing and driving), guitars, reading, writing, sewing, biking and more. We also got to include some friends and family members along the way. Here are a few examples of some unique senior photos we created this year.

Morgan: Year 1 Book | Baby's First Year in Photos


It's so exciting to see the culmination of a year's worth of work! I had the pleasure of watching Morgan grow in her first year over the course of several sessions - from one month to one year. If you've been following the blog, then she should look familiar! We put together the perfect 10x10 storybook featuring many of their favorites from each of the five sessions along the way. Here is a little peek into what we created for Morgan and her family. Such an awesome memento for them to look back on! Enjoy!


first year plan, rochester ny portrait sessions

Ben, Tori and Family | Rochester NY Family Photos

I just love the energy that children have. Tori has grown so much since the last time I saw her. She is now running around, dancing, combing her hair, and basically ignoring her little brother. He didn't seem to mind though. He loved playing with his own toys, looking at himself in the mirror and snuggling with the fam. It's always such a pleasure to photograph these two cuties, and their parents, too! Here are a few of my favorites.-Lori


All Grown Up | Penfield NY Family Portrait

The last time they had a family portrait, the kids were in middle school. Yup, they were definitely due for an update! It was my pleasure to photograph this wonderful family and capture the unique relationships within. From parent to child, or sibling to sibling or even dog to owners. Yes, their dog Brock completely stole the show with his adorableness.

The whole family was so laid back, it made for such a fun afternoon!

Enjoy! Lori

family portrait,penfield ny,
family portrait,penfield ny,
family portrait,penfield ny,
family portrait,penfield ny,
family portrait,penfield ny,
family portrait,penfield ny,

High School Senior Athletes | Rochester NY Senior Photographers


No matter your passion, we love including it! Last year, we had the privilege of photographing many high school athletes from a variety of schools and sports. Whether it was Track, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball, Fishing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Crew or Kickboxing-- we got it all! It was so much fun getting on the ice, in the pool and on the river. We had some action shots on the soccer field, and (at the time) wished for snow for skiers and snow boarders. We tossed around a softball, took some swings at golf and volleyball, and I learned a few new kick boxing moves! All in a days work.

senior,victor high school,victor ny,
senior,victor high school,victor ny,
fellows road park,senior,volleyball,
corbetts glen,fairport,rochester ny,senior,sunken gardens,
fairport,nothern stone,pool,senior,swimmer,
ice arena,ice rink,senior portraits,
boat house,genesee valley park,
boat house,genesee valley park,

For those of you going on to compete in college, I wish you the best of luck! For those of you just having fun out there, keeping having fun! I look forward to more athletes and more sports with the class of 2016! -Lori

Family Photos at Home | Penfield NY Photographers


This was not my first time photographing Emily and her family, and hopefully it's not my last either! It was my first time meeting some of the extended family however, which was great! It's wonderful to not only capture Emily's relationship with her immediate family, but her grandparents as well. Emily loved her doggy, bubbles, and her big sister Michelle. And isn't she just perfect in that sari? Oh man, that's adorable.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, as she did not want to sit with grandpa. But that happens sometimes, and it's ok. It makes for one of those classic photos that will be laughed at when she is a little older! :) Love it. Enjoy! Lori

blog_0307.jpg blog_0308.jpg blog_0311.jpg blog_0310.jpg blog_0309.jpg

Emma | School of the Arts Senior Portraits

When we try to think of a location that is meaningful to the senior and great for photography, sometimes it takes a few tries. Luckily, this wasn't the case for Emma! She knew right where she wanted to go – the Neighborhood of the Arts. We met at the Flatiron Building, where her dad currently works, worked our way down the street past where her mom used to work, and then took photos outside of their old house. It was great to be where their relationship as a family all began. I loved hearing about their history in this neighborhood as we wandered around. And Emma was up for anything, which always makes things fun! I love this area of Rochester and definitely hope to shoot there again. Thanks for such a fun time Emma, enjoy the rest of your year!


blog_0290.jpg blog_0292.jpg blog_0293.jpg blog_0291.jpg

Morgan is 1! Family Portraits in Pittsford NY

It's been so much fun celebrating this whole year with Morgan. I loved watching her grow, explore and seeing all of her adorable outfits! We finished up the year with her one year session. It involved some balloons we weren't sure about, a hat we didn't want to wear, and some crazy, fun family members singing to us! She did love reading her books and looking out the window. I love this behind the scenes shot of mom changing her while dad feeds her. It really shows the teamwork involved with raising a child. Love it! Enjoy these, and check back for a full year recap coming soon! Lori

blog_0338.jpg blog_0339.jpg blog_0337.jpg blog_0340.jpg blog_0336.jpg

Katie | Penfield Senior Portraits

I'm not sure how we got so lucky last year, but we have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing seniors. Katie was no exception - she just shined inside and out. We enjoyed a gorgeous summer night at the Penfield Town Hall, which is such a fun place to shoot. With flowers, brick and paint peeling off of wood, the backgrounds vary without distracting from this stunning young woman.Katie, it was truly a pleasure getting to know you! Best wishes in your upcoming adventures!


blog_0287.jpg blog_0289.jpg blog_0288.jpg