Family Portraits at Highland Park: Rochester NY Photographer

Last time we saw this family it was much colder and one tiny human smaller. It was a snowy winter day but also at Highland Park. What a difference a season (and a few years) makes. :)

Chasing the littlest became the name of the game at this spring family session. It's tough work to catch the right moment with a two year old. Sometimes you have to play some silly games, make funny faces and basically just let them do what they want to in order to get those super cute smiles.

But when you get them, they're worth every ounce of work. I mean, look at how adorable they are. Until next time!

~ Erin

Enjoying Nature: Portrait Membership Event

It was the perfect night to play. Our membership events aren't complicated. Most of the time, they're short outings. They're designed to give you a break to spend time doing the things that actually matter. Whether on the weekend or a beautiful night at the playground.

Our group continues to grow, and not just in numbers.

We watched this week as our families and kids actually grew together through play. They raced each other, they climbed and they hunted for bugs. It was awesome.

We've also watched them grow physically, from babies to running, jumping little kids. Keeping up with them all has become an exciting challenge.

It was a simple trip to the playground, but it was the perfect day to capture the little moments of play that we want to cherish forever.

~ Erin

PS - if you want to be a part of it all, get in touch!

Flynn & Clara: Lollypop Farm Portraits

These kids... they are something else.

Flynn doesn't sit still for a second. At 18 months that's really no surprise. And Clara? Well she is a sweetheart with an attitude. I had the pleasure of sharing one of my favorite places with them, Lollypop Farm.

We checked out the animals and hit up the playground next door for a non-stop morning of fun.

Does anything beat the smile of a toddler? Not in my opinion, especially not this toddler. Love you both more than words can say!

Aunt Lori

James, Julia and Jenna : family portraits, Pittsford NY

Best part of my job? Getting to goof around with kids. Second best? Watching those kids grow. We worked with the J's: James, Julia and Jenna, last year so it was our pleasure to return and capture their playful spirits once again. In just a year, each one of them has grown in their own way. James is playing football now. Julia is well on her way to becoming a model with all the poses she was showing me, and Jenna – well she is just an energetic almost two year old. From the playground to the living room, this was definitely a fun session! Thanks for having us back for another glimpse into your lives! girl on tire swingupside down portraitmom and daughter on playgroundgirl climbingmom with kidsgirl on playground3 kids

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