Business Branding Photography in Rochester NY With 585 Dentist

Meet the friendly women of 585 Dentist! We wanted to show how welcoming their office is, and make clients feel at home. So rather than the usual, formal headshots, we created environmental portraits in their own space. No boring, fake backdrops necessary. We even got outside to take advantage of the fall foliage!

If you need a brand image refresh for your business, give us a call and let’s make something to feature your business here next!

Teddy: Adventures in Family Portraits on Lake Ontario

This is my favorite way to capture a family portrait session: a few smiling portraits with the family, then play time! 

Teddy enjoys staying at his grandparents house where he can play on the shore of Lake Ontario. It’s made even better when his cousins are in town!

Whether it was throwing the ball for Orzo, the Goldendoodle, jumping in the water or having splashing contests, it wasn’t hard to capture natural smiles on this kiddo.

Teddy loves life, and I love documenting his enthusiasm for the world. It helps that he has a pretty great family as well!  

Long live summer fun, 

Madison: Our Lady of Mercy Senior Photos

While she attends Our Lady of Mercy, Madison is a Fairport girl. After some family portraits at the house, we went exploring around the canal, right here in our quaint little village.

There is always something new to see and enjoy in our town, and I love it here. From the stone wall to the famous bridge and the gazebo, we hit all the hot spots. 

The weather was iffy, but the clouds provided the perfect cover. We actually did feel a few rain drops, but it didn't slow us down one bit! And besides that, how perfect is that umbrella? Madison rolled with it and rocked her whole senior portrait session.

Fairport NY really is front porch friendly, and we love living here. Thanks Madison for choosing us to capture this pivotal time in your life. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your whole family! Have a wonderful senior year!


Maurini : Fellowship Head Shot Session

One of the things I look for in a head shot is life in the eyes. Nowadays, anyone can take a photo and edit it quite quickly. So what set's a professional portrait apart? The eyes.

Maurini was so easy to talk to, this session was a blast. We took advantage of an overcast day in Fairport to walk along the canal and make some portraits. Maurini recently received a fellowship in library sciences, which is what the photos were originally for. 

So, how do you get life in the eyes? In this case, all I had to do was ask her about her husband, and she instantly smiled, a real smile. Which made me smile. If your husband can still do that after 20 years, you know you found the right one. That is all I know about him, and I can't wait to meet him!

For now, meet Maurini, and how about those eyes?

Retirement looks good on you! Headshots in Fairport NY

First, I'd like to say congratulations to Judge Bender on his retirement!

We were asked to create a portrait that could hang in the courthouse with the other past judges of Seneca County. This will be the first one in color, and we were honored to be the photographers to create it.

It was a pleasure photographing the judge, and as always, there is always a bit of laughter involved in our sessions! Though that didn't fit to hang on the courtroom wall, I do love it as a portrait.

Below is the final version, as well as a few other shots I enjoyed from the session.

Enjoy your retirement!

Husband and Wife Portrait in Allens Creek, Rochester NY

Wow, have these two got the story you just won't believe. Within days of showing me their home filled with stunning art and MacKenzie-Child's influences, their home was sold. It was never even meant to be on the market!

Susan admitted they hadn't really given thought to moving. But there was an interested buyer, the families met and instantly hit it off, and then suddenly they sold their home. Susan and Michael will be moving, and starting a new life down south. If that's not taking a cue from the universe and rolling with it, I don't know what is!

So what started as portraits of the couple in their home, quickly became a treasured memento for them to take with them. They'll use them to remember the many years of happy memories they made here.

Susan and Michael - it was a pleasure working with you both. I wish you much happiness in your new endeavors!


Alaina at 18 months: Wintergarden Portraits

Ever since Joann and Steve's wedding, I've wanted to go back to the Wintergarden! Such a cool space in the city, I met up with these familiar faces to document the next milestone for Alaina: 18 months! 

She enjoyed looking at the plants, climbing on the chairs and playing peek-a-boo with her mom's sweater. Her expressions are priceless! Whether concentration, or laughter, I could not get enough of her little face. Isn't she just adorable? It's always a pleasure to be around this little one.

Check them out, and leave some love or call today for your session!

Roy & Diane: Cobblestone Creek Country Club Portraits

If your first thought upon seeing these images is, "man she looks like a beauty queen!" You would be correct.

Diane is former Mrs. Arizona, Mrs. America and Mrs. World and currently works for the Mrs. New York America Pageant. Roy was lucky enough to meet her in an airport bar and the two have settled in Victor with the cutest little Maltese Shitzu, Sadie.

Roy loves his Audi and is classically trained pianist. He is also a golf fanatic, and everyone at the Cobblestone Creek Country Club knew his name when we stopped by. It was a fun afternoon with these three, at home and on the golf course.

See for yourself!

Extended Family Portraits by the Erie Canal

What better way to celebrate your 50th anniversary than surrounded by the people you created (and their families)? Richard and Lori's children honored them with this photo session and a weekend of fun events together. It's not often you get all 18 people in one place, and we were honored to help them capture this milestone.

Getting all 4 kids and 8 grandkids in one place was no small feat and took months of planning. But it was all worth it, and we had a gorgeous summer day. Being by the water was important to them, so when they sun came out, everyone (i.e. - anyone taller than Erin) was helpful in making sure we got the shot! 

Thanks to all of our extra assistants that day! (see the outtake below) The diffuser and umbrella allowed us to shoot in the sunny areas by the Erie Canal.

Happy 50th Anniversary, here is to the next 50 years!

-Lori and Erin

Portrait of a Grandmother: Rochester NY Photographers

So many things about who I am have been cultivated by the women in my life. I'm ridiculously lucky to have had the chance to grow up knowing and loving them all. From my own mother to aunts and all the way to my great grandmother, who passed some years ago.

I'd like to think I follow in their footsteps, collecting each of their similar traits. We're all worriers and maybe a little neurotic. None of us have a green thumb or a penchant for cooking dinner. But we are also loving, hard working, independent and strong when we need to be.

So many of these traits are learned, taught and handed down. I've been so lucky to have grown up with not only a wonderful mother as an example, but my grandmother's example of love as well.

While she's now a great grandmother and grandmother - she's also still a mother. She has the same wishes for her own children that every mother everywhere has. She's still there as a mother to my parents, even when it's hard. Just like my mom is for me.

Because from what I've gathered, you don't stop being a mom when your kids have kids.

Recently my family celebrated my grandmother's 80th birthday, so naturally my camera was at the ready. I took a few minutes to just capture a portrait of her alone. Looking at it now, I see more than just her likeness. I see the matriarch of the family, supportive and strong for us all. I see love, warmth, happiness, family, history.

I see all the other moms of the family in her.

I see me.

Hugs, love, and a Happy (Belated) Mother's Day to you all (especially to my own Momma),


A Winter Themed Family Session at the Holidays

What a joy it is to spend the holidays with your family. When you've got folks living in three different states, together in the same room, it's really something special. And it was my pleasure to document the gathering of this really fun family.

There wasn't a dull moment as they packed in the memory making. After making a few portraits, things turned to a more documentary style of photography as Lily wrapped presents with grandma, and read books with her grandpa and uncle. We even got outside with the snowmen and left some treats out for the local deer. 

It felt like I had known everyone for years. What was captured in less than two hours, will now be tangible memories to take back to their homes, hundreds of miles apart.

To Kirsten and the whole gang, thank you for choosing me to capture this moment in your family's lives. Enjoy the photos, and I look forward to seeing you again next year!


The Photographer's Family Portraits

When a photographer asks you to make their family portraits, it's nothing short of an honor. This session with them felt more like a hike in the woods than a portrait session, and it just reminded me how awesome this family is.

Seriously - kudos to Linda and Todd for raising three amazing people! I enjoyed catching up with Brian, Emma and Sarah, and hearing about their current adventures and future plans. They were all so easy going, and even though I know they get their photos taken a lot (it happens when your mom is a photographer!) there were no complaints.

Also, I can never get enough of these gorgeous fall evenings. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Linda's work at http://www.lindahayesphotography.com/