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Artist in Residence: Rochester NY Portraits

I stepped into their home, and was instantly struck by beauty all around me. Renee Mendler is an accomplished artist here in Rochester. If you haven't yet heard of her - a) you have now and b) you should really check out her work.

When she's not spending time with her two kids, Renee creates stunning pieces in her home studio. She is inspired by the world around her as a contemporary abstract artist. She paints on various media - everything from canvas to tiles for coffee tables.

To see more of Renee's work visit her website at: www.reneemendlerart.com or visit her work in person at Whitman Works Co. in Penfield NY or at Nosh Restaurant in downtown Rochester.

Maternity Portraits in Hilton NY

I had a grand total of five minutes to capture a few maternity portraits of these two. Why? Because we had to sneak out the back door of their shower to do it!

We were a little silly and had to move fast (because it was FREEZING out), but I could easily feel the love for their tiny miracle show through.

Full disclosure (if you didn't know already) - these two are my family. So I seriously can't WAIT to meet this new, sweet addition. She's already loved so much, by so many people.

But no one on Earth will love her more than these two already do.

~ Erin

Membership Events: Pool Party Fun in Fairport

Outside the weather was, gray and rainy, as most March days can be. But inside the Perinton Recreation Center the pool was cozy and warm. A perfect afternoon for the families of our membership program. 

Even the littlest VIP's in our membership program had fun with their parents splashing in the pool. There's somewhere to play for every age. So if you've never visited this aquatics center - you definitely should!

Enjoy some of the moments from the event - and join us next month!

~ Erin

Victor NY Family Portraits

These kids are growing up in front of my camera, and way too darn fast. I have so many amazing memories over the years of watching them grow. 

But I only get to update their family portrait once a year. So we visited a park near their home - where we watched turtles in the pond and pretended to be Batman.

I'm enjoying each and every chance I get to be around them. Because they're silly, smart, caring, and so much fun. I'm lucky that they're my family, so I get to see them more than once a year. 

I look at them now and see how much they've grown over the years. It's amazing to see that in their portraits and realize that this adventure started seven years ago. I love spending time with them and being a part of their lives in this important way.

~ Erin

October's 365 Project: Rochester NY Photographer

October! I can ALMOST see the light at the end of this 365 tunnel! Honestly, I never thought I'd make to April, let alone October with this project. I can now say that I've completed over 300 days of this year in pictures. Yes, I've missed on or two, but I always try to make up for it when I do.

With Lucas now more mobile, it's fun to capture some of his every day routines. They're entertaining, and will someday fit nicely in a book for him. Things like playing in his toy box or crawling on his tip toes, or picking out a pumpkin that's bigger than his whole body.

Other than that, October was a month of kids - from newborns to babies to big kids in my photos. Not only did I take pictures of my own kiddo, I had some great family sessions and a few remaining weddings to complete as well. I even got in a few senior portraits too. And then there was a "big kid" session, with Lori and John to celebrate their five year anniversary at RIT.

Whew, what a crazy month! Here come the holidays. I know I'll be able to finish out this project strong with those on the way! Until next month! ~ Erin

Nora: 6 Month Old Brighton NY Children's Photography

This peanut is my favorite 6 month old these days. My niece, Nora is starting to show off her little personality lately, and I love it. In between me sneaking hugs, we captured her smile at the 6 month old stage. 

I've come to realize that there's nothing truly like a baby smiling and laughing at you. So it was the highlight of my day to get to see her and cuddle her - and photograph her of course.

We played in the grass, did some tummy time, and tried to eat toys (well, she did, I watched), and in the end came away with some adorable new images to add to her first year book.

Here's a few of my personal favorites! ~ Erin

Including Hobbies & Friends in Senior Portraits | Rochester NY Senior Photographers


Including hobbies in a senior portrait session is a lot of fun! It provides not just props, but actions. We had students with wide ranges of interest this year, including cars (both fixing and driving), guitars, reading, writing, sewing, biking and more. We also got to include some friends and family members along the way. Here are a few examples of some unique senior photos we created this year.

Morgan: Year 1 Book | Baby's First Year in Photos


It's so exciting to see the culmination of a year's worth of work! I had the pleasure of watching Morgan grow in her first year over the course of several sessions - from one month to one year. If you've been following the blog, then she should look familiar! We put together the perfect 10x10 storybook featuring many of their favorites from each of the five sessions along the way. Here is a little peek into what we created for Morgan and her family. Such an awesome memento for them to look back on! Enjoy!


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Paul’s Fun, Creative Professional Head Shots


Meet Paul: The Creative Person. He’s an app developer, podcaster, entrepreneur- extraordinaire! He’s also a coffee fanatic with a super adorable puppy. We met several years ago as students at RIT and had a blast reconnecting and creating these portraits for his growing business! When Paul approached me looking for “Fun, Happy Portrait Photos” I couldn’t resist. We don’t do lame, sad portraits here!

Paul has an office in Venture Creations at RIT. We started there to photograph him surrounded by his “tech”. The fancy microphone, Mac Pro with dual monitors & of course his iPhone, etc. I stood on a desk to create some fun angles for these environmental portraits. Then we went exploring and got creative in the lobby and outdoors as well. It was a fun afternoon!

The coolest part of it all though, is seeing it all in use! Check out Paul’s website here: http://paulsolt.com/

and The Creative Person Podcast http://creativepersonpodcast.com/

Keep it up Paul!


rochester ny head shot portraits
rochester ny head shot portraits

All Grown Up | Penfield NY Family Portrait

The last time they had a family portrait, the kids were in middle school. Yup, they were definitely due for an update! It was my pleasure to photograph this wonderful family and capture the unique relationships within. From parent to child, or sibling to sibling or even dog to owners. Yes, their dog Brock completely stole the show with his adorableness.

The whole family was so laid back, it made for such a fun afternoon!

Enjoy! Lori

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