Now Booking: Personal Brand Photography in Rochester NY

Hey there friend! Erin and I are super excited to announce the launch of a new area within Lori and Erin Photography: Personal Brand Photography!

You asked for it, and we are finally ready to fully deliver. This may seem like something we’ve always offered. You’re not wrong.

We’ve just made the process better, clearer and tailored to growing businesses and their owners. We didn’t realize until now that we could actually give it the name and category it should rightfully have.

We have always placed on emphasis on showcasing your personality, whether it’s a family, senior or business portrait. When folks come to us for headshots, we ask the question:

“What do you want people to see when they look at this?” And I then tell them, we don’t do boring head shots here.

Ok so what’s NEW about Personal BRAND Photography? It takes commercial headshots and business portraits to a new level.

If you are an entrepreneur, chances are yours is the face of your business in a fast paced online world. With the importance of social media to a consumers buying behavior, and whether they realize it or not, customers want to know who you and your brand are.

That’s where we come in. We’ll work together to really discover the essence of your brand, then create a library of images for you to use on your website and social media pages. Whether it’s 10 images, or 50, you’ll elevate your brand with quality images that speak to YOUR client in a way that selfies and snapshots cannot.

When we decided to step into this new space, we did our homework. Lots of it. As business owners ourselves, we have real, every day experience with social media. And while our business revolves around creating images every day, we know that most businesses do not. So how do you have a presence on Instagram, an image heavy platform, when you don’t have a steady stream of new images?

We’re going to help with that!

If you’d like to learn more, click here to read on. We’ve created a whole magazine full of information to help you determine if Personal Brand Photography is what you need to grow your business.

And if you’re ready to jump in with both feet, contact us now and let’s get you on the path to a thriving, relatable brand in your community!


Dana: Personal Brand Photography in Fairport, NY

Talk about a fun photo shoot! Say hello to Dana!

Dana is an entrepreneur. She sells Arbonne and wants to help women feel their best, inside and out. Though I have known her for several years, I learned so much more about her in preparing for this headshot session. When she launches her brand, she wants it to be vibrant, positive, fresh.

Cue playing in the fall foliage.

Everyone is on a journey, and this is a journey to wellness. Since Dana’s husband runs the bike shop in town, why not include this adorable vintage bike in her shoot!? We had so much fun in the Village of Fairport creating images for her to use as she shows the world who she is.

So say hello to Dana, the Fresh Start Lady! And if you are looking for images to help illustrate your new brand, give us a shout today!


Kurt : Fun, Emotive Personal Branding Shots in Fairport, NY

Like son, like father, that's what they say, right? If Kurt looks familiar, it may be because his son was just featured on our blog a few weeks ago.

Also a voice actor, Kurt was due to update his look. He brought a different microphone to play with (a Fentone, vintage RCA look alike) and several outfits from casual to semi-formal. We played off of those options to create a variety of looks - from fun and silly to a more "traditional" head shot. However...

What's really neat about being in business these days, is that no longer is "boring-headshot-in-front-of-boring-background" the norm. Today's customers want to know the person behind the product (our voice in this case) so we really get to showcase our clients' personalities.

Kurt very easily switched from selling cars and mattresses to telling stand up jokes against the classic brick wall. He's a great guy, so if you're in the market for some voiceover work, you should check out his team at The Write Creative.


Kiefer: Voice Over Actor Head Shots

Meet Kiefer. He has been a voice actor since he was a child, thanks to his father who is also in the industry. In recent years, you may have even seen him on one of Rochester's many stages. After growing a mustache to play Albert Einstein last month, he was excited to shave it off and get in front of the camera.

We hit the studio to update his headshots and had a ton of fun! He brought his trusty mic and we made a variety of images. From action shots to the guy next door to the guy next door staring on a reality TV show with his friend "Mic". 

If you can't tell, there was a lot of laughing during this session. 

Kiefer, it was my pleasure. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Colorful Fall Family Portraits at Tinker Park Rochester, NY

I'd love to say it was the perfect day, but I gotta be honest. It was a really cold one! Sure looks like the perfect fall day though doesn't it?

Jed, Kate, Grace and Harper were troopers for this November session. Tinker Park in Henrietta was the perfect backdrop for some running and dancing. They ran not just because they're kids, but to keep warm! 

These two, young sisters are funny, sweet and full of energy. It was truly a pleasure to photograph them. I hope these photos help them remember the love they have for each other as they grow.


Wild and Fun Backyard Portrait Session

I walked in the house to find the two boys pretending to be Ninja Turtles. That was my first clue that this was going to be a fun session!

Add to that an adorable baby sister and two awesome parents? Yeah, we had a good time. I really enjoyed getting to know this family as we made images all around the house. From the Halloween decorations in the front yard, to the waterfall in the backyard, and the stunning chandelier in the dining room too! 

But the biggest smiles came when dad picked up the boys by their ankles.  How can that not be the best shot of the day? 

I look forward to seeing these guys again soon! Hope you enjoy a glimpse into the session.

Erie Canal Family Portraits: Pittsford, NY

After three years photographing this little lady, (another one of our awesome portrait members) it's possible she's finally warming up to the idea of me being around with my camera. Or maybe it was the ducks on the canal. Ok fine, it was probably the ducks.

Whatever the reason, I had a fun evening with her, and her mom and dad, on the Erie Canal. They fed the ducks and the pigeons, played hide and seek and ran around barefoot (my kind of girl).

Laid back and relaxed, it's always better to let the three year old be a three year old at a portrait session, isn't it? 

What's better than watching your daughter's face light up as she feeds the ducks? Or running around minus her shoes? What more can you do but enjoy it? Because this is who she is, and I love it.

~ Erin

Theo's First Birthday!

If you have been following the blog in the past year, you've probably "met" Theo by now.

I have had the pleasure of knowing his parents for about 7 years now, and documenting the growth of their little one has been a fun adventure!

To celebrate Theo's first birthday, we met at Long Acre Farms out in Macedon. It's such a neat place if you have never been! We shot at noon on a Saturday... and it was crowded. Generally, this is not the ideal circumstances for a session, but you'd never know by looking at the images!

We seriously could not love this kid any more. Here's a little peek into our portraits and pumpkin picking. 

Love you Theo!
"Aunt" Lori

Guest Post: Why You Need to Print Your Photos, Rochester NY Photography

In today's world, there are more pictures taken every minute than ever before. Yet, a very small percentage of them will ever be printed. They'll live in a digital world, on a phone or a computer until that technology becomes obsolete and they'll then sadly disappear forever.

So today we're sharing another guest post, provided by Design Aglow that we hope opens your eyes to why we believe in the power of prints.

Shared from Design Aglow
It’s been a hard day. You’re tired--and let’s face it--a little cranky. OK, a lot cranky. So to cheer yourself up, you walk over to your computer and fire up the DVD of your recent family portrait session so that you can flip through the images. After seeing the slideshow playing on your tiny laptop, you can’t wait until the rest of the family comes over so that you can pass the computer around the dinner table. 

Here’s another scenario, similar to the first, except for one crucial point: those incredible, indelible images are hanging on your walls. You see them every time you walk by; you smile every time you walk by. In each room of your home, the heirloom photographic art makes your heart swell, overflowing with the investment you’ve made in your family, the investment in adding permanence to your memories.

The impulse to purchase images on a disc instead of a canvas or a print is strong. We feel as if we don’t actually own something until we possess every image from our shoot, as if the only way to experience our family is by being able to make as many reprints of them as we want.

But images on disc sit around. They become stuffed into a desk drawer, until their media is rendered obsolete and the images cannot be accessed anymore. They remain untouched, until that day when we’ll have enough time to put them in an album or print them ourselves. Finished products, on the other hand, are just that. They are ready to hang, ready to enjoy. They are instant--and constant--gratification. They are objects that can be passed down to your children, and your children’s children. The tangible nature of fine art--that it is an actual object, hanging on your wall or sitting on your coffee table--is meant for enjoyment, for experience, not to be archived on a shelf in a plastic media case. A CD of all of your images is not fine art. And the creation of fine art cannot be cheap. Crafting memories and creating personalized products that can be enjoyed for generations is a job that carries a lot of responsibility and weight, and demands finesse and skill. With professional photography, as with so much of life, you get what you pay for. Photographic art is an investment, to be sure, but it’s one that you’ll never regret.

Every day, we stress the importance of printing your photographs. We don't care if it's in a book or on the wall. We don't care if you forget our name in 20 years, as long as your pictures are printed for your children, and their children. We cannot say it enough.

Soul-Searching, Rebranding, and a Contest

Last winter, Lori and I did a little soul searching. We wanted to make sure our focus was on the right priorities, so we spent a lot of time working on who we are, and why we believe so much in what we do. Here's what we came up with:

We're here to help you cherish the relationships in your lives that you hold so dear. To us, relationships are the most important things in our lives.

Along the way we also got a makeover, and are now offering some great new ways to treasure your relationships through photography. We can't wait to catch up with you and share what's new!

And here's the fun part - to honor this belief, we want you to tell us about your most important relationship, in your own words. Who is it, and why? We invite you to share them with us for a chance to win a complimentary year of our brand spankin' new Portrait Membership Program.  Intrigued? What is this program you ask? Get in touch, and we'll tell you more!

I digress, back to the contest - to enter, send us a short video clip describing your most important relationship. We'll gather them up and post them to Facebook for voting! It really is that easy. They don't need to be professional, just real! So please, take a minute and tell us about your relationships.

You can email your video entry to hello@lorianderin.com 
Upload it to our Facebook page

One entry per person. Video entries should be approximately 30 seconds.  

We're excited to celebrate these relationships with you, give us a call so we can! ~ Erin


Todd & Lisa +1 : Rochester NY Maternity Session


We got to know Lisa and Todd as we captured the moment they became a family last year. It didn't take long for that family to grow, as they are expecting Todd Jr. in just a few weeks! We are so glad they called us to capture the next chapter of life, and once again had an awesome time with them! With each session, we work to select just the right location. For this maternity shoot, we choose to work at the George Eastman House because of their beautiful gardens, proximity to a bathroom, and covered areas. The forecast was "scattered showers" and all day long the hourly forecast changed. We decided to give it a go, and although the temperature dropped, the rain held off just long enough for us to get our images in. Lisa was glowing that beautiful expectant glow and lit up the night with her smile. Todd didn't do to bad himself. :)

Here are a few of our many favorites from the night. Can't wait to meet the new addition!

mother to beeastman house garden maternitymaternity couple under archwayexpectant couple in garden

maternity on the ground

We are excited to offer maternity sessions in addition to our Baby Steps plan. Expecting? Contact us asap for preferred times!