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Relay For Life 2017: Rochester NY Photography

I've been photographing these events for three years now. The passion that the volunteers and staff put into them moves me continuously. The mission behind their passion fuels them, and me as well.

While each Relay event is different, the reasons stay the same. To fight back against cancer, to celebrate those who've survived and to remember those who have passed.

This year I was asked to also photograph The Gates Chili High School Relay for Life event. It's a few weeks before the Fairport one and early in our wedding season, so I was happy to help.

The major thing I noticed about this Relay was how many children were there wearing the purple survivor t-shirts. My heart breaks for those children, for those families and the struggles they probably continue to endure because of cancer.

And so I'm putting out my annual plea to you today, please support my Relay team this year. No amount is too small - even $5 helps a child receive treatment, or research be completed. Because if they're still fighting, so am I.

To donate: Relay for Life 2017

In continued hope for a world without cancer,

~ Erin

Relay for Life 2016: Giving Back Fairport NY Photography

Relay for Life 2016: Giving Back Fairport NY Photography

It encouraged me to be more present in my own photographs, and also helped me to remember why what I do is so important. Because after it was said and done, it really truly hit me how powerful a photograph is when it's all you have left to hold on to a lost loved one.

Relay For Life Kick Off : Rochester NY Photography

The Greater Rochester Area Relay For Life kicked off the relay season in style, with an area wide celebration at the Monroe Golf Club. It was the first event of it's kind for the American Cancer Society in Rochester. 

I am honored to have helped in the best way I know how - with my photography. Throughout the night we celebrated birthdays and fund raising victories and began to get excited for what this year will bring to Relay.

Most of you know, Relay For Life has a special place in my heart. With so many people I know affected by cancer, it's hard to not be motivated to do something. Being a part of Fairport's Relay committee, as well as a part of events like this Kick Off has become a huge part of my life.

It's because we Relay that people in our area affected by cancer will be helped. If you feel moved to create your own team or donate to our Relay team, we'd love you for it! Thank you for following along in this journey!

~ Erin

Giving Back: Fairport Relay for Life Recap

If you don't know what Relay For Life is, you should.

Fairport's Relay for Life is an overnight, community fundraising walk to benefit the American Cancer Society. It helps those living with cancer, their caregivers, researchers and more. We are fighting for a world without cancer, we're fighting so our children never have to battle this disease or rob anyone of another birthday.

Over the course of the past few months, I've been working with the most amazing people. They work tirelessly and continuously to make the Fairport Relay For Life a huge success. Some of you know that this past year has given me a reason to get involved, and I'm so incredibly glad I did. This committee provided the community with a beautiful event - inspiring, emotional, and fun all at the same time. And the community that came out to walk was just as motivating.

Sometimes it's hard to get out of our own way, our own heads, and realize that there's a whole world out there, fighting a very similar battle to our own. Everyone copes differently. This event gives us all a chance to come together. We support each other, remember those we've lost, and celebrate our survivors and caregivers.

For me personally, this was my first time at Relay. I guarantee, it won't be my last. The day was "Super Hero" themed, so it couldn't have been more fitting for my first year. It was perfect and an honor to give something back to the community in the best way I know how - through photographs.

If you're interested in supporting Relay, donations are being accepted still here: Relay for Life
If you want to see more pictures from the day, go here: Relay for Life Gallery

Keep walking on,


Relay for Life Auction! Fairport Portrait Sessions

Erin and I are grateful that we get to wake up everyday and be self-employed photographers. It's an amazing gift to be able to help others treasure the important relationships in their lives through our work.

We want to give back by starting a new program dedicated to raising money for local charities. This month, we are going to be auctioning off a signature session with the both of us ($250 value) with 100% of the proceeds going to the Cancer Society’s Relay For Life campaign in Fairport.

Erin’s family and friends will be participating this year in honor of her dad’s fight against cancer. We are also going to be giving our time to photograph the event and help in any way we can be of use. So if you're going to be in attendance, make sure to find us and say hello!

The event is in June, and we are inviting you to contribute.

We will start the bidding at $50. To Enter, comment with the amount you would like to bid. Please, serious bidders only. 100% of the money pledged will go to the American Cancer Society. After the session, you will be invited to order prints and files like normal.

What is a signature session? This is a fun, on-location shoot with Lori and Erin Photography. We’ll talk before hand about making it uniquely you. It can be used for an individual, a couple or a whole family— it's your choice.

So if a portrait session has been on your mind, or you just want to give back and support cancer research, join us in this fun little auction!

To Bid: Comment on this blog post below with your bid. Only posts on this blog post will be counted as bids. Bidding will end on April 30, 2015.

Let’s make this auction count in the fight against cancer! Place your bid today! If you're interested in being a part of the Relay For Life, check out the details below.