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Mike & Keegan: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Their adventures together began at RIT over wine. Since then, many more of their adventures involve traveling together, even their engagement on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland where Mike promised Keegan a lifetime of adventure.

In their relationship, they believe that she's the feet on the ground, and he's the head in the clouds. But their sense of adventure is what makes them who they are together. They've now been to 19 states and 3 countries together.

Their engagement session  at Cobbs Hill Reservoir was just another adventure for them (and us!) It included a little rain, a big love ball, and a whole lot of laughs.

They believe that if you can successfully travel with someone, through good and the bad, and make it out the other side still together - then you've found the one for you.

I couldn't agree more. Can't wait for the wedding day adventures!

~ Erin

Award Winning Photographer: PPSNYS 2017

It's exciting to win ... anything really... but this is an award I am especially fond of. And it's all because of the subject matter. First I'll tell you a little about Liam, and then about the award.

"The Prodigy" | PPSNYS 2017 Judges Choice Award

"The Prodigy" | PPSNYS 2017 Judges Choice Award

About Liam

I have known Liam and his family for over five years now. They are very special to me. They are one of those families that start out as clients and end up becoming great friends. At their family portrait session last year, I remember playing with Liam and his siblings in the backyard. He ran around like a typical three year old.

But, when we went inside, that changed quickly. He got out his tiny violin and, with dad by his side, played for me. I was floored by how much talent this little boy has. 

That wild three year old boy transformed. He was focused and proud with instrument in hand. I made many photographs of the moment, and many months later, decided to enter this one into a print competition.

About the Award

As part of the New York State Professional Photographers Society, Erin and I regularly attend the annual convention, which this year took place in Buffalo. Part of the convention includes an image competition, where photographers can test their skills against other professionals in several categories. Prizes are awarded based on overall scores, category wins and more. I entered four images into the competition, all of which were judged "Above Average".

After scoring, each of the judges then selected their favorite overall image from the 100+ entries. This image received the "Judges Choice Award". I was able to speak to the judge who selected my image. They loved the moment that it captured and also how the composition fit the rule of thirds in addition to the golden ratio.

Thank you

I want to thank Liam and his whole family for the honor of being your photographer. I love you guys!

I also want to thank the other members of PPSNYS who encouraged me to submit, helped me select my final images and provided guidance with editing and titling. Specifically John Aiken, Pat Luke, Deb Woodard, Erin Perrotta (of course) and so many more!

~ Lori

These images all received the white ribbon for above average.

These images all received the white ribbon for above average.

Bill & Stacy: Heirloom Wedding Albums

Sharing this wedding album with you is sort of like reading a good book. It's a book that takes me back to a warm spring day, filled with good friends and a love based on mutual respect and admiration.

Looking through the pages of Bill and Stacy's wedding album, I can't help but smile as I recall all of the happy faces surrounding them that day. They'd come to Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA from all over the country to share in this weekend of fun and celebrate with them and each other.

The pewter cover choice blended perfectly with the cover image from the plantation grounds. The story told inside is timeless yet unique to Stacy and Bill. And it's one I'm so proud to be part of, as both photographer and friend.

Enjoy the story along with me!

~ Erin

Rochester Bride & Groom Cover Contest

While we tend to meet most of our couples from word of mouth and referrals, Rochester Bride and Groom is one of the few places we advertise with. They publish a wonderful little magazine bi-annually with lots of information for local brides-and-grooms-to-be. Currently, they are running a contest to choose the next image to appear on the cover. This is the third time we have been asked to participate, and possibly the last... Why the last? Well, Erin is addicted. As if she didn't already spend enough time on Facebook, the contest is based on Facebook "likes" causing her focus on anything else to become non-exisistent as she is constantly checking the status of the voting. And if you think I'm exaggerating, ask her, she'll admit it... she has a problem.

Well, last Spring, her hard work paid of when Janel and Kevin were featured on the cover! The next issue was a tougher race, and we took second place, but still got a nice feature on the inside of the magazine. I (Lori) am writing this post today so Erin can get that moment of glory back! We are in the race again, and as I am writing this we remain in SECOND... again!

This time, our couple is Sam and Jay, one of our favorite couples from last year. Check out their images here, and read their incredible story on Facebook. When you click on over to their story, hit that "like" button on the photo to cast your vote for Sam and Jay. If you enjoy the image, please share it with your Facebook network as well. You know they always say "every vote counts" and it's true. Don't do it for me or Erin, let's give Sam and Jay a moment in the spotlight!

As much as I jest, this has been a huge honor and a lot of fun to participate in. Thank you to everyone at the Rochester Bride and Groom for giving us this opportunity, and good luck to the other contestants.

Happy Spring everyone!

Rochester NY Wedding Photography, Rochester Bride & Groom

Rochester NY Wedding Photography, Rochester Bride & Groom


Rochester NY Wedding Photography, Rochester Bride & Groom

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