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Joe: Class of 2019 Senior Portrait

His mother told me that it’s rare to see Joe without a hat on. She just wanted some simple photos to remember her son at this stage, before he heads off into college and then the real world.

For Joe’s senior photos, we returned to the same location where we photographed his sister just a few years earlier: the always beautiful Eastman Museum.

It was one of those mornings where I drove through a passing rain shower on the way to the session. Uh oh.

But it held off for us to make some images. Joe chose the very first portrait for his yearbook photo, a nice casual close up. Then we had fun using some of the different backdrops and textures available to us on the grounds. Rochester NY has so many great options for senior portraits.

Here are a few of my favorites. Say congrats to Joe in the comments!  

Have a great year!

Bright Heirloom Wedding Album: Patrick and Laura

Sing with me now - “It’s the most wonderful timmmmme of the year!”

As fun as it is, I’m not singing about Christmas. It’s album delivery season!

The weddings are done for the year, which you might think means I to sit back and eat Christmas cookies from here on out.

Nah, not me. I sit back, eat Christmas cookies and design custom wedding albums. Albums like Laura and Patrick's from their gorgeous July wedding in Geneva NY at Ventosa Vineyards.

The bright, blue sky and amazing sunset on their wedding day just shines colorfully in this album. I know they’re excited to have it, to cherish those moments and someday hand them down to their own children.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving yourself the gift of a wedding album, trust us, it’s worth it. It will only increase in value to you as the years pass by.

In their own words:

“Having photos in an album truly brings life to them and does not compare to looking at them online.”

We couldn’t agree more.

~ Erin

Kiara: Rochester NY Urban Senior Portraits

She may live in the suburbs now, but Kiara is a city girl at heart. She grew up near Park Ave in Rochester NY and has many fond memories there, so it seemed like a great spot to start her Rochester senior portrait session.

When we got to Parkleigh, we were pleasantly surprised by colorful gum balls lining the street. There must be a story about how they got there, but we don’t know what it is. Regardless of the gum balls’ origin story, we used them for the color and the fun, life-in-the-city vibe!

Our next portrait location in Rochester was High Falls. Kiara was joined there by her younger sister and best friend for some fun images in the cobblestone street. We ended after dark with her favorite dancing outfits and a beautiful night.

This is what summer nights are made for... exploring the area we live in, soaking it all in with friends. Thanks for a fun session Kiara! Enjoy some of my favorites below!

Kiefer: Voice Over Actor Head Shots

Meet Kiefer. He has been a voice actor since he was a child, thanks to his father who is also in the industry. In recent years, you may have even seen him on one of Rochester's many stages. After growing a mustache to play Albert Einstein last month, he was excited to shave it off and get in front of the camera.

We hit the studio to update his headshots and had a ton of fun! He brought his trusty mic and we made a variety of images. From action shots to the guy next door to the guy next door staring on a reality TV show with his friend "Mic". 

If you can't tell, there was a lot of laughing during this session. 

Kiefer, it was my pleasure. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Mom and the Kids, Fairport NY Family Session

They have a path to the Erie Canal in their backyard...

I am a bit jealous of them for that.  :)

It was a gorgeous day, party cloudy, warm spring time. These not-so-little-anymore "kids" bought this session as a mother's day gift for their mom. How perfect is that? 

Along the way, Murphy the family's white golden retriever, predictably headed straight for the water. He's such a happy dog, he just wanted to be near his people - and the water!

But enough about all that, it's the people that really matter, and this family is particularly special. Watching how the interact with each other, their closeness is obvious. The twins, Alison and Jake especially do, but all of them seem to share a very special bond.

I am so glad to have meet you all. I look forward to seeing where the future takes you, together. - Lori

Husband and Wife Portrait in Allens Creek, Rochester NY

Wow, have these two got the story you just won't believe. Within days of showing me their home filled with stunning art and MacKenzie-Child's influences, their home was sold. It was never even meant to be on the market!

Susan admitted they hadn't really given thought to moving. But there was an interested buyer, the families met and instantly hit it off, and then suddenly they sold their home. Susan and Michael will be moving, and starting a new life down south. If that's not taking a cue from the universe and rolling with it, I don't know what is!

So what started as portraits of the couple in their home, quickly became a treasured memento for them to take with them. They'll use them to remember the many years of happy memories they made here.

Susan and Michael - it was a pleasure working with you both. I wish you much happiness in your new endeavors!


Backyard Family Portraits: Brighton, Rochester, NY

I didn't panic when mom warned me that her kids might be a little shy. That's not unusual for us, so I thought, 'okay, let's play first.'

And we did. We went to the backyard and played on the swing set.

It was the first nice day after nearly two weeks of May showers – it was so nice to be in the sun. The kids felt it, I felt it, even Daizy their English bulldog felt it! 

Part of the memory behind a particular photograph is actually having fun when it was being taken, and not just how you looked on a certain day. I hope this family, and every family we've photographed, enjoys thinking back about the fun day we spent together. The pictures are a vehicle back in time to those memories. 

And this memory? It was a beautiful spring day in the backyard. The kids played together and everyone was happy. What more can you ask for?

Enjoy, and hope to see you again soon!

Maternity Portraits in Hilton NY

I had a grand total of five minutes to capture a few maternity portraits of these two. Why? Because we had to sneak out the back door of their shower to do it!

We were a little silly and had to move fast (because it was FREEZING out), but I could easily feel the love for their tiny miracle show through.

Full disclosure (if you didn't know already) - these two are my family. So I seriously can't WAIT to meet this new, sweet addition. She's already loved so much, by so many people.

But no one on Earth will love her more than these two already do.

~ Erin

Chloe is 6 months old!

This little girl is such a light. She's got two parents, two dogs and a cat that love her (not to mention everyone she meets!).

We've had the pleasure of knowing her family for a few years now, and we get to see her pretty regularly with the membership program. This visit was special, as it marked her 1/2 way point to a year old. I absolutely loved how she was blowing bubbles by the end of her session!

When her hands aren't in her mouth, they are folded in her lap like a little lady. Or up dad's nose... that's fun too! (See the blooper at the bottom!)

We just love watching you grow Chloe, see you soon!

The KonMari Method for Pictures: Rochester NY Photographers

It started with Lori - Over the course of the past year she has been in a constant state of decluttering. She followed along the lessons from the book below.

She inspired me to get my own photographs (and well, my life) better organized. So I've also been in the process of getting my own little house, a little less cluttered. With a two year old, their toys, and boxes of hand me down clothes piling up, things get more cluttered with every passing day. The struggle is real.

In the end, the biggest hurdle for both of us has been what to do with the boxes of pictures that were scattered all over the house. 

I am my family's historian.  I know that as time passes, I will inherit even more photographs from family. And that's ok with me.

Except, I already had a ridiculous amount of old photo albums, most of which made no sense. When I was younger I would just take prints I had and stick them all in one book randomly. On the same page of a cheap plastic album, I would put my own baby pictures alongside high school pictures (bad fashion and all).

So clearly, there was work to do. Someday I'll be leaving all of my history in the hands of my son and I can't leave that it in shambles.

Here's some of what I did to cleanup and a few tips that might help you with your own photo organization:

  • Gather. Start by collecting all of the pictures you find (from every room) and put them in one location.
  • Get photo boxes. Or something that works for you. My preference was the basic storage boxes (like these) you find at any craft store.
  • Start sorting. Use as simple or complex a timeline as you wish. Personally, I kept it simple as there were a lot of photos I couldn't be sure of their dates. So I sorted by "childhood, high school, college, etc."
  • Consolidate. If you can. I did, mostly for space reasons. I removed photos from old torn apart albums with the sticky plastic pages, and sorted them into boxes. I discarded photos that were too blurry, duplicates, or if they were people I just didn't remember. I kept any family pictures, ones that held special memories, or told a story about who I was. My thought process was simple: If I can't explain why that photo is important to my son, is that particular image worth keeping?
  • Don't dwell. So what happens if you just can't bring yourself to get rid of anything at all? Just organize them and move on. You'll drive yourself crazy wondering what to keep and what to toss. Don't let it get to that.
  • In my world, done is most of the time better than perfect. My kids won't care if I was 11 or 12 or 14 in any particular series of photos. So if you can set aside any potential OCDs, it will go faster than you think.

My final tip? Take your time, take breaks and enjoy the process. I found that it was actually fun to go through them, reliving moments and fondly remembering days gone by.

So whatever your process is, enjoy it, because this is your life - literally.

~ Erin

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary: Fairport NY Photographers

Every time I tell someone how long we have been in business together, I feel like it needs an asterisk. We are excited to be entering our 5th year as a partnership! While we have been working together for closer to 8 years, it's "officially" our 4th anniversary.

So, let me just say - thank you.

Thank you to the clients who have trusted us with their memories and relationships.

Thank you to Erin for putting up with me, my crazy ideas, my grammar errors, and my incessant need to travel.

Thank you to our husbands for supporting us in creating our own paths and still keeping us fed.

Thank you to our children, whether Lucas P or the dogs that snuggle us on good days and bad.

Thank you to the friends, family and clients that have referred us new work.

Thank you to the clients that come back year after year, your loyalty is our anchor.

Thank you to GRPP, and our many photographer friends that are like coworkers in this small business world of ours.

Thank you for reading this, and being part of our tribe. We appreciate every like, comment, and hug.

Here's to an amazing fifth year.


A big THANK YOU goes out to  Heather McKay of McKay's Photography  for putting up with our crazy, and helping us update our portraits!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Heather McKay of McKay's Photography for putting up with our crazy, and helping us update our portraits!

Shannon: Rush Henrietta Senior Photos, Part I

What do you get when you combine an intelligent, beautiful and quirky (her word) girl, a ukulele, a stage and a stream? Oh and grandma, can't forget grandma.

The answer: amazing pictures and too much fun creating them!

Every senior session is unique, but this is the first time grandma played such a large roll in the story. We were able to include soooooo many of Shannon's talents and interests, from dance and singing, to ukulele and cosplay, and to top it off we splashed in Irondequoit Creek.

The story of the splashing is captured for eternity in the fusion video created from our day together. For starters, I thought I'd share some of our favorite photos. In part 2, we'll share the video!

So sit back, and enjoy! If you love these photos, leave a comment for Shannon!