rochester ny engagement photography

Cobbs Hill Engagement Session: Danielle and Ryan

Hooray for warm and sunny days! Danielle and Ryan's engagement session got rescheduled TWICE before we finally had the night we wanted. All that rain last month gave us a challenge - but we persevered!

They love a good sunset and being outdoors with their pups Lexi and Gage. Side note, as a puppy, Gage helped Ryan propose to Danielle - so naturally we included him in their engagement session.

It was a busy night at Cobbs Hill Reservoir, as it was one of the first 80 degree evenings of the year, but they didn't seem to mind.

They are a beautiful mix of sweet and silly together. They make each other laugh at the right moments and fit together perfectly. I can't wait to witness and capture their Statler City wedding in Buffalo in just a few months!

Until then, enjoy this little peek at their love.

~ Erin

Matt and Ellie: Engagement Session at Silver Lake

Here's what I know is fact about these two - they're awesome together. They are a wonderful combination of silly and sweet, which made their engagement session at their lake house on Silver Lake and Letchworth so much fun.

Even on a cold March day, this session was beautiful. The way she looked at him, and him at her, is the stuff that dreams are made of. And those big sweet, lovable great danes of theirs? Gorgeous.

They were nervous about their engagement session (as a lot of couples are). Everyone tells me they're awkward in pictures. To them, and especially to Ellie and Matt I say: "Nope."

This is the exact reason we recommend engagement sessions. We want you to relax and feel comfortable with us as your photographers by showing you how NOT awkward you are. Rather, we want you to know you're beautiful. Just like Ellie and Matt.

~ Erin

Rebecca & Orion: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Orion and Rebecca moved here from Alabama together for school, they love being outside (even in the snow) and trying new cuisine together. I heard their Southern accent and just knew they'd be the sweetest couple. I wasn't wrong. They're meant to be husband and wife. 

Their engagement session brought us to downtown Rochester NY, first to The Old Toad. I have a fondness for that pub, as it's where my own first date with my husband was. Ah, memories. I digress... 

The way Rebecca's eyes sparkled when she smiled at Orion - so crazy beautiful. We also hit up Cobbs Hill Park for a little fun in the snow. Whether cozied up in a pub or dancing in the snow, they fit perfectly together.

See what I mean?

~ Erin

Katie & Roman: Wilberts Tree Farm Engagement Session

We ask all of our couples to fill out a little Q&A before their engagement session. It helps us get to know them just a little better, and learn more about their relationship. Now, I hadn't yet met Roman but after reading some of his responses (and busting out laughing) I knew that this would be an amazing engagement session.

Q: What is unique about you as a couple? 
Roman: "We'll have been together for 6 years by the time we get married. Much of that has been spent in a long distance setting which we're both very excited to see come to an end. However, at the risk of sounding cliche, I think it's strengthened us to the hardships that come with marriage and establishing a family and also taught us to appreciate the happy moments together, no matter how small they seem. Also, we rule. Well, mostly her. But she'll be my wife so I guess I rule a little bit too?"

Why yes, Roman, you do rule a little bit.

Their engagement session fit them to a tee. (or tree, hehehe, I'm so punny)  They got engaged in the wee morning hours on Christmas, which also happens to be Katie's favorite time of year. She loves snow, and cuddling together under warm blankets, watching TV with Roman. So a Christmas-y, winter scene at Wilberts Tree Farm in Webster was perfect.

Every single time they looked at each other, their smiles widened and eyes sparkled. And I just can't get over how beautiful they are when they laugh together. And we laughed a lot, so it all worked out perfectly.

Congratulations Katie and Roman - we can't wait to see you again!

~ Erin

Melissa and Mark: Victor NY Engagement Session

They've known each other since high school. Along the way, life took them on it's twists and turns. And then through the all powerful magic of Facebook, they found their way back to each other. 

They enjoy the outdoors - camping, hiking and traveling together. So it was great to spend an hour with them outside, on a gorgeous summer night at Victor Municipal Park, a little hidden gem of a location in Victor.

We had the right light, the right natural setting and exactly the right couple, right where they're supposed to be all this time later - together.

Mark and Melissa, we can't wait to celebrate your marriage with you!