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5 Tips for great wedding photography : rochester ny photographers

We've been the Bride, we've been the bridesmaids, and we've also been the wedding planners. On top of that...we're in the market to make great wedding photographs for you. It's our goal to give you a great experience and awesome images. That being said, there are a few things you can do to get some great images from your big day. We've compiled a few tips that might give you some things to think about as you plan your day, from our humble perspectives.

1) Consider doing a first look on the day of your wedding. We talk a lot about them. Get all of those important photographs done in advance, while you look your best! And have a special moment to yourselves before the guests arrive. 

2) Do an engagement session. It's a great chance to practice being in front of the camera! You'll get comfortable in front of the camera, on your own terms, doing something fun together with your fiancee! Knowing how your photographers will work with you will make your actual wedding day so much smoother, and your photographs will reflect that. Besides that, it's a lot of fun!

3) Work together. We make it a point to go over the timeline of your day with you. We want to make sure there's enough time for all of the important details. We'll tell you if you have enough time planned for photography because it's important that you and your photographers are on the same page all day! From working with you on your list of family photographs, to planning driving time in between locations. There's so many things that a Bride and Groom can overlook in timeline planning.

By planning ahead with us, we'll make sure that your day is as stress free as possible because we already know what to expect! That way you'll be able to enjoy that time in front of the camera so much more!

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4) Don't rely on a pinterest "shot list." We love Pinterest for gathering ideas. It's a great place to share and learn, and to design your flowers and wedding color scheme. But when it comes to specific photographs you want taken, don't rely on it completely! It's perfectly ok to share your ideas, but it's less ok to expect that exact same photograph you found on Pinterest. You are hiring photographers based on their style, and their unique vision for your day. And while I'm on that note, be sure you know what your photographer's style is!

5) Request an unplugged wedding At the VERY least, unplug your ceremony. It makes us sad when a camera sticks out in that perfect moment of you seeing your fiance, or looking over at your dad. Let your guests have their hashtag fun at the reception, but ask them to stay in the moment with you when it counts. Your photographer is there to get the shot. We have a variety of ways over on Pinterest to help you get your point across.


Bonus Tip - Most importantly, trust us.  If your photographers come to you with what you think is a crazy idea - trust them! Sometimes the craziest ideas create amazing artwork for your walls. Again, you hired them for a reason...let go, trust them, and just have fun with the whole experience!

Mike & Keegan: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Their adventures together began at RIT over wine. Since then, many more of their adventures involve traveling together, even their engagement on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland where Mike promised Keegan a lifetime of adventure.

In their relationship, they believe that she's the feet on the ground, and he's the head in the clouds. But their sense of adventure is what makes them who they are together. They've now been to 19 states and 3 countries together.

Their engagement session  at Cobbs Hill Reservoir was just another adventure for them (and us!) It included a little rain, a big love ball, and a whole lot of laughs.

They believe that if you can successfully travel with someone, through good and the bad, and make it out the other side still together - then you've found the one for you.

I couldn't agree more. Can't wait for the wedding day adventures!

~ Erin

Amanda & Vince: Black Creek Park Engagement Session

Oh these two. From the minute I heard that they got engaged on the top of the EIffel Tower, I knew they were adventurous and up for anything. They love to travel and they love hiking and exploring with their big love able dogs, Jude and Shadow.

They wanted something of a winter wonderland for their engagement session - but of course, we live in Upstate NY where even in December you never know what you're going to get. They took us to their favorite spot in the woods at Black Creek Park in Chili, and while the day was a little dreary, when we ventured into the woods together none of that mattered. 

I loved the sweet way Vince smiled at Amanda, and then the way she would laugh at him or even on occasion stick her tongue out at him to get him laughing too.

We may have found the right light and background - but they made their engagement session about who they are together. Fun, adventurous but also sweet and romantic all at the same time.

We're just the lucky ones to get to show that off.

~ Erin

Stephanie and Ryan: Webster Park Fall Engagement Session

Ryan and Stephanie love hiking, camping and trying new beers together. They're also fun and adventurous and absolutely love being a part of each other's world.

They fit together like milk and cookies. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like macaroni and cheese. Like...ok, ok, you get the idea. And let's be honest, they should - they're high school sweethearts. They are so comfortable together and with others, that I'd nearly forgotten that I've actually only met them once before.

Photographing their engagement session was so relaxed, natural and fun. A picnic, some beers and a blanket on a gorgeous fall evening? Swoon.... they're clearly my kind of people.

I'm so glad to be a small part of telling their story.

~ Erin

Lisa and Brandon: Letchworth State Park Engagement Session

Brandon and Lisa are comfortable and perfectly relaxed together, they should be, they've known each other practically forever. It's safe to say they've been together as long as they've known each other. They met as kids in 5th grade, and began in high school.

So being engaged was just as natural progression to them being together. And their engagement session at Letchworth State Park was a night full of fun, laughs and love.

I loved watching them together - how Brandon would let his goofy side out, and Lisa would join right in. But then a few moments later, they would wrap up in each other as though no one else was around.

It was a relaxed, beautiful night with beautiful people in love. Can't wait to see them when they take their next steps together as husband and wife!

 ~ Erin

Courtney and Scott: Rochester NY Engagement Session at Amore

I'll admit it, I wasn't sure what to expect when Courtney mentioned they'd like to do their engagement session at Amore. I mean, it's in a Wegmans after all. I knew that technically it's set apart from the grocery store, but there was something odd about pulling into the grocery store parking lot to photograph something so romantic.

But Scott and Courtney spend a lot of time at the bar at Amore, so it really fit them perfectly. And the bar setting gave us sooooo many intimate and beautiful options! You seriously can't even tell there's a bustle of activity happening just steps away.

After a glass of wine, we ended our evening at Cobbs Hill with a little greener setting. It was so fun to watch them go from romantic to a more playful side as our time together concluded.

We're so thrilled to be able to witness and capture their upcoming wedding day. We've known Courtney for awhile, and have already been to one of their family's weddings - so I know this wedding will be just as amazing!

Springtime Fun: Rochester NY Photography

Easter makes me think of two things - spring and family.

I think of Spring because of muddy Easter egg hunts, or splashing in the puddles of the melting snow. I think of the warmth of the sun and getting outside to stretch our legs again after a cold winter. Photographically, it makes me think of beautiful spring flowers for gorgeous backdrops.

It makes me think of family - mine and yours. I love photographing new families as their "littles" explore the daffodils in the park or head to the playground for the first time in months. I think about the newness of everything. New life, new experiences, new engagements.

If you can't tell, Spring is my absolute favorite time of year! And I can't wait to photograph all of our spring family sessions and engagement sessions. Thank you for following along with us!

Happy Easter!

Bill & Stacy: Winter Engagement Session

The whole month of December was unusually warm... except for the one day that Bill and Stacy were in town for their engagement session.

We wandered around High Falls, looking for warmth and great light for photographs. We found at least one of the two easily. With stop in La Luna for a warm up, we all persevered despite frozen fingers, toes and cameras. We even had a little bit of fun too.

I'd like to be cute and say their love kept them warm, but I think it was actually the random jumping jacks and then the beer at the Genesee Brew House.

So excited for their warm, May wedding! Emphasis on "warm"! Check out some of our favorites, and leave Bill and Stacy some love and well wishes too! 
~ Erin

Alex & Rachael : Engagement at George Eastman House

We are so excited to photograph the wedding of Alex and Rachael this summer near their home in Boston! I've known Alex since college, and am so happy for him, that he's found the love of his life. Rachael, a science teacher, is a lot of fun to be around and loves pictures! We get along well. :)

They came to visit us recently, so naturally, we set up some time for an engagement session. They wanted to get a little bit dressed up, so we suggested the George Eastman House as a perfect location to compliment their style. And compliment it did! I just love the architecture and gardens, they give us so many options for amazing images!

And Rachael's blue dress? Doesn't she look stunning? These two are are adorable together.

Thanks so much for hanging out in front of our lenses! We're so excited for you, and can't wait for the big day!

Love ya,


Kyle & Alicia, and Caleb too : Rochester NY Engagement Session


My baby brother's gettinnnng marrrieeed! Eeee! Yay! Woo hoo! Sorry - I'll try to rein in my excitement a little bit. Woot! (Whispered).

Seriously though, in June my brother Kyle is going to marry Alicia. Together with my awesome nephew, Caleb, they kept us laughing and having fun on our way through the Lamberton Conservatory for their engagement-slash-family session. I can't believe how fast Caleb's growing up in front of our eyes, and am so excited to see where the future leads him.

To my brudder and his beautiful fiance - I'm so excited for you both, and am so honored to be a part of this time with you. Love you! ~ Erin

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Rochester NY Engagement Session, Highland Park Engagement Session, Lamberton Conservatory Rochester NY Engagement Session, Highland Park Engagement Session, Lamberton Conservatory Rochester NY Engagement Session, Highland Park Engagement Session, Lamberton ConservatoryRochester NY Engagement Session, Highland Park Engagement Session, Lamberton Conservatory

Rochester NY Engagement Session, Highland Park Engagement Session, Lamberton Conservatory