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Pittsford NY Family Portraits: Pittsford Dairy Farms

It’s the dead of winter, the time of year when it starts to get harder to see the grey skies every single day. Personally, winter isn’t my thing. I prefer spring time and summer to this bundling up.

But then I photograph an awesome family like this and I think “ok, yes, maybe winter can be bright and happy.”

I mean, they were the perfect amount of giggles and hugs and fun with a hot chocolate break in the middle. A little goofy fun mixed with a whole lot of love. They made photographing a winter family portrait session look easy.

And when the snow fell lightly at the right moment, adding just a touch of season to the images - perfection all around.

See for yourself!


2017 Portrait Membership Year in Review: Rochester NY

January is the month of planning. But while we are busy figuring out this year's membership events, we also like to take a minute to look back. Look back on all the moments we experienced together, all the memories we made, and all the smiles we've captured for eternity. 

So much happens in 365 days. Physical and emotional growth is fun to witness, and you can see it on some of the faces here. Life is messy and chaotic, but that doesn't mean it's not worth remembering.

There is such innocence in a child playing in a puddle, or dirt, or the pool. Our membership program allows us to capture these "outside the studio box" experiences. Check out some of the awesome family moments we caught this year!

We got dirty

We played in the cold and wet, willingly!


We made music and crafts

We played, and played, and played.


We got really into some books


We found fairies, apples and pumpkins and made new friends along the way


We wore costumes, smiles and laughs


To all our members: Thank you for doing your thing, and letting us preserve these simple, but beautiful childhood memories for you. 


If you aren't a member... what the heck are you waiting for? There is no time to waste, jump in and join the fun. You won't regret joining, you'll only be sad you didn't join sooner!

See you soon,
Lori and Erin

Family and Yoga Portraits in Brighton NY

Various hobbies, likes and dislikes are everything that makes each family we photograph unique. This family, they have a lot of everything going on from gymnastics, to guitar, yoga, basketball, and lacrosse - you name it, they do it all!

I had the pleasure of photographing this happy and fun bunch for the Houston-Barnard Living magazine, and it was truly a joy. Those two adorable dachshunds didn't hurt anything either! 

Say hello to Aimee, Peter and their clan! I hope to see you all again very soon!

Puddles & Playdough: Home Family Session with two young boys

Any session that ends in a hug is a great session.

Three year old Cruz wasn't sure about me when I first walked in, but after playing in the puddles and running down the sidewalk, he was ready to be my photo assistant. 

He and brother Julian are all you'd expect out of 1 and 3 year old boys. They don't sit still (for any length of time) and love to play! Making play dough in the kitchen and cutting out shapes was a great family activity. It was also the easiest way to slow them down, if only temporarily. This authenticity is what I love about family photos - real, every day fun.

At the end, as I packed up and headed out to leave this Rochester, NY portrait session, Cruz came running across the house with a hug for me. The feeling is mutual little friend!

Hope to see you again soon!

Happy Father's Day: Fairport NY Photography

We talk to a lot of moms, and we talk a lot about Moms. Maybe it's because I am one, so I can pretty easily empathize and share in how they feel on a daily basis.

But don't think we haven't noticed you Dads. We're so honored to know and photograph amazing Fathers - whether part of our Membership program, or a normal family portrait session, or even at a wedding.

We see the playful laughter you provide when you start a tickle fight. We see the way your eyes light up as your kids learn and discover something new. We see the quiet moments you share with them that otherwise might be hidden from view - the cuddles, the kisses, the bedtime stories.

We see the pride and joy on a job well done in your face as they graduate. We see the stoicism and more often than not, the tears as you walk them down the aisle as adults.

You may not have carried them in the womb, but you're there for everything else. I believe it is because you also know that these days are fleeting. Today we thank you for being open with us, and for allowing us a glimpse of the relationship you have with your children.

Happy Father's Day to all of our amazing Dads!

~ Erin

Baby W and Family: Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

A newborn session can be tricky. Sometimes the new bundle of joy isn't sleepy, or is in the middle of a growth spurt and wants to do nothing but eat, eat eat.

This one week old little munchkin fit this description perfectly. But truth be told, this is real life with a newborn baby. It's most definitely not all sleepy baby poses, placed in baskets and props.

And we're here to tell you that's ok.

We've tried that form of newborn session, and while they are ridiculously adorable, we actually prefer showing you the beauty in your real life. We want to capture the way you look at him through tired, but beaming eyes full of love. Or the way you as new parents, look at each other.

So even though he didn't give us much time as a sleepy baby, he did give us a chance to capture this family's love for him as they kept him cuddled close.

Congratulations Meghan and Ian on your beautiful baby boy!!

~ Erin

One Week New: Fairport NY Portrait Photography

Witnessing our wedding couples start their families is by far one of the best parts of this job. There's no better times to be a part of a family's life - the day they get married, and when they become a family of three.

This little one is only one week old and already the brightest star in Gail and Greg's sky. I could feel their happiness to be parents from the moment we arrived. Every time they looked down at her tiny little face, their own faces lit up with love.

It's hard to believe such a small bundle can change your world so completely. Greg and Gail, congratulations on your perfectly sleepy little lady! We can't wait to capture her as she grows!

~ Erin