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Portrait Membership Program: Earth Day at the Zoo

Well from what I’ve gathered, the earth doesn’t much care if the weather is cold on Earth Day. Thankfully, a few of our members weren’t worried too much about it either.

The perk of a chilly day for our Zoo event though? The zoo wasn’t all that crowded. :)

As a mom, it’s one of the places we regularly visit throughout the year. It only made sense that one day our membership program would wind up there too! It just seems right that one of the places you enjoy time together as a family would be the zoo.

So we had our fill of the elephants and the giraffes at the Seneca Park Zoo. Because it was the Zoo’s Earth Day event we also had the opportunity to have a tree to plant or some wildflower seeds to start a butterfly garden.

So even though the weather didn’t want to be sunshine and rainbows, we made the best of a gray day.

Join us next month for a return of one of our favorite events - a planting party at Lucas Greenhouses!

Apple Picking at The Apple Farm: Portrait Membership Program

Wow - what a night we just had for our Apple Picking membership event. The craziness of chasing families through the apple orchards was so much fun! When I say chasing, I mean some of the kids were literally racing through the rows of trees. And yes, mine was one of them.

This is our second year of this particular event and it was also our most attended ever. The Apple Farm in Victor is a great stop for apples and pumpkins, and we took advantage of a great Sunday afternoon with each one.

At one point I heard my husband say “wow, this is actually kind of surreal.” and I asked him to explain. He went on to talk about how we’ve watched not only our own child grow and change from year to year - but each of the other kids and other families as well.

We know more than their names. We know their favorite stuffed animal’s names, we know which ones love to run and which ones love to snuggle and be shy. We know how to get some of them laughing, and we’ve watched each one come out of their shell a little more each month.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of so many families lives. We’ve watched them let their guard down and share real, unposed moments in front of us. It’s a privilege that comes with time and a growing relationship because of our membership program.

Thank you to our families for coming out, and enjoying time with each other, and letting us be part of the fun too.

~ Erin

PS - if you want to see what this program is all about, join us at our next event on October 28th at Wickham Farms!

Mud, Bubbles & Outdoor Fun: Family Portraits

It didn't take long for these kiddos to get dirty... but what do you expect when you are at one of their favorite parks?

From chalk to bubbles, and just enjoying the stream that runs through Corbetts Glen, this session was non-stop from start to finish. We were celebrating Chris and Melissa's 10th Anniversary while the kids ran around and played. 

A little love, a little laughter, and maybe at the end... well, sometimes three year olds don't do what you ask. Did you know that?  :)

But the photos tell a great story, 10 years of marriage and two kids later, congrats Melissa and Chris!


Membership Events: Pool Party Fun in Fairport

Outside the weather was, gray and rainy, as most March days can be. But inside the Perinton Recreation Center the pool was cozy and warm. A perfect afternoon for the families of our membership program. 

Even the littlest VIP's in our membership program had fun with their parents splashing in the pool. There's somewhere to play for every age. So if you've never visited this aquatics center - you definitely should!

Enjoy some of the moments from the event - and join us next month!

~ Erin

A Family Yearbook: Our Membership Book

Megan has been a part of the Lori and Erin family for a few years now. It's been a joy to not only photograph her wedding day, but her family as well, which includes their spunky little two year old Mikaela.

They were one of the first to join our Portrait Membership Program. I love that they took advantage of every opportunity to capture their family together (more than to just update Christmas card photo.)

We could always count on seeing them at our events. It gave us more chances to watch Mikaela grow and play, and to give Megan and Jeff the chance to play with her without a cell phone in hand to take pictures.

Then there's this book. In a nutshell, it's like a family yearbook. Every year, for as long as they stay members, they're going to receive a book like the one below. It's FULL of pictures from each event they attended, and from each session they had throughout the last year.

What better gift is there to receive at Christmastime? It's not a disc of images, that will fail to work in 10 years, but rather treasured memories, in print. Tangible and real.

And for the moment, these memories are still fresh in their minds. But when Mikaela grows up, and looks back at these yearly books, she'll see how much she's loved. To me, that's priceless.

~ Erin

PS - if you're interested in learning more about the program - Check it out here!

Theo at 6 months old: Rochester NY Family Portraits

I love family portraits and time at home! 

This little man has his mom, dad, and dogs completely wrapped around his adorable little fingers. Theo is one of happiest babies I have ever met. He loves to smile and giggle, whether it's at mom or one of his two lovable pups. He also loves reading and showing off his sitting skills, as you'll see. He's already starting to move, so watch out world! Here comes Theo.


Tip #1 : Get on their Level!

Our goal is to help you treasure your family through photography. While we want to be the ones capturing your most precious memories, we know that we can't be with you every day. So, we are starting a new series of monthly photo tips to help you take better photos when we are not around. Here is the first installment! Make sure you never miss a Tip by signing up for our Monthly E-Newsletter here.

Our first tip is for grandparents and parents, or anyone who likes to photograph little people:

Get down on the ground with them!

This image of Erin's son, Lucas, is really engaging because it is shot at eye level and he is looking right into the camera – which makes it look like he is looking right at you, the viewer!

This image of Erin's son, Lucas, is really engaging because it is shot at eye level and he is looking right into the camera – which makes it look like he is looking right at you, the viewer!

If you are photographing children, crouch down or sit down so you can be eye level with them before you click the shutter. Here's why:

  • They will be more engaged
  • Body proportions will be more accurate
  • You will fill more of the frame

This is a really simple tip to apply. Your choice of camera or lens doesn't matter. All you need to do is:

  • Squat, crouch, or bend your knees until you are eye level with your favorite little person
  • Bad knees? Try sitting on a couch or stool to get to the right height.
  • Wait for that perfect giggle, and snap away!

Bonus: this also applies if you are photographing your pet!

This image shows Lucas surrounded by his toys, but he is less interested in looking up at the camera, he looks small in the space and it is not nearly as engaging as the first image.

This image shows Lucas surrounded by his toys, but he is less interested in looking up at the camera, he looks small in the space and it is not nearly as engaging as the first image.

I hope you enjoyed our first tip! Try it out, and share your results with us on our Facebook page! And don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter so you don't miss the next tip! And if you have a question, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for being here!

Nora: 6 Month Old Brighton NY Children's Photography

This peanut is my favorite 6 month old these days. My niece, Nora is starting to show off her little personality lately, and I love it. In between me sneaking hugs, we captured her smile at the 6 month old stage. 

I've come to realize that there's nothing truly like a baby smiling and laughing at you. So it was the highlight of my day to get to see her and cuddle her - and photograph her of course.

We played in the grass, did some tummy time, and tried to eat toys (well, she did, I watched), and in the end came away with some adorable new images to add to her first year book.

Here's a few of my personal favorites! ~ Erin

Mini Sessions are Back! Rochester NY Portrait Sessions


The calendars about to switch from October to November. It's nearing the holiday season, which is sure to be filled with fun family festivities. For us, as your families gather, that means a very fun month ahead. We're excited to share in the holiday spirit with you, and doubly excited to announce our Holiday Mini Sessions for 2015 on November 22, 2014! This is a great, quick way to update your family's portrait, or even celebrate an engagement.  It's an event for all ages! Along with that, a portion of each mini session we book, will go to charity.

To summarize - great images for a great cause! Check out the details - and sign up for your spot today.

You can find more information and sign up for your spot here: 2015 Mini Sessions

While you're here, check out a bit of the fun we're having this fall. We can't wait to see you soon!  :)