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Rochester NY Engagement Photography: Carol and Jeff, Turning Point Park

Carol and Jeff love to be outdoors, biking, hiking and being together at Ontario Beach Park at sunset. So it seemed like a no brainer to schedule their Rochester engagement session at the beach. But when we got there, we realized quickly that we would not be alone. Us, and the rest of Rochester had flocked to the beach for one of their most popular Concerts by the Shore on this particular summer night.

It was chaos, and we knew right away that this was not the idyllic sunset-y story we wanted to tell. Rather than fight the throngs of beach goers to make their engagement session happen on the beach we all decided to change the story and head down the road to Turning Point Park.

I am so glad that Carol and Jeff are expert level pivoters, and willing to go with the flow, because what we ended up capturing was pure magic at golden hour in Rochester. See what I mean?

Ventosa Vineyards Wedding, Advice for Wedding Couples from Sara and Larry

Sara and Larry’s Ventosa Wedding was like being at one of our own family weddings. These two and their families made us feel so at home. So when they said they wanted to write up some advice for wedding couples I was so excited. But when we saw what they wrote, I swear it put us over the moon with happiness. We’re so, so honored and I swear to everything, we did not solicit these exact words.

Read on to find their advice for engaged couples:

I have so many favorite pictures, but I  wanted to share the one I attached because I love how it captures so much happiness and fun! I honestly believe that the most important part of our wedding was having you guys share the day with us. 

Sara's advice: Do not, under any circumstances, skimp on having the BEST photographers.  This is the most important decision you can make for your wedding. Having an amazing venue is certainly extremely important, but even with the best venue, if you and your photographers don't mesh, or if they don't share your wedding day vision, you will miss out on so much you didn't know was happening throughout the day. 

Larry's advice: Take time and enjoy the day because it really does fly by!


Thank you, Sara and Larry, for your amazing words. Are you one of our past couples? Would you like to share your favorites with us? Just get in touch - we’d love to hear in your words what your favorites were!

The Wedding Highlight Reel 2018: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

What an amazing year 2018 was for our wedding couples. Normally our wedding season begins in the spring, but not last year. In 2018 we actually had our wedding season start in January with a windy 50 degree day for Ryan and Stephanie. So you can imagine how many amazing moments we were able to capture.

The thing you’ll notice most about them, is that they’re full of emotion, love, family and friends and fun. Nothing makes us happier than capturing these real moments for you.

The emotions shared are real - tears of joy, laughter and excitement. The moments are real - they won at the casino, they danced and played air guitar with broomsticks, the flower girl chased the flower petals that blew away. The bridal parties were always fun and supportive.

It was truly an amazing year, filled with wedding couples that we believe we were meant to meet and share their day with. It’s always an honor to be asked to photograph these moments that truly cannot be replaced.

So if you were one of our 2018 couples - thank you for your trust and for being amazing human beings. We’re honored and grateful for you every single day.

~ Lori and Erin

Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn: Amber & Jason

They are sweet and quiet together, but also seek out adventure. I'm currently pretty jealous of their adventurous honeymoon out west visiting places like Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

It was an honor to capture and witness Amber and Jason's emotion filled wedding day. It's been a very long time since I've seen so many happy tears from nearly everyone in attendance. What a blessing to be loved so hard by so many people! It was so special.

Their sweet ceremony at Greece Assembly of God felt so inviting and warm. When they each saw each other at the end of the aisle, there were so many emotions. Naturally, I love, love, love capturing real emotions.

It's their story, and it's full of happy tears. The emotions continued to flow freely at Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn in Caledonia. Lori and I could have spent hours upon hours photographing Amber and Jason on these grounds. There are soooooooo many unique places and beautiful spaces to be used.

But alas, they had a party to enjoy, and enjoy they did. The toasts were lovely, dinner delicious and dance floor rocked all night. It was an amazing event for an amazing couple joining their families together.

Congratulations Jason and Amber!

Vendor Love
Ceremony Venue: Greece Assembly of God
Florist: Pittsford Wegmans
Wedding Dress: Bridal Belle, Morielle
Reception Venue: Jerris Wadsworth Wedding Barn
Caterer: Colby's Catering
DJ: TrueLife Sounds

Ventosa Vineyards Wedding: Matt and Sarah

Matt proposed to Sarah on a weekend trip to visit her family here in New York. I think she knew it was coming, but wasn't expecting it that particular weekend, in front of the family she loved.

Then, in front of everyone they loved they said their vows and began their marriage. It was the perfect June day for a Finger Lakes wedding.

Getting ready in Sarah's hotel room felt peaceful from the minute we arrived. They laughed, ate and put the final touches on their makeup as if this was any other Saturday.

Their first look was priceless, Matt's reaction couldn't have been more perfect. And he gave her that same look of love as she walked down the aisle as the ceremony began.

They took it all in, every minute they could, with laugher and love felt emotions for all who came to celebrate with them.

And that sunset walk in the vineyards - yes, please!

Matt and Sarah - thank you for allowing us to share this time with you and congratulations again!

~ Erin

The Vendor Team
Hair Stylist: Julie Pagano
Makeup Artist: Bridal Biz, Linda Vaskoski Howard
Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Wedding Venue: Ventosa Vineyards
Officiant: Peter Sielaff
Entertainment: Nathan Baker, Fingerlakes Entertainment
Florist: In Bloom Florals
Bakery: Felicia's Atomic Brewhouse & Bakery

The Arbor Loft, Paul and Steph: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Stephanie and Paul have been together for over ten years, since meeting at RIT. Despite the long courtship, their engagement was pretty brief. With so much going on in their lives, Steph didn’t want to drag out the planning. By the way everything pulled together, you’d never know that it was planned in 6 months!

The floral decor was excellently executed by I do Wedding flowers and complimented the feel of the Arbor Loft perfectly. The food, vegan, was delectable. The crowd was full of smiles, and Paul and Steph were full of laughs. It was such a wonderful evening, no one even noticed the rain.

Paul and Steph, I am so glad to be able to call you friends, and so excited to be there with you as you continue this journey together. Congratulations!! 


The Vendor Team!
Venue: The Arbor Loft
Coordinators/Planners: Laura Bliss and Agathi & Co.
Florist: I Do Wedding Flowers, Nicole Beryle
DJ: Showcase Sound
Officiant: Willie Osterman
Wedding Dress: Bridal Chateau
Hair & Makeup: Gallery Salon
Groomsmen Attire: Incognito Menswear
Bridesmaids Attire: David's Bridal
Catering: Orange Glory Cafe
Bakery: Get Caked
Stationary: Etsy

Colgate Divinity School: Heirloom Album

Before they'd even seen their wedding photographs, Ryan and Stephanie knew they wanted to remember their Rochester NY Wedding for generations to come. Even more importantly, they realized they would need a way to do that; one that held a greater value than a drive of digital files.

Cue their signature heirloom album. They will be able to feel the feelings of their wedding day over and over again within the pages of this album. Not just now, but years from now when they're sharing their experience with their theoretical children.

There is something special about physically holding your memories in your hands. It's an experience, and a feeling you cannot recreate with a thumb drive.

This classic slate grey album will be what they turn to on their tenth anniversary.

The story inside is uniquely theirs, and we are so grateful to be able to tell it the way it deserves to be shared.

~ Erin


Casa Larga Wedding Album: Fairport NY Weddings

We're so glad to be able to create an heirloom that tells they story you lived. We want to do it justice, but sometimes it can be a challenge to fit all of the amazingness into just thirty pages. We take hundreds of images on a wedding day, so we know it can be hard to narrow them down.

But Katie and Roman selected their favorites, and they all went together to tell the story of their wedding day in their heirloom to treasure. From their church ceremony in Greece to the reception across town in Fairport at Casa Larga, the story was theirs to tell.

So while they relive it in this beautiful album, you can check it out on their blog post from earlier this year. As always, it's our hope that you'll print your own stories, and if you need help - call us!

~ Erin

Chris & Nicole: Spencerport Wedding Album

It's perfect timing. Just as our wedding season is getting underway for the year, we're delivering last year's wedding albums to our couples.

Like this album from Chris and Nicole's summer Plantation Party House wedding.

The matte photo cover and horizontal layout has been immensely popular this year. And as usual, the story inside tells of love - between the Bride and Goom, and for their whole family, some of which have sadly passed since their day.

I hope it will bring them joy to them to open these pages and relive their beautiful wedding day as their first anniversary approaches.

Thank you Chris and Nicole for letting us tell your wedding day story!

~ Erin


Who Needs Tradition? Rochester NY Wedding Photography

When you think of weddings, your first thoughts probably go to a father walking a bride down the aisle, to greet her groom who is seeing her for the first time, while bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests look on adoringly. It's tradition, right?

Traditions are a beautiful thing, I love all of the ritual a wedding brings. But I also love it when a couple decides to shake things up and throw traditions aside too.

A wedding day doesn't have to stick to a script, allowing couples to add their own unique touches to a day that's solely meant for them.

Here's a few favorites as well fun ideas that we've had the pleasure of capturing:

When your son gets the honor of walking you down the aisle. It's a special treat for him and a treasured moment for years to come.

Or when you and your spouse to be decide to walk each other down the aisle - as equals and partners.

Rather than spend money on flowers that have no meaning, create your beautiful bouquet out of pages of your favorite love story. Then go a step further and give your bridesmaids beautiful, oversized paper roses. It's a personal, meaningful touch of uniqueness.

Can you tell that the Groom here has a Best Woman? Or that the Bride has a Man of Honor? Yep, anything goes in the bridal party too. From colors to styles to who stands up next to you.

Who says a bride has to wear all white? Or for that matter, that someone has to wear a tux? Colorful and bright, these brides were beautiful and full of love.

No matter what, whether you break tradition or not, your day will be special and unique. Because there's no other couple just like you.


Engagement sessions of 2016: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

Ok, I know. It's February, and it's time to move on from 2016. I'm working on it, I swear. But I can't move into 2017 without acknowledging some of my favorite images from our 2016 engagement sessions.

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. It's all the love and beauty of a wedding day, with more time than a wedding day can sometimes allow.

We traveled everywhere from Syracuse to Letchworth sharing our couples stories and capturing who they are together. These were couples from 2016, but also some happen to be our amazing 2017 (or 2018!) wedding couples.

Judging from the gorgeousness of their engagement sessions, it's going to be a beautiful year.

~ Erin