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Bright Heirloom Wedding Album: Patrick and Laura

Sing with me now - “It’s the most wonderful timmmmme of the year!”

As fun as it is, I’m not singing about Christmas. It’s album delivery season!

The weddings are done for the year, which you might think means I to sit back and eat Christmas cookies from here on out.

Nah, not me. I sit back, eat Christmas cookies and design custom wedding albums. Albums like Laura and Patrick's from their gorgeous July wedding in Geneva NY at Ventosa Vineyards.

The bright, blue sky and amazing sunset on their wedding day just shines colorfully in this album. I know they’re excited to have it, to cherish those moments and someday hand them down to their own children.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving yourself the gift of a wedding album, trust us, it’s worth it. It will only increase in value to you as the years pass by.

In their own words:

“Having photos in an album truly brings life to them and does not compare to looking at them online.”

We couldn’t agree more.

~ Erin

5 Years and Counting: Happy Anniversary Us!

So often we get caught up in the daily tasks of running a business that we forget to step back and look at all we've actually accomplished.

But not today. Today we're celebrating a milestone anniversary of us. Five years ago today, we made "Lori & Erin" official in the eyes of New York State - and we haven't looked back. In this industry, so many of us are independent and prefer to go it alone. So, finding a photography partnership can be a little like finding a unicorn. It's something rare.

For those that don't know our story, you can check out the recap in this post from earlier this week. Whether it was the Almighty, Buddha, or Yoda using The Force, I believe that finding each other and creating this business was meant to happen.

We've set goals and faced challenges. We've grown together, as well as individually into who we are and why we do it. We aren't the same people who started this journey. We're stronger and smarter and maybe a little bit crazier (in a good way). And all because we had an idea of a partnership over five years ago.

And it's also because of you. Looking back on all of these sessions has been wonderful. We're so grateful for each of your smiles. You have helped us grow. Thank you for putting your trust in us, year after year to help you treasure your relationships forever.

Here's to another five years!

Lori & Erin

PS - Here's a video recap of ALL five years, are you in it? 



Tips for Photography on Rainy Wedding Days: Rochester NY Photographers

If there's anything you know you can't control about your wedding day, it's the weather. Unless you know a secret rain dance that we don't know, it's always a possibility. So you may as well face it, rain happens.

But there are a few things you can do in advance of the big day to calm your rainy day nerves.

1 ) Umbrellas - you want outdoor pictures, but it's raining? Ok cool, let's get some umbrellas to have fun with. Bridal parties and umbrella add another element for us to work with. And they're also fun to kiss under.

2) Scouting - Let's do some research in advance. Is there a covered area to work with? Maybe an over hang on a city building? One time we actually traveled around the city using multiple covered areas and coffee shops - and it was a lot of fun!

3) Have a back up - Does your venue have an indoor option for your ceremony, and maybe unused rooms where we can go with the bridal party for pictures? Or is there another location we can go to? It's all about the pre-planning.


3) Don't stress - One thing I know about weddings. Nothing ever happens without the bride and groom. So if your outdoor ceremony has to wait for a rain shower to pass? Take the 10 minutes and wait it out. Your guests will understand. 

Besides that your photographer (us, we hope) should know how to light an indoor space, as well as be able to pose your group for the best possible indoor images if necessary.

So don't stress, everything will work itself out. 

4) Go with it! - Your wedding day, is your wedding day. Don't let a thing like the weather stress you out and ruin your memories of it. Sometimes, you just have to embrace whatever the day gives you - even if it means playing in the rain.

Reflections in puddles? Fun! Umbrellas? Great! Get soaked like a scene from "The Notebook"? AWESOME.

Wedding days are meant to be enjoyed, no matter what the circumstances. So enjoy!

~ Erin

Courtney & Scott: Genesee Valley Club Wedding Photography

Courtney and Scott's wedding day was a beautiful way for our 2016 wedding season to wind down. Yes, it was a little colder than we'd have liked it to be, but as we've already learned this year - controlling the weather is beyond our capabilities.

The ladies prepped in the beautiful rooms upstairs at their chosen venue - the Genesee Valley Club. Scott and his guys began at their home. Between them both, they all looked amazingly sophisticated and elegant as they headed down East Avenue to the ceremony at Asbury First.

When they saw each other for the first time, you could visibly see their happiness and their emotions finally shine. They were finally marrying, and they had everyone they loved there with them to share it with.

We then sped through a few bridal party portraits back at GVC (Genesee Valley Club). The temperatures forced us inside early, but that's ok as the fun was really just beginning as the reception began.

Emotional toasts, fun dancing and another awesome drum solo by Courtney's dad topped the night off. There was so much love and fun all around for the newlyweds.

Courtney and Scott, thank you for inviting us into your lives to capture your day. It's an honor to know you, and we look forward to seeing where your story takes you next!

Cheers to you,

Hat's off to these awesome vendors!
Hair: Tracy Karnath and Tiffany Karnath-Torres
Makeup: Michelle Rauber, Rock Paper Scissors Salon
Ceremony Venue: Asbury First United Methodist, Stephen Cady
Ceremony Musicians: Jessie Keim & Maxine Sturyevant
Florist: Fioravanti Florist
Stationary: Julie Green,
Reception Venue: Genesee Valley Club
Reception Band: Nik Lite
Videographer: Jacquelyn Daley Photography
Photography: Lori & Erin

An Open Letter to our Couples: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

As we conclude another amazing wedding season, I have to admit, I am a little sad.  

It's an interesting thing being a wedding photographer. It is way more than just a job. It's an emotional investment in our clients. They become our family, and sometimes, we become theirs.  

Before every wedding, we get to know our couple. Often times, we also get to know a parent or best friend that is helping with the planning as well. We learn about their love for each other, and the family and friends who will be celebrating with them and/or who will be standing by their side in the bridal party.

On the wedding day, we meet all of the people that are so special to our couples. We get to see the family love, and occasionally a touch of family drama. (Don't worry, everyone has some.) We capture both raw emotions and family portraits. We also photograph the little details that otherwise might go unnoticed, like Dad making sure that everyone's ties are straight.

By the end of the day, I know who is who, learned many new names and faces, and heard beautiful stories through out toasts and casual conversations with guests. I feel like I know my couple that much better, and now I know the people they love the most. 

This past weekend, the groom's sister invited me to dance with her. A random friend complimented us, and as we left, the hugs we exchanged were so tight, I really felt like we were part of the family.

It was after that I realized, this wasn't the only time I have felt that. With every wedding, our family grows.  So when we call you "our couples", we really mean "our families". And with every wedding, I wish the same thing for the Bride and Groom - happiness, friendship, and love forever. 

So to our couples, thank you for being part of our family, and for welcoming us into yours. We treasure you.  

~ Lori & Erin

Lisa and Rich: Italian American Community Center Wedding

Lisa and Rich's wedding day was all about having fun together. It's easy to see that they're crazy for each other, and they wanted to have fun celebrating it with their many family and friends.

There was a little nervous excitement at the house with Lisa as she got dressed. But as soon as she saw Rich at the end of the aisle?  Perfection.

We captured so many laughs, smiles, and sweet moments between them throughout the ceremony and well into the evening at the Italian American Community Center in Rochester, NY. Honestly, it was hard to choose what to show here, because there were so many great moments!

Laughter was the presiding theme all day long. They laughed together from the start of the ceremony, all the way through the dances at the reception. One of my favorite parts of this wedding, were the toasts. They were comical and sweet all at the same time. All of their laughter made their wedding day a great experience for us to photograph.

Lisa & Rich - I'm so honored that you chose us to photograph this important day for you. You're truly a beautiful and fun couple, inside and out. Congratulations, on a wonderful wedding day! I wish you a lifetime of love and and lots of laughter together! 
~ Erin

These Vendors Helped Make This Day
Hair & Makeup Stylist: Jacqueline Moyer
Ceremony Venue: Ogden Presbyterian Church, Spencerport NY
Ceremony Musicians: Marian Smith
Florist: Rockcastle Florist
Officiant: Brian Wallace
Photography Location: Village of Spencerport
Transportation: LeGault Limousine
Reception Venue: Italian American Community Center
Bakery: Etna Pastry Shop
Entertainment: Moondance Music

A Friday Favorite: Winery Wedding in Fairport NY


Winery weddings offer so much potential for amazing images. This wedding at Casa Larga Vineyards was so beautiful. I enjoyed it so much that many of our favorite images from last year came from Brittney and Nate's wedding. I love this image in particular, because you can very clearly see how beautiful their relationship is. In this shot it's as if we're peeking in on them. Lori saw this image through her lens and knew it fit them perfectly.

I love landscape photography, it can be breath taking and awe inspiring. But it's not my favorite subject to shoot. Give me a beautiful landscape and put a gorgeous couple in love in there as well? Now, I'm interested. Here the framing of the vines sets the scene for us and the setting sun created that perfect glow – but it's the couple over flowing with happiness that truly makes the image for me. ~ Erin

We've been published! : A vintage elopement, rochester ny wedding photography

We're so excited!  We've been published! It's an exciting first for us, of hopefully many more to come. Megan and Stace's vintage style elopement at the Edward Harris House Inn has been published by Beauty & Lifestyle Bride Magazine. Check it out! If you know them, tell them they're famous!

Here's the link to the full feature.  Enjoy!

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