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Why I threw out my wedding photos

Yeah, I said that. And yes - I really did just throw them away. As a photographer, it was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Your current thoughts probably range from - "Ok?" to "What the $%&*? Erin - WHY?!"

Well... because they were useless to me.

Before you think my marriage just went down the drain, step away from the phone and refrain from texting me like a crazy person. I'm still happily married. I promise.

But, I really did throw away my wedding pictures. At least - the two burned CD's that they were living on in the bottom drawer of my desk. I know, they weren't even in a safe place.

I have the files still, I moved them to three different locations years ago. But the CD's were useless to me.

I threw them away because I don't have a device in my home that's capable of reading them anymore. Which is exactly what we've been preaching to our wedding clients and families for years now.

It's also why I made a wedding album. It's why I made a tangible, printed heirloom - so that one day, I won't have to realize that I have no way to share in the joy of those memories.

If you've got discs of photos lying around that you've never done anything with, I'm not surprised. If you want help making those discs into heirlooms - give us a call.

So that one day, you won't have to throw away your memories.

~ Erin


Tears on the Altar: Pittsford NY Wedding Photography

At this point in my career, I've been witness to many, many weddings. Whether lavish with oodles of guests or small and intimate, each one is beautiful.

But this moment took beautiful to a whole new level for me.

I knew in advance when I arrived to the church for Angela and Joe's wedding that there would be no guests in attendance. I knew they wanted it to be just them, the Pastor and God as they said their vows.

But I wasn't prepared for the awe that would make me feel. As Angela walked down the aisle towards Joe, the power of the intimacy and quiet in the room overtook us all. 

It was a truly beautiful moment. It was raw and real, and will stay with me for a very long time.

Without the nerves of being on the spot in front of a crowded church, they were able to allow themselves to really be in the moment with each other. They allowed themselves to shed tears of joy on the altar together.

And as I wiped my own tears away (sob), I captured the moment for them to relive together forever.

~ Erin

PS - To see more about this love filled ceremony and the ice cream date that followed, check out Angela and Joe's full blog post!