Norvella and Cindi: Anniversary Session at Durand Eastman Beach

They’ve been married now for five years, but this was the first time they’d seen each other in their wedding attire. You see, five years ago they went to City Hall and eloped - no photographer, just them, and officiant and witness. They never really got the chance to have the wedding day they had always wanted.

So for their anniversary, they decided to gift themselves this evening together. They got glammed up and we set up a special “first look” for them at their portrait session.

These two make me smile. A lot. They’re fun and sweet and a little bit sassy together, and I loved every minute of their session as the loved on each other at Durand Eastman Beach. It was a well deserved moment for the two of them, one which I was thrilled to play a role in. Cheers Norvella and Cindi on your anniversary!

~ Erin

Andrea and Lorraine: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

When we ask our couples what they're looking forward to most on their wedding day, a lot of people often say they can't wait for the party after the ceremony.

Not these two. While they do enjoy a good party, this day was all about the ceremony.

It started with the bells, then a brass section played My Fair Lady's "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" - surprising the bridal party, and creating a feeling of celebration throughout the church.

The songs and readings were selected perfectly. The spontaneous dancing from the cutest ring bearer ever (Lorraine and Andrea's three year old, Judson) was perfectly timed. He also happened to get the best view in the house as the rings were exchanged and vows were spoken. 

The whole ceremony was filled with emotions - ranging everywhere from light hearted to sentimental. It really couldn't have been more perfect.

We couldn't have picked a better way to begin our summer wedding season.

Thank you, Andrea and Lorraine for inviting us to be a witness to your amazing day. Cheers to you!

~ Erin

Adrian and Eric's Anniversary Session | Rochester NY Photography

When Adrian said "Hey, my five year anniversary is coming up. Can we set up a surprise session for Eric?  Oh, and I'd like to include all of my dogs."  

A surprise session, AND dogs? We say yes, always. Because dogs are always welcome. After all, they're family too.

The look on Eric's face when he saw us pop out from behind some bushes, was one of confusion - but happy nonetheless to see people he knew at Hamlin Beach State Park. It wasn't until Adrian told him why we were there, that it really clicked.

They've never had a portrait session done before. Adrian, a photographer himself, finally decided it was time to get out from behind the camera. We are so glad that he did. It's always an honor when another photographer chooses us to capture a moment in their lives for them.

We're so grateful to have such amazing friends in our lives - especially if they have dogs! Happy Anniversary Eric and Adrian! 

Lisa & Shelly at Starry Nites: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Have you ever heard of a "day-after" session? It's a relaxed session, one where you get to get back into your wedding attire, glammed up and gorgeous all over again. Then we do all of the things you didn't have time to do on your actual wedding day!

For example - Lisa and Shelly went on their first date in the Neighborhood of the Arts. They grew closer as they talked over drinks. Then they continued their date as they walked down to the Memorial Art Gallery together. It was a beautiful and romantic night. And they spent time together in Lisa's fun ride.

On their wedding day, we knew we wouldn't have time to go into the city to relive that date night. So we planned a day where we could.

And here are the results of our fun afternoon together! ~ Erin