a few of our favorite things: erin


Around here, we love getting to know what makes our clients tick. What is it that makes you - you? What are your favorite things? We also think it's only fair that you get to know a little about what we love and who we are. We flipped a coin, and I'm going to go first. Who knows, maybe we have some in common?

what I'm watching

Scandal: Holy geez am I in love with Kerry Washington and her crew of "gladiators."  I'm pretty sure I watched the whole first season on hulu in just under a week.

The Following: Ok, I'm not into creepy scary movies much, but for some reason I can't get enough of this story. Even though, every time they wander into a dark abandoned building, I close my eyes and cower behind a pillow.

the lilacs

I love everything about spring. After a long Rochester winter of hibernation, the feeling of warm sun on my face and the flip flops on my feet are heavenly. But what I love most, is the lilacs.  They're my favorite flower of all time. They're here for such a short amount of time, so I love to get my fill of them every chance I get.

Every year as they bloom at Highland Park, I force my husband to pull over to the side of the road so I can run over to them and take a giant sniff of their amazing scent - every time we drive past them. Ask him, he'll tell you I practically bury my nose into the lilac bushes. I'm a little obsessed. But c'mon, it's with good reason.

Vera Bradley

I don't know what it is about the paisley prints that I adore so much...but my collection steadily grows. Even down to my new Vera flip flops, which if you know me at all, you know my love of flip flops ranks right up there with my love for all things Vera. I'm waiting patiently for Vera Bradley to come out with a line of heavy duty camera bags. A girl can dream, right?  :)

on the web:

Pinterest: Oh pinterest, you continue to distract me with dream gardens, bedrooms, and snacks. We're planning a move to a new house very soon, so my current day dreams often lead to home decor. But it hasn't all been play, In between searches for the perfect bedroom set, we began a board about "What to wear" to your next portrait session with us. We'll continue to add more, so keep checking back for new ideas!

So, what's your favorite tv show these days? Or what have you been pinning on pinterest? We love recommendations, so we'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, get out and enjoy the weekend! One good way to do that is by coming to our Photo Hike on Sunday! Check out the details here: Photo Hike

Hope to see you soon!