schoen place

Sisters at Schoen Place: Pittsford NY Family Portraits

It was 85 degrees in mid September, and it was only 10:00 am. They were a little sleepy from the night before. But Mom and Dad promised them ice cream from Pittsford Dairy Farms if they were good for their family pictures at Schoen Place.

Not only were they good, they hammed it up for me as often as possible. They shared their latest ballet moves, hugged and played along the canal like professionals.

I’d say that they most certainly earned their ice cream before lunch. :)

~ Erin

Erie Canal Family Portraits: Pittsford, NY

After three years photographing this little lady, (another one of our awesome portrait members) it's possible she's finally warming up to the idea of me being around with my camera. Or maybe it was the ducks on the canal. Ok fine, it was probably the ducks.

Whatever the reason, I had a fun evening with her, and her mom and dad, on the Erie Canal. They fed the ducks and the pigeons, played hide and seek and ran around barefoot (my kind of girl).

Laid back and relaxed, it's always better to let the three year old be a three year old at a portrait session, isn't it? 

What's better than watching your daughter's face light up as she feeds the ducks? Or running around minus her shoes? What more can you do but enjoy it? Because this is who she is, and I love it.

~ Erin

Fall Family Portraits in Pittsford NY

As always it's an honor to be asked to photograph a family portrait for another photographer. I love being able to capture beautiful images for someone who rarely gets the time to be in front of the lens. 

However, beautiful family portraits are sometimes hard work to get. As most of you with children know, your babies aren't always camera ready. Erica of Erica Lowenguth Photography, knows what I mean. Again, even a photographer's baby can have a bad day.

Even though her little one wanted nothing to do with me, Erica persevered. She didn't get angry about it. She knew that by doing that, it would only hurt the situation. She was patient and loving, and she hugged them tightly until finally we saw some smiles towards the end. I could learn a lot about being a better Mom from her!

It was hard work, but this Momma's worth it, and deserves to have beautiful images of herself with her babies. Thankfully, I believe we were able to achieve that goal! ~ Erin

Family Portraits at Schoen Place

We are so lucky to get to meet such wonderful people in our line of work. This family lives right in my community, but I had not met them until this session. Jill and Kate are sisters, and planned this session as a gift for their mother's birthday. Kate and her family came from Pittsburgh to join the rest of the group for this fun day along the canal.

Of course, Baylor stole the show, as most babies do! We had a lot of fun using the barns and bridges near Schoen Place. I hope you enjoy this little peek!

Thanks for choosing Lori and Erin Photography, we hope to see you all again soon!