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Four Tips for Great Senior Pictures in Rochester NY

Since our high school senior portraits are coming up quick, we thought it might help if we offered up a few tips for some great senior pictures. After all, these photos will live on the pages of the high school yearbook and on your walls for years to come. The experience you have should be fun, memorable and unique!

So here's a few tips to get you thinking...

1) Clothing - Do your best to avoid clothing with words, stripes and plaids. Solid colors tend to photograph much better, especially in a busy background like a park or among colorful flowers. Make sure you're comfortable in your choices, and that they are flattering to you. If there's a part of you that you're self-conscious about, like your arms - simple solution, wear sleeves! Be comfortable in your clothes, so that it shows in your photographs! Also, keep your jewelry simple so it doesn't distract from what we're really capturing - you!

If you have questions on what to wear, bring a variety of options - from dressy to casual! We can help you pick the right outfit for the right setting.

2) Makeup - Ladies, don't feel like this is an opportunity to layer on the makeup. We want the natural you, not someone that no one will recognize! Your makeup should only be slightly heavier than usual. And please...don't use sparkles, they only make you look shiny in all the wrong places. Don't worry too much about blemishes either, we have ways to help diminish those!

3) Shaving - Guys, unless you're into the bearded look, shave prior to the session to avoid unwanted stubble. If you're face gets irritated easily, leave enough time for it to return to normal. Plan ahead!

4) Props, pets and activities - Here's the fun part. What is it that makes you, you? Do you have a cat, dog or pet iguana to include? We're game, just make sure you bring treats for motivation, and someone to keep watch over Fluffy the Lizard while he's not in the photographs.

We encourage you to bring items that reveal your personality and hobbies. For example, an instrument, sporting equipment, vehicle, collectible, or whatever it is you enjoy.

Most important of all - this should be a memorable experience, so have fun!

Savannah: Fall themed Senior Portraits in Fairport, NY

Savannah loves all things fall… so we headed to Chase Farms for her senior portraits. The pumpkins and corn stalks were the perfect setting. It was a windy day, but Savannah took it all in stride! We made a couple other stops including this abandoned greenhouse down the street - which she rocked with that jacket.

We finished up at the Fairport High School track, where she has spent many hours. A double jump gets her pumped before each race, so we made it look like she could jump over the trees!

We laughed, took some great images, and we got photo bombed by a caterpillar… basically, it was everything you can hope for in a senior portrait session. :)

Thanks for the adventure, and enjoy the photos Savannah!

Shannon: Penfield High School Senior Portraits

Shannon is smart and sweet. She enjoys time with friends on adventures all around town and drawing. The crazy part, is that she and her siblings were some of my very first clients over 5 years ago. Now she's part of the Class of 2018, considering going into the field of nursing – and I'm totally aging myself.

We met up with her this month to create some amazing senior pictures for her. We had a lot of fun finding beautiful light and great locations at the George Eastman Museum.

As you can see, we had no trouble with either. It helps that Shannon's awesome smile lights up her portraits and everyone around her.

Thanks, Shannon for a great evening of portraits, and best wishes for a great senior year!

~ Erin

Rena: Fairport High School Senior Photos

People tell her she has an amazing smile and gorgeous eyes. They're not wrong. Rena's also super fun to be around, creative and has a beautiful soul.

Her senior portrait session had a little bit of everything! We did a combination of urban and rural, to show multiple sides of her personality. We even included Tripp, the family dog in some images, and also photographed a great, three generations portrait with mom and grandma!

We had a really nice evening, despite the wind, and Rena just rocked the whole shoot. I love the colors and expressions, and man was this fun! Leave Rena some love in the comments if you enjoy these images as much as we do.  :)

- Lori

Sara: Pittsford High School Senior Pictures

Sara described herself to us as cheerful, loyal, and a bit shy. She did start out a little shy at the start, but by the end of her senior portrait session she was anything but.

Some of her interests include reading, writing and photography. A girl after our own hearts, we explored the gardens at the George Eastman Museum, books and cameras in hand!

She's just moved here from Switzerland, (yes, the country) and is really looking forward to experiencing what it's like to be a high school senior in an American high school.

What an adventure and an exciting time she's going to have! Have a great year Sara!


Sara: Senior portraits with horse and dog, Canandigua Academy

Sara has loved horses since she was a little girl. Now she competes in barrel races and has three horses at home on their family farm! They also have several dogs and cats. And with all of those animals, their home still felt so peaceful. I loved spending time with Sara, Becky (mom), Max (horse) and Charley (dog) before we headed to Canandaigua Lake to wrap up the session there.

I had so much fun with this super sweet family!

And to top it all off - a sunset to die for! I just loved this session. Enjoy, and what are you waiting for? Schedule your unique at home senior portraits now!

Fusion Video: Aleigha's High School Senior Session

We thought we'd share a little throwback today. To warmer times, a beautiful summer night when we created a fun fusion video for one of our awesome 2016 seniors.

Back in September we showed you some of Aleigha's Downtown Senior Session. If anyone could pull off an urban look, it was definitely Aleigha. What we didn't show you then, was this awesome fusion video. We combined video clips with her fabulous photographs to create her own highlight reel. It's a fun and unique experience for a senior session.

Check it out and leave Aleigha some love as she gets closer to graduating!

Teartiyana: Frontier Field, Public Market High School Senior Portraits

We love making every session we photograph relate to our clients loves. That holds true even with our high school seniors. Teartiyana, or as we now call her, T, was SO much fun to photograph. She LOVES the Rochester Red Wings. So naturally, we were excited, when we learned we were getting Frontier Field to ourselves for her senior session!

From the suites to the dugout, we took advantage of all of the opportunities to knock T's senior portraits out of the park. Yes, I realize that was a terrible joke, but c'mon it was there and just begging for me to say it.

After we finished at the park, we rounded out her session at the Public Market where the murals and the architecture fit her personality perfectly. We even got some really cute pictures with her dog, Seymour, on the field and at the market.

Teartiyana, we had so much fun with you! Enjoy the rest of your senior year! 

~ Lori & Erin

Christine | Brighton High School Senior Portraits

She's been playing for years, and you can tell. The notes and songs just came from her fingers without the need for sheet music. I felt like I was getting my own personal concert while I photographed Christine, and I didn't want it to stop! She is so incredibly talented, and plans to continue studying music next year. 

We met at her house on a gray fall day, but that smile was enough to light up the photographs. Thanks for a very fun and easy going session Christine! We hope you're having a great senior year!


Abby: George Eastman Museum Senior Portraits

Working with Abby at the George Eastman Museum was like a walk in the park, errr, gardens... because it was! Her family has ties to photography and have been members at the Museum. Plus, it's just gorgeous, and so is Abby! We were able to get a good variety of images while enjoying the grounds and the beautiful fall day. Thanks for choosing us, Abby, and best wishes for a great senior year!


Hannah | Honeoye Falls Senior Photos

When I first met Hannah, she told me she was looking for something different. She didn't want "normal" senior photos. We were happy to oblige that request!

One of the places she enjoys is the Public Market. Well, the location certainly fit! We went on a day the market wasn't open, and wow are there opportunities! Graffiti, architecture, and texture galore! It's an awesome place and Hannah's an awesome girl! We even got mom involved for some photos, and of course, the dogs too! Such a fun session, thanks Hannah!