Kiefer: Voice Over Actor Head Shots

Meet Kiefer. He has been a voice actor since he was a child, thanks to his father who is also in the industry. In recent years, you may have even seen him on one of Rochester's many stages. After growing a mustache to play Albert Einstein last month, he was excited to shave it off and get in front of the camera.

We hit the studio to update his headshots and had a ton of fun! He brought his trusty mic and we made a variety of images. From action shots to the guy next door to the guy next door staring on a reality TV show with his friend "Mic". 

If you can't tell, there was a lot of laughing during this session. 

Kiefer, it was my pleasure. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Artist in Residence: Rochester NY Portraits

I stepped into their home, and was instantly struck by beauty all around me. Renee Mendler is an accomplished artist here in Rochester. If you haven't yet heard of her - a) you have now and b) you should really check out her work.

When she's not spending time with her two kids, Renee creates stunning pieces in her home studio. She is inspired by the world around her as a contemporary abstract artist. She paints on various media - everything from canvas to tiles for coffee tables.

To see more of Renee's work visit her website at: or visit her work in person at Whitman Works Co. in Penfield NY or at Nosh Restaurant in downtown Rochester.