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Jack & Taylor at the park

These two are best friends. They are outgoing and sweet; their energy is infectious. They also happen to be cute enough to bring me to Syracuse to spend time hanging out in the park! :)

Running around the playground, playing with worms, watching the geese and avoiding the rain drops. Oh and racing, cause that is always fun too!

I just can't get enough of Jack and Taylor. Thanks for the fun day at Onondaga Lake Park!


Elegant Wedding Album: Welch Allyn, Skaneateles Wedding Photography

Another gorgeous wedding album is in the hands of one of our couples. Their spring wedding at the Welch Allyn Lodge, in Skaneateles was absolutely stunning. So it shouldn't be a surprise that their wedding album is just as beautiful. They chose to build the cover of their album around the colors in their wedding, with a modern metal cameo and pink stripe on a traditional modern black leather. You could say it's the best of both old and new album worlds.

Jessica and Keith also decided to give their parents a duplicate copy of their album as a thank you gift. It was a great gift for a wonderful set of parents. Even there we managed to customize their cover to match their wedding.

I loved the whole thing, from the cover to the story inside. Gorgeous...just like Keith and Jessica.

~ Erin



2 Year Old Portraits : Landon | Syracuse NY Photography

We took Landon to the local park to celebrate his 2nd birthday. Man- life goes fast! Just yesterday we were swaddling him, now he is running around, being a super hero. He loves to play tackle and chase, so it was a good workout for me. It is so worth it when you see this little man's smile. Happy Birthday Landon! 2 yr old boy portraitslaughing with dadrunning boy, superhero

boy in the trees

See more Landon here: Landon 1 year | Landon 8 Months

Best, Lori

Jessica & Keith: The Lodge at Welch Allyn Wedding Photography, Syracuse NY Wedding


Wedding season began with a bang for us this year! Jessica and Keith's, oh so beautiful day was every bit as wonderful as I knew it would be. And honestly, what can I say about these two, and their families? We've enjoyed getting to know them all over the past two years, from engagement session to family sessions, to now the wedding day. They now hold a very special place in our hearts - we are so grateful for their kindness and generosity as this day came to be. A threat of rain hung over the week before the wedding, but on that day - not a cloud in sight. It couldn't have been more perfect. We arrived to find the girls relaxing and enjoying lunch - while the makeup artist worked her magic on each lady. It was so relaxed, we felt right at home with everyone! As we neared the moment where Dad got to see his little girl in her beautiful wedding dress, the emotions started flowing. It's so touching to be a part of that for a family.

So, we had a beautiful spring day, gorgeous girls in bright pink dresses, with spring colored flowers and a beautiful bride. Now, we head to the church, where the ceremony went smoothly and our groom gets to finally marry his girl. Then after some time with us at Skaneateles Lake, taking some photographs over looking the lake scenery, we were off to the amazing Welch Allyn Lodge reception. Everything from the centerpieces to the lighting showed nothing but bright colors and elegance. What a remarkable job everyone did in bringing all of those details together.

One of my favorite moments of the evening, came during the toasts. I'd say the only thing "wrong" with this whole day - was that Keith's best man, Carl, was unable to take leave from the military to be there for the day. Two weeks before the wedding, they learned that he wouldn't be able to make it. However, as the toasts were wrapping up, the DJ announced one more special surprise for Keith. Carl, had recorded a message for Jessica and Keith, which they played on projector for them. I know, it meant the world to Keith.

What a perfect day for two wonderful families to join together. And what a perfect wedding to kick off our season. Lori and I were honored to capture it. Jessica and Keith, congratulations on beginning your married life together!

All the very best, now and forever. ~ Erin

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skaneateles wedding photography, skaneateles lakeskaneateles wedding photography, skaneateles lakeWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers

Welch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers

Welch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers

Welch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers

Welch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers

Welch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding PhotographersWelch Allyn Lodge Wedding Photography, Skaneateles Wedding Photographers


The Vendor Lineup

The Ceremony: Holy Family Church The Hair: McKenzie Elizabeth Salon The Makeup: Riki Lebied, Syracuse Makeup Artistry The Florist: Whistlestop Florist, Kim Hayes The Transportation: Big D's Limo The Reception: Welch Allyn Lodge The DJ: DJ By Design The Videographer: DJ By Design The Stationary: Creative Assistant, Kathy Colvin The Photographers: Lori Coleman and Erin Perrotta Photographers Assistant: Adrian DeJesus

Thank you to everyone who made this a great day!

Welcome Baby Dempsey | Syracuse Newborn Photography

Landon has a new little brother, and some competition in the cuteness category. His name is Dempsey and he is such a sweet pea. When I visited, Landon was in play mode and Dempsey was asleep. That's basically how the whole session went. It was a good thing the focus was on Dempsey! Even though Landon didn't want to pose with his brother, it did result in one of my favorite family photos of late. It shows what life is really like with an almost two year old and newborn under one roof. A little crazy, a little fun, and a little tiring. Here we go, enjoy!

newborn with family

I have a new little brother!? Where is he?

bw baby boyWelcome to the family baby boy! Love, Aunt Lori

mom and dad with baby

Clara at the Zoo: 18 Month Portraits

Clara is an active little 18 month old and explore she must! What better place to let her roam than at the local zoo? She was the most fashionable little girl there with her white dress and jean jacket. She loved looking for and waving to all of the animals. She is smart too-- knows what all of the animals say. Quack, cluck, oo-oo-ah-ah, and more. She is just so darn cute, I'd follow this little girl anywhere. little girl at the zoolittle girl with reflectionlittle girl at the playgroundlittle girl being silly Have a great day! -Lori

Baby's first year album, featuring Clara

The first year of life is full of growth, discovery and love. Lots and lots of love! It is our honor and pleasure to capture all of those special moments, especially in this case. If you have followed the blog for any period of time, you have no doubt seen Clara before. I am now delighted to show off her first year album!

first year album cover

This project was a labor of love, and would not have been possible without my sister-in-law's help and input. I had a vision for how this book would look, but Kerry made it possible by providing the details and memories to enhance the photography.

first year album details

By working together, we have created a time capsule of Clara's favorite things and how they changed, fun facts from every stage of development, and a beautiful letter from her parents. Can you imagine having one of these of your own first year? Today, this is a gift for mom and dad. In time, it will become a treasured possession for little Clara herself.

Take a look inside, and witness the development of Clara from womb to infant to toddler. Isn't life amazing?

This is a brand new product that is now available as part of our first year plan. We'd love to make one for you next!

Best, Lori

Nicole and Matt, Married! Syracuse NY Wedding Photography

This was a unique experience for me. Hey all, it's Lori – and  I was in this wedding. Don't worry, I took photos too...I mean really, it is a wedding after all. But before I get into all of that, let me introduce Nicole and Matt. Matt is my brother-in-law, and Nicole is my newest sister-in-law! They are the parents of the most adorable nephew, Landon. I love to be a part of their lives, not only as family, but as the one who gets to capture their important moments as well. If you remember, we got to photograph them up in the Thousand Islands earlier this year, which was a ton of fun. They are both avid volleyball players and they have two spunky little dogs. They are fun to be around, full of laughs and stories and great friends!

The wedding was in November and the weather was about as good as November could be. The had a beautiful Catholic ceremony, followed by photos at Onondaga Park and a reception at Barbagallo's Restaurant. My photographic role in the day was to cover the getting ready and later on, the reception. So: photograph a song, dance a song, repeat. :)

hair and makeup and mimosas!dress, shoes, jewelry

grandma's pin

getting the dress ongetting readyring and dressmom attaching the pin

If you are wondering why there are no ceremony photos in this post, well, that's because I was a bridesmaid. I was on the altar, and as much as we joked about me carrying a camera instead of a bouquet, in the end, I carried flowers. It was a very cool experience to be so close to them, to be able to watch Matt's face as he said his vows and truly enjoy the moments as our family expanded once more.

Fear not, there is pictorial evidence that a ceremony took place! Crystal, a wonderful Syracuse based photographer, was on-hand to take the photos I could not. She covered the ceremony and the bridal party photos – and I can't wait to see what she captured!

shooting bucks

dance floor test shot

crowd at introduction

first dancefather daughter dancemother son dance



toast with kidcupcakesboy hidinglittle girl

dance floor

All in all, it was a truly wonderful day and I am so excited to welcome Nicole as an official Coleman! Thanks for letting me be on both sides of the lens. I was honored to stand up for you, and enjoyed capturing the day as well. Congratulations, and I love you both!!

Fall Family Mini Session | The Duck Pond, Syracuse NY

To be honest, this was one of those sessions that didn't go as planned. It was originally scheduled for the spring of 2013, but due to illness got postponed, then rescheduled, and finally ended up happening in October. Mom and the twins were ready to go so we started with them, while Dad and the oldest son joined us later.

Yes, there were some obstacles - but we got some amazing photos with these awesome kids. Mom had a great "let's do this" attitude, and it allowed the kids to be completely themselves. The Duck Pond park was a wonderful backdrop where the kids could play and explore.

The perfect day, the perfect time, the perfect outfit, the perfect weather… it doesn't always happen the way we want it to. But you know what?  As long as your family is together, none of that matters. Celebrate today, celebrate the everyday. Celebrate real life, because that is worth capturing.

duck pong, manlius ny portraits

throwing leaves mother and sontwin brothers in stripes

boy talking into hand

family looking away

Celebrate with us today! Get in touch for me details about your session!

Anna and Family | Syracuse NY Family Portraits

It was a special honor to meet and photograph this little one. After spending several weeks in the NICU, Anna is home and surrounded by the love of her parents, and the family dog, Charlie. So far, her days involve playing on her play mat, reading and exploring the local parks with Mom and Dad. Here are a few of my favorites from this sweet little time with Anna. family portraits with dogfamily reading timebw baby girlbaby with mombaby with dadoutdoor family portrait

Looking for a fall family portrait? Call us today before the leaves are gone!

Clara at 1 Year Old : Childrens Photography, Syracuse NY

Clara is one of my favorite little people to photograph. I can say that, she's my niece. :) I have watched her grow from a bump in the belly, to a sleepy little newborn, to a playful one year old. I've photographed her indoors, outdoors, with her dogs, with her books – she loves books, with pumpkins, and with her family. For this one year old session, we hung out around the house playing with her favorite toys and Halloween costumes. How can you resist this sweet little one year old? bumble bee costume

ruffle butt

baby looking in mirror

baby reading on changing table

Hanging out and reading in our strawberry costume. I could just eat her up...

holding mom and dads hands

flying bumble bee

Clara is a joy to be around, and I can't wait to see who she will become. For a look back at Clara's other sessions, click below.

9 Months | 6 Months | 3 Months | Newborn | in the belly

Interested in capturing your little ones growth in year one? Give us a shout! We'd love to get to know you.

Clara at 9 months - Onondaga Park, Syracuse NY

The last time I saw Clara, she was 6 months old and we were celebrating her accomplishment of sitting up. She is growing so fast! Now, she is 9 months old and standing! It doesn't get any sweeter than this. We hung out under the willow trees at Onondaga Park in Syracuse to create and capture some 9 month memories. Take a peek at some of this session's highlights, and check back in another 3 months as we complete the one year plan! family photo under willow treebaby in a wrap

Kerry is a master baby carrier and is very skilled at using wraps to carry Clara around. Clara seems to enjoy the ride as well!

onondaga park baby girlmom and dad with baby clarababy in the park

"Why won't this book OPEN .... ooo bubbles!"

family under willow tree

This is my favorite type of session. Enjoying a beautiful day with this wonderful family as they genuinely enjoy each other. I'm so lucky that this can be my gift to the world. -Lori