three generations

Jennejahn Park Extended Family Portrait Session: Hilton, NY

It was my first time at Jennejahn Park in Hilton, but I would love to go back! A neat little spot tucked behind a school, with a stream and trails. It worked perfectly to celebrate this family. 

Everyone was in one place for a birthday party, so why not have some fun together? The kids played, the adults chased, there were bubbles and laughs.

They (the children) don't get smaller, that's for sure. And these kiddos had their cuteness on overload. See what I mean below, and say hi!


Canandaigua Lake Family Portrait Session

Four generations, one lake house, 7 days.

It doesn't get more perfect. After taking a beautiful morning drive to Canandaigua Lake, following a switchback driveway through the woods, I arrived at a beautiful home overlooking the lake. I was met by an amazing, laid back family, gathered together to enjoy a week in the Finger Lakes and each other's company. Making memories together as a family.

They came from several states to spend this time together. And I was there to make the rare photo of the whole gang together.

Thanks for having me and being awesome. I hope you all enjoyed the Finger Lakes!


Three couples, Three Generations: Rochester NY Portraits

Three couples, three generations and three dogs! And I managed to leave without taking any of the pups home with me... that's an accomplishment!

A celebration of family... that's what this session was. What started 65 years ago between two people has brought this family together. What an incredibly friendly, easy-going group who made this session one of my favorites to date! They welcomed me into their home to document the life and memories that have been made inside those walls. And outside too! They enjoy the fire pit out back, and the custom built shed.

As the three ladies made meatballs together, I secretly wished I could be doing that with my grandmother. In a way, it was like she was there with me. (Love and miss you Grandma Dupe!)

Laura and family – Thank you for being a beautiful example of family. I hope you enjoy looking back on these memories for many years to come!


Three Generations of Laughter: Victor Portrait Sessions

These four! From the second I walked in the door, I felt welcomed. Which is impressive, considering we hadn't yet spoken in person - only through emails and text messages.

Kaya and Kiko were more than happy to show off their toy room and reading skills... even their gymnastics skills were on display! But most of all, these girls like to have fun and laugh. That is my perfect kind of family portrait session!

Beautiful and kind and all around wonderful people. Meet Sayuko of Premium Mortgage/Cobblestone Living and her family.

Shannon: Rush Henrietta Senior Photos, Part II

In Part 1 of Shannon's Senior session, I alluded to the story... well, now here is your chance to get the whole story. It's about three generations and their rainy day traditions. It involves splashing in puddles, and we caught it on film. 

Our fusion films are something that make our sessions truly unique and special. This one is about three generations, while keeping the spotlight on Shannon- a senior at Rush Henrietta High School. If you watch, you'll also see some behind the scenes footage, and we added a little intro about why I love photographing seniors in the beginning. 

Without further ado, meet Shannon, Kathy and Gail.

One last side note...

I still remember getting emotional when I was photographing Shannon and Gail together. It's a good thing I had the camera in front of my face, because as I clicked the shutter, I thought... man I wish I had an image like this with my grandma. And then my watery eyes brightened as I realized, I am so glad I can create these photos for Shannon. I know in my heart these are treasures, and I am so happy to make them come to life.

Shannon: Rush Henrietta Senior Photos, Part I

What do you get when you combine an intelligent, beautiful and quirky (her word) girl, a ukulele, a stage and a stream? Oh and grandma, can't forget grandma.

The answer: amazing pictures and too much fun creating them!

Every senior session is unique, but this is the first time grandma played such a large roll in the story. We were able to include soooooo many of Shannon's talents and interests, from dance and singing, to ukulele and cosplay, and to top it off we splashed in Irondequoit Creek.

The story of the splashing is captured for eternity in the fusion video created from our day together. For starters, I thought I'd share some of our favorite photos. In part 2, we'll share the video!

So sit back, and enjoy! If you love these photos, leave a comment for Shannon!

Lori's 3 Generations Portrait Session

We used to have a tradition in our family called the Mother's Day wine tour. It is exactly what it sounds like. Both my and my husband's families would come together to tour and sample in the Finger Lakes. I think we were on about 6 years straight maybe?  Well this year both our mom's were traveling on Mother's Day, so that didn't work out. Instead, I came up with two different photo gifts for each of them.

For my mom and grandma, I planned a girls only photo session. We all had significant birthdays this year, and it was something I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to celebrate the women in my life with a special portrait, and hired my good friend Linda of Hayes Photography to help. She created a variety of images of us in a short period of time. They have that homey feeling and love... What more could you ask for?

For my mother-in-law, I created an interactive book with photos of all her grandchildren. I then sent it to the 3 siblings with kids and they each answered questions about grandma. What is grandma's favorite thing to do? Make dinner, according to two year old Dempsey. 7 year old Audrey would buy her a plane as a gift, and Elise would give a globe. The final product is the perfect blend of adorable and personal.

Coming up with unique gifts can be tricky, but I'm really proud of these ones and know they will both be treasures.  

To my family reading this, I love you! 

To Linda, thank you for making the drive and making the session special! 

To everyone else, I hope I have given you some ideas to use in the future. Just let me know if I can help. 

Cheers! -Lori

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Interactive book example with my nieces and nephews writing in for grandma.

Three Generations : Family Portraits in Rochester NY

Christmas is family time, and I love revealing the genuine connection between family members. 

This little boy is so lucky, he has two amazing parents, and two sets of grandparents that love him like crazy. We met the day after Christmas, which last year, meant no snow. We took a few shots outside, and then went inside to warm up and play.

I just love this little guy's energy. He loves trains, reading, music, and especially the jack-in-the-box. It was my pleasure to capture these moments, and I know they will be treasured for many years to come.

Enjoy this little peek, and see you next time!

Backyard Family Portraits, Fairport NY Family Portraits

From Wisconsin to Fairport NY, there is nothing like being together with your family. We had three generations at this backyard gathering, and Erin and I were glad to capture it for them. Everyone was so friendly and easy going, even with the imminent threat of rain. We were lucky and it held off just long enough for our session. I loved being able to incorporate grandma and grandpa's beautiful garden into the photographs as well. Even Jorja, the family dog was great at sitting for the photos! family of 7 with dogmother and daughter portraittwin sistersgrandma and grandpa in front of houselittle girl in orangefamily sitting on front steps

We really enjoy meeting people and photographing them in their environment. Such a rewarding experience, and now I know more of my neighbors! Have a great summer guys!