two toddlers

Puddles & Playdough: Home Family Session with two young boys

Any session that ends in a hug is a great session.

Three year old Cruz wasn't sure about me when I first walked in, but after playing in the puddles and running down the sidewalk, he was ready to be my photo assistant. 

He and brother Julian are all you'd expect out of 1 and 3 year old boys. They don't sit still (for any length of time) and love to play! Making play dough in the kitchen and cutting out shapes was a great family activity. It was also the easiest way to slow them down, if only temporarily. This authenticity is what I love about family photos - real, every day fun.

At the end, as I packed up and headed out to leave this Rochester, NY portrait session, Cruz came running across the house with a hug for me. The feeling is mutual little friend!

Hope to see you again soon!

New Years Family Portraits: Rochester NY Photographers

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE seeing our wedding couples with their families? I mean seriously, so. much. fun.

I can't get over how much bigger these kids are from a year ago. They've grown into non-stop full on toddlers, and they made sure to let us know it at their session.

We followed them around letting them be themselves, occasionally trying to capture them as one big family. Slowing the kids down didn't appear to be an option, so we made some cute portraits for their New Years cards while they played.

Can't wait to see how cute they get as the next year goes by!
~ Erin