two year old

Tinker Park Family Portraits: Two Year Old Chloe!

Ella the elephant was an important part of this particular family portrait session. After all, she's two year old Chloe's BFF. I can't say that I blame them, they are pretty darn cute together. Especially when Chloe felt that Ella was hungry and should have a dandelion snack.

Chloe always keeps us on our toes. She loved finding flowers and leaves at Tinker Park in Henrietta. She also loved playing with her birthday balloons and the end of the session.

A portrait session with a two year old is kind of like a race. It's a fun game of chase, because two year olds have a love for exploring. Chloe is a natural explorer with a smile that lights up the world around her.

And we just love capturing that smile.

~ Erin

Active and fun two year old portraits: Webster NY Photographer

Alaina and her family have been part of our membership program since Alaina was born. It's been amazing to watch her turn into this bubbly little girl. Witnessing and capturing growth, not only in Alaina's size but as a family is a beautiful experience. 

Picking flowers, climbing benches, playing peek a boo - really, is there a better way to spend a morning with a two year old? I think not.

Her eyes light up with happiness when she's playing. And that laugh, I swear you can almost hear it in these photographs. 

Check them out, you'll see what I mean!

~ Erin

Family Portraits at Highland Park: Rochester NY Photographer

Last time we saw this family it was much colder and one tiny human smaller. It was a snowy winter day but also at Highland Park. What a difference a season (and a few years) makes. :)

Chasing the littlest became the name of the game at this spring family session. It's tough work to catch the right moment with a two year old. Sometimes you have to play some silly games, make funny faces and basically just let them do what they want to in order to get those super cute smiles.

But when you get them, they're worth every ounce of work. I mean, look at how adorable they are. Until next time!

~ Erin

Mother and Son Portraits by the Erie Canal

Allyson has been running since she was 11, and has completed several international marathons in her career. Some of her favorites have included New York City, London, Mumbai, and of course, the Rochester Marathon!

During our session, her son enjoyed putting the medals on, taking them off and then repeating the process. He was also a fan of climbing on everything he could find. He was just a happy two year old who enjoyed exploring the canal path in Pittsford.

When I caught the moment in the black and white photo below, at first I thought I had missed it -a protective mom holding his hands to keep him safe as he jumped and played. But when I gave it a second look, it's really about transition. It's about how he's almost to that point where he will be more independent, and less reliant on mom. Isn't that what toddler-hood is all about? 

It's only a split second, but it kind of sums up parenting. So parents - take the pictures, and hold on while you can, because one day they let go with both hands.


Corn Hill Family Portraits: Rochester NY

As as family in our portrait membership program, we've captured this family in all of their different stages from newborn to toddler.

At this, his two year session we played as much as we could. From his trains to showing off his playground skills - watching him grow into toddlerhood has brought happiness to our lives. He's got a big personality for such a little kid, and it's awesome to watch unfold as he grows.

Happy birthday Teddy!  We're so grateful we got to spend it with you!

~ Erin

November Family Portrait: Mendon Ponds Park

Let's throwback a little bit. First all the way back to the day we met Natalie and Dan. They were quiet but peaceful and perfect together. And so sweet and so kind.

Then, shortly after their wedding, we met Sarah, their spunky but a little shy firstborn. We've been there as they watch her grow, into a smart, curious and independent toddler.

And now, meet Amelia. Their littlest perfect addition to the family. She's only two months new and already lighting up the world with her sweet little smile. 

All of these beautiful moments couldn't make me happier to know Natalie and Dan if they tried. I love, that in the midst of the craziness of adjusting to two littles - they always take the time to ask about us, about our families and how we are doing with genuine care and concern.

What I love about them most, is how much they love and care about everyone in their lives. Thank you, Natalie and Dan for being you, and for creating your little piece of beautiful for the world to love with you.

Here's a little bit from our time together at Mendon Ponds. Enjoy!

~ Erin