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Vendor Spotlight: Flower City Nuptials

Unless your ceremony venue comes complete with an officiant, selecting that special person to help you make your marriage official might seem daunting. Like any other part of your wedding day, you want to find that person that you click with.

I can tell you now, Keri Klein from Flower City Nuptials is someone you'll click with easily. We've worked with her on a few occasions now, and each one is unique and beautiful. She'll help you create a ceremony that's yours and not a cookie cutter wedding.

We asked her a few FAQs recently, here's what she has to say. If you're looking for your wedding day officiant, you should definitely give Keri a call!


How do you customize a ceremony for a couple?
I like to meet with my couples in person.  If they are out of town I offer phone or Skype calls too.  I try to ask them questions to get to know them as a couple: how they met, about the proposal, what they love about each other, etc.  Everyone's love story is unique, and I love hearing the couples tell it in their own words.  I often pull elements from their answers to incorporate into my ceremony.

Can a civil ceremony include religious moments?
Yes, it can.  As a minister I can do anything a couple would like but give communion.  And, since I am customizing each ceremony for each couple I can make it as religious or non-religious as they would like.  

Are there opportunities for friends or family members to participate in the ceremony to add a personal touch?
There are lots of opportunities for friends or family members to participate in the ceremony.  One way is through readings.  We often think of readings as being religious; this is where the idea stems from and people often use Corinthians ("Love is patient, love is kind..."), but they don't have to be.  One way to individualize the ceremony AND include loved ones is through choosing readings that speak to the couple.  I have had people use poems, excerpts from books, and even song lyrics.  I can offer suggestions if the couple wants to do a reading but they don't know where to look.

Another way to include loved ones is through a unity ceremony.  One of the most traditional is the unity candle.  This is a great way to incorporate parents with having them light the taper candle to show the couple where they have come from.

Ultimately, talk to your officiant and voice your desire to have people included - there are many really special ways to do this.

Can we write our own vows? Is that something you might help with?
Yes, couples can write their own vows.  If the couples don't want to write them together and have them be a surprise, I am happy to read through them to make sure they are the same length, sentiment, etc.  If one or both people are "stuck" and don't know what to write, I am happy to give suggestions and help craft those.

Do you have any guidance on when to apply for a marriage license?
Marriage licenses are good for 60 days in NYS.  I tell my couples go at the 30 day mark - it is a great way to kick off the home stretch to walking down the aisle and something you can cross off the last-minute to-do list.

Partyman Catering Turns 15! Rochester Wedding Vendors

We work with some pretty fantastic people. They're creative, smart and hard working.

They can also take a space that's ordinarily used as a dining hall for 200 children and turn it into a gorgeous reception space for guests. Case and point - Partyman Catering in the dining hall of Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake.

I've come to realize, that even businesses have important milestones that need and deserve be captured. We were excited to help celebrate Partyman's 15 year anniversary with them in November.

We met many engaged couples, friends, and family all there to mix, mingle and eat. And even as they celebrated, the Partyman crew also worked very hard to make the day a success. From the delicious variety of food options to beautiful decor, they created an evening to remember for all who attended.

To anyone looking for a terrific team to work with, we highly recommend them! To Joe and the Partyman team, thank you for letting us be a part of your day. Congratulations, and here's to another 15 years!


Erin & Lori

spotlight on Duprey Video Productions

Over our time together, Lori and I have dabbled a little bit in the world of video. Adding little clips of video to our collections of photographs often enhances a slideshow, and creates a unique piece that you wouldn't normally have to go with your photographs. But we're not the pros at it, and would never try to take the place of an experienced wedding videographer on your big day. For a true experience, we often direct our clients to meet Duprey Video Productions. Experienced videographers - they always bring their A-game to every wedding! We love creating wedding fusion pieces together with them, it's something unique that can be created when you hire both us and Duprey Video for your big day.

As our newest vendor spotlight, we asked them a few questions. If you don't know them already, here's your chance to learn more about them and their craft!

Darlene and Dave Duprey

1) How did you get your start in wedding videography? Not unlike many beginner videographers, we got our start in weddings after a friend asked us to film his wedding in 1989. I'll never forget that the limo company went out of business and didn't let them know! So after the ceremony we actually drove them to the reception! We had a great day and everything came out very nicely. They were happy and so were we, so we decided to try a couple more. Now 25 years and approximately 200 weddings later, we're still at it!

2) What's your style like? I think I would classify our style as traditional with a twist. We like to capture and create if the couple we are working with enjoy being active participants in their video.

3) Why is videography still relevant to today's brides and grooms? We like to use the phrase, "A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but a video tells your story." If a video is properly edited, it becomes the perfect compliment to your professional photography. We even like to include photographs in our videos as a fusion enhancement.

4) What do you feel sets you apart from others in the industry? Experience! After filming more than 200 weddings through the years, it's the "job satisfaction" of preserving memories that always makes my day. I pride myself in the art of unobtrusively capturing the moments that cannot be predicted. Presenting those images back to you by using a variety of creative editing techniques gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

5) What's the secret to creating a great wedding video? Enjoying your work is a large part of making a wedding day successful. It is always interesting to have people randomly say to me, "You look like you really enjoy what you do." Smiling and being nice can go a long way, and even change people's moods. This definitely shows up in the images we capture.

6) What advice do you have for brides and grooms to be? Find people that you can trust to work with and then just let it flow. Your wedding day will go by faster than any other day you have ever experienced. So don't stress out about the details once the day is here. Enjoy your day!

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Darlene and I, having a bit of fun with Lori on the other side of the lens!

All four of us working a wedding together is so much fun!

Full disclosure, Dave and Darlene are Lori's parents, but we love them anyway!

To learn more, visit, find them on Facebook or call 315-539-0823.