Everything is cuter when it's small

... and veggies are no exception! My husband still gives me a funny look when I excitedly give him status updates on the garden.

"The cucumbers are coming, the cucumbers are coming!"

Or sometimes it's, "holy smokes, did you know we have eggplants out there?" They snuck up on me this year...

Maybe I'm nerdy or just easily entertained, but I love seeing progress in my vegetable garden. Whether it's the peas growing a foot overnight, the raspberries coming along slowly but surely, or the onslaught of zucchinis that I'll soon be giving away to visitors and neighbors. 

While it takes months of planning, weeding, watering and waiting, the harvest is always worth it. And I think that is a fitting analogy to building a business right? It takes years to build and maintain and grow, but the friendships are the result, and it make it all worth while. 

Here's to growing!