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Bright Heirloom Wedding Album: Patrick and Laura

Sing with me now - “It’s the most wonderful timmmmme of the year!”

As fun as it is, I’m not singing about Christmas. It’s album delivery season!

The weddings are done for the year, which you might think means I to sit back and eat Christmas cookies from here on out.

Nah, not me. I sit back, eat Christmas cookies and design custom wedding albums. Albums like Laura and Patrick's from their gorgeous July wedding in Geneva NY at Ventosa Vineyards.

The bright, blue sky and amazing sunset on their wedding day just shines colorfully in this album. I know they’re excited to have it, to cherish those moments and someday hand them down to their own children.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving yourself the gift of a wedding album, trust us, it’s worth it. It will only increase in value to you as the years pass by.

In their own words:

“Having photos in an album truly brings life to them and does not compare to looking at them online.”

We couldn’t agree more.

~ Erin

Wintergarden by Monroes: Rochester NY Heirloom Album

Joann and Steve's wedding at the Wintergarden by Monroes was nothing short of amazing.

Since then, I've been patiently waiting to design their heirloom wedding album. Finally, my chance arrived! And it came together perfectly.

Their wedding story, from the first look to end of the night dancing looks amazing as you turn the pages in this 12x9 lustre album.

There's something about this album that pulls our couples in. The design, the size and the story - it all works together to create something beautiful. Every single time.

Enjoy a peek at this wedding day story, told in the pages of Joann and Steve's heirloom album.

~ Erin


Colgate Divinity School: Heirloom Album

Before they'd even seen their wedding photographs, Ryan and Stephanie knew they wanted to remember their Rochester NY Wedding for generations to come. Even more importantly, they realized they would need a way to do that; one that held a greater value than a drive of digital files.

Cue their signature heirloom album. They will be able to feel the feelings of their wedding day over and over again within the pages of this album. Not just now, but years from now when they're sharing their experience with their theoretical children.

There is something special about physically holding your memories in your hands. It's an experience, and a feeling you cannot recreate with a thumb drive.

This classic slate grey album will be what they turn to on their tenth anniversary.

The story inside is uniquely theirs, and we are so grateful to be able to tell it the way it deserves to be shared.

~ Erin


New York City Heirloom Album

What do you do with all of the iphone photographs you have stored away? Have you ever done anything with them? What would you do with them if they were photographs of your wedding day, in Central Park, in New York City?

Those big and little moments captured with your favorite people are most often captured on your phone. After all, it's your go to camera, right? We are professionals, but we believe that all photos deserve to be printed.

Thankfully, Andy and Elizabeth did too. So they came to us with their own photographs (taken by both phone and DSLR) from their wedding day in New York City and asked us to design them an heirloom.

So we helped them curate their story and design an album from our Artisan album series. The resulting book is both beautiful and stylish, a perfect match Andy and Elizabeth's personalities.

Do you have a story of your relationships that only lives on your phone or on social media? Just ask - we can help bring it to life.

~ Erin

Ryan and Danielle's Statler City Wedding Album

I am in love with all of the gorgeous wedding albums we've created from our 2017 weddings. This Buffalo NY wedding did not disappoint. Danielle and Ryan planned an elegant affair, straight out of a scene from The Great Gatsby.

It's fair to say that their album should match their wedding style. They selected a black traditional cover, with a cover image taken inside the classic Statler City building in downtown Buffalo.

If their day interests you, check out the whole post about their wedding day! Enjoy a look back with us!

~ Erin

wedding album

Vince & Amanda's Custom Wedding Album

It was one of our most unique and favorite wedding days of 2017. Amanda and Vince's Erie Canal, Lockport Wedding day topped the charts.

They had a great location at Erie Canalside and Lockport Locks. There were so many choices for backdrops for their first look. The weather cooperated nicely - mostly. The rain held off just until we were done with our portraits, and then stopped just in time for the cocktail hour onboard the boat cruise through the Locks on the canal. 

Now that it's all over, the cherry on top is this gorgeous heirloom album. Now that the rush of wedding season is slowing, we can focus our attention on creating an album of what you hope the story of your day told. In this case, we also included photographs from their engagement session to include their fur babies, and do their story justice.

Take a look back with us and enjoy the engagement and wedding story of Amanda and Vince.

Genesee Valley Club: Rochester Wedding Album

When you first get your wedding photos, it's exciting. To get to scroll through them on your computer, one at a time recalling each detail and moment one by one. Then you look at the gallery of hundreds of photos and don't know what to do with them. You've shared them, gushed over them and put a little heart to signify you love them under the gallery - right?

But then what? You close the computer, you move on, you forget about them eventually. Your life goes on, you maybe have kids, and life gets crazy busy. And your wedding pictures still sit on your computer.

Your kids grow up, you do with them, and then all of a sudden, it's been 10 years or 20 years. And let me ask you - do you know where those wedding pictures went? Do you have anything at all to give your children of that day that started your family?

You would if you had an album. From the moment you open the pages of your album, it's tangible and real again. There's emotions attached to an album, that you just won't get with an online gallery of pictures. And you will (we hope) always, have that book to show the story.

Ok, end rant. I want to show your our last album to be delivered from 2016. It's one of our favorites from Courtney and Scott's beautiful Genesee Valley Club wedding in Downtown Rochester. Every piece of the day was elegant and beautiful - right down to their champagne album and beautiful design.

It's the perfect way to preserve their beautiful day and all of their loved ones who were there to celebrate with them.

Moral of the story - print your pictures, get an heirloom. It's worth it.

~ Erin

Bill & Stacy: Heirloom Wedding Albums

Sharing this wedding album with you is sort of like reading a good book. It's a book that takes me back to a warm spring day, filled with good friends and a love based on mutual respect and admiration.

Looking through the pages of Bill and Stacy's wedding album, I can't help but smile as I recall all of the happy faces surrounding them that day. They'd come to Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, PA from all over the country to share in this weekend of fun and celebrate with them and each other.

The pewter cover choice blended perfectly with the cover image from the plantation grounds. The story told inside is timeless yet unique to Stacy and Bill. And it's one I'm so proud to be part of, as both photographer and friend.

Enjoy the story along with me!

~ Erin

Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa and Vince's wedding album: they embraced everything about their wedding day, even the wet rainy ceremony at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva, NY.